back to article Facebook faces new privacy probe

Facebook is facing a second investigation by Canadian privacy regulators over concerns that it is failing to properly protect people's data. Last year the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada found Facebook failed to properly protect users' data, failed to properly restrict access to third parties which access the data …


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  1. djack

    Facebook faces new privacy probe

    So, did they find any privacy?

    1. markp 1

      probably not

      Seeing as, completely independently of this, I've been thru all my FB settings for the second time in six weeks today after realising what the sudden raft of unwanted "friend A commented on friend-of-a-friend-who-you've-never-heard-of B's status" notifications. They've changed it all, again, but on the quiet. And the default is both that everyone (including me, and you) is generating this retarded update-spam, which will be received by countless people you don't know and may not want to see it, and also that your friends act as unwitting pipes for great scads of YOUR personal data when they sign up for any add-in applications.

      No, I'm not making this sh*t up. Go check it, right now, if you're on FB.

      I've locked it (back) down now, to a more reasonable setting where pretty much anything is "friends only", and only a couple other appropriate things get "friends and networks", "friends of friends" (oddly you can't have FoF + networks?), and the very rare "everyone". And the only thing my mates "can" (ie WILL) share with other apps is my date of birth, which is a fairly open secret anyway. I shudder any time I see it as a so-called "security" question... Ask me my mother's maiden name whilst you're at it, why don't you. That kind of crap just can't fly in a social networking environment any more.

      If they pull this sort of thing much more often I might have to reconsider my membership (and the ad revenues it garners them). I don't do much that's important or a security risk on there, but I bet a huge amount of profiling could be pulled out of it, and of course it knows my real (uncommon) name, personal email address and my home city. The problem is it's become a useful social tool so much that it can rival the phone / text / email some days... and I refuse to join twitter. Difficult.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    I thought the whole privacy concerns issue was resolved years ago

    when Ellison declared "You have no privacy, get use to it." Or was that the 'Do no Evil people'? I always get them confused.

  3. Tony Paulazzo

    # 456345211

    >The problem is it's become a useful social tool so much that it can rival the phone / text / email some days... and I refuse to join twitter. Difficult.<

    Same here, I just went thru my profile, changed my email to my hotmail spam catching account and deleted as much personal info as was possible, probably a pointless exercise but make it a little harder for 'em.

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