back to article Potty mouth hackers pwn TechCrunch (again)

TechCrunch has been hit by potty-mouth hackers for the second time in 24 hours. The second hack (image below) features a foul-mouth rant aimed against site founder Michael Arrington. It also includes a link to the same online smut and warez-peddling Torrents site "promoted" via the previous attack. Arrington, the crackers …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of self-important neo-Barleyesque startup fellating bellends. Pass the popcorn!

  2. Inachu

    TC peeps are dummies.

    Oh hey lets just reinstall the OS and finnish up with all the windows updates and renable the website and call it a day without hardening the website.

    TC fail.

    1. OffBeatMammal

      Actually a Linux pwning

      hmmm... I guess they forgot to apply the patches and secure the LINUX servers -

      I guess it's time for the open sauce crowd to start looking to fix their greenhouses and stop with the Microsoft bashing!

  3. Jerome 0
    Thumb Down

    Poor effort

    Why do these hackers never do anything cool with their defacements? If they're going to go to all the trouble of carrying out the attack, and even risk jail time in doing so, you'd think they'd spend 10 minutes knocking up something a little cool to put on the front page, rather than some pissy little rant shoehorned into the top of the HTML.

    If these guys are the equivalent of little kids scrawling their tags on overpasses, I want to know where the Banksy of hacking has got to.

    1. Andy Enderby 1

      Jerome 0

      To be fair old bean, I rather liked the oh so subtle hack of the FBI some years ago. The page looked much like it used tto pre hack, except the image of the seal of the president of the United States had been replaced by the version used by the Ramones. Reported by the reg, it made me at least, laugh like a drain. Apparently it had been their for a while unnoticed.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    @Jerome 0 - Banksy of hacking...

    The Banksy of hacking?

    Your reading it - The Register was actually hacked about 5 years ago by a team of elite pony trekking Guatemalans with a penchant for IT news and a passable command of the English Language.

    They've continued to mis-inform the average Brit, Antipodean and occassional "I'm feeling lucky" stray American visitor since then, updating the site via a battered blackberry whenever they can get a signal.

    The original site owners are either still trying to rest control from these wretched miscreants, or down the pub - most likely the hacker. Nice work if you can get it.

    1. Jerome 0

      Pony trekking Guatemalans

      "and a passable command of the English Language"

      You had me convinced up until that point.

  5. Spleen


    For a fleeting moment there TechCrunch actually had some useful content.

    "Expect to see millions of web devices, even desktop web devices, in the coming years that completely strip out the Windows layer and use the browser as the only operating system the user needs"

  6. Richard Boyce

    Who do they think they're impressing?

    With a bit of luck, the site was somewhat prepared for a second attack and got some valuable evidence against the juvenile culprits. Some jail time might make them grow up a bit.

  7. Anonymous Coward


    The proof that El Reg hacks use OSX is right there in the screenshot.

    Suck on that you Mac-haters!

  8. Carter Cole

    im guessing some sql injection

    sounds to me like they found a few sql injection holes and they are modifying the template after they fix each hole... iono its just speculation

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Wasn't it just a dodgy, poorly-maintained and out of date Wordpress install?

  9. david skinner

    RE: Ahha!

    Or maybe, just maybe some MAC fanboi emailed them in the picture....

    Might be wildly wrong but, the "powers of the internet" and all that good stuff

  10. thenim


    okay - nothing too interesting.. but this does something interesting...

    this smacks of stupid programming on behalf of the register!! :) sorry - couldn't resist...

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