back to article Apple's iPad - fat iPhone without the phone

Steve Jobs succeeded in surprising no one. The Apple CEO took to a San Francisco stage Wednesday morning to announce Apple's latest effort to change the face of mobile computing, and even the device's name was no surprise. The Reg first dubbed Apple's impending tablet the "iPad" last October. Essentially a beefed-up iPod touch …


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  1. Morpho Devilpepper


    It's essentially a pretty netbook for the tablet world? Affordable compared to real tablets (like those sold by Motion), but watered down in a manner consistent with the difference in price? I think that about says it all.

    It's a toy. Period. It's a novelty gadget and I'm bothered by how everyone is treating it like a revolutionary innovation. Tablets have been around since the early 2000s...and they used to be full computers in tablet form, not glorified internet/email/ebook devices.

    I you have neither an iPhone nor an e-reader, getting this will fulfill most of the functionality of both (minus phone functions) but it's hardly indispensable.

    Mine's the one with the HP TC1100 tablet stylus in the pocket

    1. Charles Manning

      re: Soooo.....

      MS has attempted tablets many times, starting way before 2000, and they've all been complete market failures with only a few niche markets finding a use for them. Why? coz just trying to mak a flat PC and calling it a tablet does not work.

      MS tried to push the idea that every utility worker and nurse would carry around a tablet instead of notebooks and files. Of course that doesn't work unless the organisations commit to complete computerization efforts and the tablet can go a whole shift on one battery.

      You don't want this as a phone or an ipod replacement.... it does not fit in your pocket and it just lacks the keyboard and sheer horsepower to replace a laptop. It will replace none of these and is not intended to [MS's big fail was trying to replace laptops with tablets].

      The reality is that a tablet is ergonomically suited to only a certain set of functions and most of those revolve around the novelty gadget functions: the webpad idea that was thrown around in the early 2000s. Basically a big ipod touch that you leave in the lounge to look things up on the www. Maybe also as an ebook reader and a personal video player / limited gaming device at a push. Limited email and twitter etc is probably OK too.

      It looks like Apple have taken a pretty good stab at a tablet. What is unclear is whether this is enough to excite people.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Thumb Down

        MS has attempted what?

        Surely you mean Microsoft made a tablet OS and said they were brilliant. Incidentally for some things they are. I have 2 and love them.

        However I don't recall Microsoft ever making a single tablet. Feel free to link to the tablet attempted by Microsoft.

        1. Robert E A Harvey

          no real point but,

          The bit that hissed me off about the microsoft attempts was putting the handwriting extensions in the applications (office) rather than in the OS. So you could use it for what they wanted you to use it for, not what you wanted to use it for.

          I wonder how the IPaddy relates to that?

          We really need a big fat ? icon

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Stating the obvious

      Another name for it could be the iFad!

  2. Antidisestablishmentarianist

    Does what I want it

    I understand some people want to multitask but I don't. I want to kick back on the sofa, rest the thing on my knees and have a play - surf the net or whatever. To me multitasking = working. If I want to work I go use a "computer". When I want to relax, yet still consume media, this pad thingy seems perfect. There is something refreshing and slightly retro about doing just one thing at a time. A fuck you to the fast world around us maybe.

    1. Fred Flintstone Gold badge


      The reason you want multitasking is not to DO many things at once, it's reducing the startup time for each app and hold it's status, plus some apps just need to be awake all the time to do their job (Skype, diary, messengers, ant-virus although that appears not to be needed yet etc etc).

      I'm in two minds about this. If startup time is indeed kept short it's OK, otherwise it's crap.

      What I dislike more is the lack of -again- Flash. It's the "not invented here" syndrome, I guess..

    2. Danny 14


      so you wouldnt want to (say) open up a browser and maybe have a document open at the same time so that you can keep notes on the holiday you were looking at? Or have a spreadsheet open so you can add up the cost of buying a new car over different plans. Perhaps some random 3rd party app that tracks your current carb intake whilst you plan your menus?

      Multitasking is more than just word+excel+powerpoint+paint

    3. KnucklesTheDog

      Are you sure?

      I can see the logic with what you've said, but it does mean you can't surf whilst listening to Spotify, receive IMs whilst watching a film etc...

      1. Robert E A Harvey


        Some years ago I watched an episode of ST:DS9 in which a ferengi was doing his accounts with a whole table top full of PADDs, picking them up, poking them and putting them down. I've often wondered since it there was some point to that.

        I now know the point. If you want to surf while watching spottify, whatever that is, you will need TWO iPads.

        Clever, Apple.

  3. Ian Ferguson
    Paris Hilton

    Stock price

    What stock price are you looking at? As far as I can see, NASDAQ:AAPL is up just under one percent today.

  4. Neil Stansbury


    [...]The Reg first dubbed Apple's impending tablet the "iPad" last October[...]

    "iPad inbound" in a title subscript is hardly "dubbed" in the context of the article that read:

    [...]Foxconn has also been named as the Apple tablet's producer in the past, though since the company also makes iPhones, iPods and Macs for Apple, it's one of the more obvious choices for the iTab.[...]


    [...]Foxconn will punch out 300,000-400,000 iTabs initially, the insiders suggested.[...]

    A close call maybe, but no banana.

  5. jai

    stock price

    stock price being down is not interesting - it's ALWAYS down after an Apple event. either because everyone is cashing in on the recent spike leading up to the event or because all the websites and media had been speculating so wildly about the new product that the real thing could never hope to live up to

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      ...probs as he still looks so ill

      ...better than his last appearance, but a long way from recovery.

  6. Apocalypse Later


    A4? That's going to be confusing in Europe. Better not put it in the spec or people will be expecting something larger.

    The idea that a lot of these will end up docked as digital picture frames is amusing. That's how I'm using my old Win98 Thinkpad, but it has a bigger screen (almost A4 in fact).

    1. SC Handle


      A lot of European users can actually tell the difference between a piece of paper and an electronic device. I admit some might struggle, but not that many

  7. Harryposter

    Less is less

    What a load of crap!

    I am a graphic designer with 25+ years experience and used to be a 'Mac-fascist' until Mac OS X came around.

    I have switched to PC for well over 10 years now and will never go back to Apple: I had the chance to work on it again and, oh God, I can't believe what a pile of over-rated and over-priced rubbish it has become!

    Full of bugs, bloody slow and unstable, not even able to deal with postcript fonts for which it was supposed to be the reference.

    Well, not anymore Steve!

    And nothing will ever replace the smell of fresh ink and the feeling of real paper, not even Apple.

    No Flash, no multi-tasking... enough said.

    1. Semihere


      I agree with your views of this device, also as a graphic designer of 20+ years experience (Mac head since about '86).

      I have to disagree with your assessment of OS X though - it's a fast, streamlined OS that lets me perform day to day work far quicker and with less hassle than the alternatives, and an OS that 'gets out of my way' is vitally important. Never falls over (unlike XP and Vista machines I also use daily for other less demanding things) and runs REALLY fast, even on some fairly old hardware. Plus the alternatives are either non-standard apps like GIMP or having to deal with the hotch-potch of Windows-based versions of my apps that all use weird unfathomable keyboard shortcuts rather than the mnemonically designed OS X system.

      Postscript fonts haven't really been very relevant since the 90s (with the introduction of TrueType... around the launch of System7 perhaps?) and even now OS X supports most decent correctly mapped Type1 PS font fine - it just struggles with those old dodgy Monotype and Type3 PS fonts. OpenType and TrueType work out of the box, as long as full support of Windows-native OTF and TTF fonts.

      But again I agree with your views on dead-tree-press books. With a real book you can read it, then pass it on. You won't be able to do that with your locked-down iPad EBooks!!!

      The iPad is an epic FAIL in my eyes - mainly because I was hoping for a computer rather than a consumer 'toy' type of device. Even something as feature-stripped as a MacBook Air would have been useful with the multi-touch screen mounted in place of a keyboard/trackpad, but this is just overblown for serious use and way too locked-down.

      Details not out yet I don't think, but I'd imagine the only way to install anything will be through the restrictive app store. No proper OS, meaning no proper work. If I want to sit at home and 'surf' or look at my photos I already have a device that does this better - it's my laptop. What I wanted was something with the power and usability of a laptop without the bulk of a clamshell... and running OS X!

      Overall I think we're in agreement... just minor differences... but MacHeads and non-MacHeads alike we seem to be disappointed with Apple's recent moves.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        OSX is good? orly?

        i am a network engineer and i happen to own the late 2009 MBP. I use both windows and OSX and honestly i can only compare OSX to WinXP before even the first SP. it is not even close to the functionality and stability of Vista and Win7. Safari crashes all the time, MSN crashes all the time, the interface is absolute crap with the dock taking a huge portion of the screen. The firewall is disabled by default (WTF?), it frequently locks up, it is slower to respond to clicks and overall offers much less functionality whether that be the sorry excuse of a game it has to other various software utilities. Software support is zero compared to windows and it has loads of badly written applications that feel hopelessly slow. I am typing this on the MBP by the way. The only thing I enjoy is the very long battery life and that it automatically adjusts screen and keyboard brightness.

        In terms of design, it is thin and light but the edges are quite sharp and leave marks on my arms as i type. Hardly revolutionary. Functionality of the trackpad is annoying. Mouse gestures are useless apart from going back and forth with 3 fingers. Double tap to drag something and you have to lift your finger for a second in order to release the item and get back the control of the cursor. That second feels like eternity and it feels like it slows down your productivity big time. I constantly find myself dragging windows left, right and centre because of the way the Dock works and how applications are not self contained in their windows. What windows gives you in a toolbar inside the application, the same applications gives it as a separate window floating above your workspace that you have to drag around all the time just to see what you are doing. How is this acceptable?

        My verdict on Apple products is one: Flashy toys. They can take their mouse gestures and fancy crap and stick it you-know-where. I would rather give them the middle finger gesture than spend a dime on their products again.

        1. Steen Hive
          Thumb Up

          It really is good!

          Runs great on my iHack. Now if we could only get that bastard ATI Framebuffer port from Xorg sorted, I'd have it full-time on my Tosh Lappy as well.

        2. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Absolute garbage.

          Safari does not 'crash all the time' - this is a straight up lie.

          The dock can be altered in size and set to disappear until you mouse over the bottom edge of the screen. Try looking in the Preferences some time!

          The firewall is disabled by default? Big deal. So was Xp's until that worm that caused it to shutdown in one minute straight after boot appeared.

          OSX does not frequently lock up.

          " it is slower to respond to clicks and overall offers much less functionality whether that be the sorry excuse of a game it has to other various software utilities" - this sentence doesn't make sense.

          Software support is zero compared to Windows? Bullshit. There aren't 10 million crappy free applications that no one uses is more like it. All the major programs are available for Macs as well as Windows.

          Every Windows laptop I've ever used 'automatically adjusts screen brightness'.

          "Double tap to drag something and you have to lift your finger for a second in order to release the item and get back the control of the cursor. That second feels like eternity and it feels like it slows down your productivity big time. I constantly find myself dragging windows left, right and centre because of the way the Dock works and how applications are not self contained in their windows"

          Boo hoo. It took me about a week to get the hang of trackpad usage.

          Really, you make yourself look stupid by typing such garbage.

        3. Sean Timarco Baggaley

          For someone who claims to work in a visual medium...

          ...I sure as hell wouldn't hire you to design user interfaces. Windows 7 is, to be fair, a much better stab at ripping off OS X than Vista was, (and I do like some of the little features Microsoft added), but their inconsistent, laissez-faire attitude towards UI design and enforcing their own guidelines has produced some godawful applications.

          I particularly hate the seemingly constant stream of requests for updates and restarts, not to mention the stupid, stupid apps that insist on grabbing focus for some trivial question just when you're about to type a space in another app. (OS X still isn't quite as good as it could be in this area, but it's still a vast improvement over Windows.)

          Grrr! Froth! Foam! (Etc.)


          The Dock can be trivially resized, relocated and auto-hidden, with magnification turned off too. (How the hell is it taking up so much space on your laptop anyway? It takes up *less* space than the Win7 dock that appears when I'm running that under Parallels. And that's using Coherence with Aero *disabled*.)

          The firewall was on by default in my recent install of OS X 10.6, so I'm guessing you've only played with an older version of the OS. NOTHING was enabled by default—not even the Apache web service. Basic (LAN) networking is enabled, but not much else. (And the FTP and Samba sharing options are smothered in warnings and caveats, so you'd have to be blind, stupid, or both, not to realise that there are security risks.)

          Stability? I've never had a kernel panic. I've seen it run a bit slow when the hard drive is being hammered, but that's probably because I prefer capacity over raw speed in my hard drives. (I'm a technical author by trade.)

          I have Age of Empires III installed and that runs fine. Granted, I'm not an avid FPS enthusiast, but then, consoles are the gaming platform of choice now, not PCs. The games which sell the most on the latter are either the usual MMORPG genres, or casual games... and the latter are well-represented on Macs too.

          I *have* seen Safari fall over once or twice. In both cases, it was entirely the fault of Adobe—those well-known purveyors of overpriced, bloated bugware—and their Flash plugin. (Hell's bells, even Apple's own Preview app is a leaner, meaner Adobe Reader than Adobe Reader, and that's saying something.)

          I have no issue with running Windows 7 in both a VM and as a dual-boot option—my work requires it anyway, but I've seen OSes come and go since the early '80s and I'm well aware there's only a "least worst" OS. Apple has to compromise rather less than Microsoft do in producing a general-purpose operating system, so they have inherent advantages there. That Windows runs *at all* given the sorry state of some of the applications and drivers I've had to use on it is a f*cking miracle of engineering.

          Don't blame Apple or Microsoft developers for the faults of others. Most of the stability problems in any of the major OSes—Windows, OS X, Linux, whatever—are attributable to *third-party* applications. The correct solution isn't to wail and moan at Microsoft or Apple, but to moan at the bloody incompetents who wrote the bug-ridden, ill-designed software that caused the problem.

        4. Pollo

          Re: OSX is good? orly?

          Seriously - I'd get your MacBook looked at. I am in possession of two MBPs from late 2009 and one MB from 2007 and none of them suffer from the problems you experience.

          But if it is sooooo bad, how come you're using it at all? Battery life isn't a reason to put up with the experience you've had surely?

          Anyway - good luck to you. I for one LOVE my MBP and would not trade it in for an MS OS for doing my day to day again.

        5. Volker Hett

          Funny thing, my experience is totaly different

          I'm a sysadmin supporting lots of Windows and RHEL Servers on VMWare ESX hosts as well as Windows Clients. I have a late 2009 MBP, too and still use an early 2007 white MB. Both run fine, Safari never crashed on me, I have all the tools I need for remote administration of windows and linux hosts, oops, forgot the AIX and HP-UX hosts but there is noch much to maintain, and much more.

          Firewall on a client? I have one in the Internetgateway! The Dock is scalable and can go into the background, just as Win7s activity bar does.

          I know my way around in several Windows operating sytems and a good bunch of Unix too and get paid for it, but I don't use those myself.

    2. Ivan Headache


      Though I can't comment on your graphics ability, I have to wholeheartedly disagree with your comment about OSX.

      I think you must have been using the very first version.

      Crash, slow, Unstable. When, where?

      Haven't had a crash on my "pile of over-rated and over-priced rubbish' in I can't remember how long. And it certainly isn't slow.

  8. David Barrett


    What Id really like to see is somthing similar in design to a paint pallette... having not held an iPad I cant be sure, but I have a feeling that this will suffer the same issue as the iphone.. slippery plastic easily dropped due to size...

    At least with a paint pallete type object it would be less likley to be dropped..

    Still looks pretty good though.. Will I buy one? No - as long as there are slates/tablets/pads available from HP etc Id rather be able to multi task and run my own software...

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    two probs

    no multi-tasking

    4:3 aspect ratio

    the first means it's not a serious work machine just a big ipod touch

    the second means crap for watching HD, DVDs etc etc

    it's the second one that is the biggy

    but look at the price - in Apple terms, it's cheap so there are compromises (big ones). The processor (in-house PA semi, ARM core?) means that they are screwing every ounce to get what they are giving you - not really up to doing much more (adequately) but my guess is that the quoted battery life is probably real. They want you to buy a macbook as well ...

    This is version 1; Version 2 with better processor and a camera is the game changer

    not really interested in the tirade that goes "my (shitty) win7 laptop does everything (badly) and I only paid £27.50" but it's coming I'm sure ...

    1. jai

      multi task?

      why do you need multi tasking for work?

      so that you can run twitter and IM in the background while you're "working" ?

      there's going to be nothing to stop you writting a document in iWork, then switching out and reading an email, then back to the document, then flip into the photo viewer, copy a picture, back to document, paste, launch Keynote, put together a few slides, into Safari to look something up on the web

      because all the apps will autosave on close, and when you open them, they'll likely go back to where they were last, they don't need to be persistent in the background. and you yourself can only do one thing at once

      besides - if you're going to be working, you're going to want to be sat at a desk, so might as well use a desktop or a laptop. the iPad is aimed at those of use who sit uncomfortably on the sofa with a heavy and hot laptop on our legs and just want to surf the web while watching telly

      1. blackworx

        "why do you need multi tasking for work?"

        For the same reasons you think we shouldn't.

      2. Samo
        Thumb Down

        @Jai Multitaking

        So, no need for multitasking for Joe Bloggs web surfing?

        So, I take it you don't have any friends online then, as you won't use an IM client whilst web surfing, as that won't run in the background giving you notifications that some one has IM'd you?

        Similarly, if you were in an email chain, collaborating on a document, say, you won't be notified of a new email that came in whilst you were editing the document (apparently, you *might* first party apps working in the bacground, so this point may be moot).

        there are many things you might want to run in the background, which need to be running to give you notifications.

        I'm not saying it's a life or death feature to have (although I certainly want it personally), but saying multi-tasking is not required because it's not on Apple's new Jesus Pad is just gulping down Jobs' Kool Aid.

        1. Volker Hett

          IM and Websurfing is no problem at all!

          open one tab with meebo and another with the website you want to see. If you don't like meebo, find any jabber server with a web interface of your liking.

          Problem solved!

      3. Harryposter

        Yeah right, who needs multi-task?

        Okay, you just want to browse the web while watching your telly...

        As I said in a previous post, I am a graphic designer and would have loved to be able to use this thing on the move.

        No way this will ever happen: I need multi-tasking of course, I need my InDesign, my Photoshop, my Acrobat and my Illustrator all open at the same time as well as my Firefox (not Safari for Christ's sake!) to get stock images and my email and FTP client for liasing with clients and printers...

        Apple used to be the reference for designers a couple of decades ago even at an outrageous price tag.

        They went from selling reliable professional gear back in the 90s to selling gadgets to the average Joe since 2000 at the same price tag.

        I am sorry to say that, but Apple does not rule anymore in the graphic design industry and I don't care about this anyway, as PC are 10 times much cheaper and 10 times more reliable nowadays...

        I am telling this by experience (25+ years), not because I am some kind of deceived Apple head.

        One of my clients had to pay his printers a heafty penalty for not delivering the pdfs in time because of his latest G5 with the latest OS X and more powerful processors and Ram than anyone working at the Pentagon would dream of... not delivering.

        Fortunately I went back home and delivered with a big sigh of relief with my AMD Windows x64 based machine...

        Apple should stop selling computers, though I don't mind them selling what they are good at: useless gizmos to show off with in the bus/tube.

    2. Anton Ivanov

      Spot on

      You also missed one more item:

      While Sony can easily do MPEG4/h264 in 480x272 and Archos can do full HD, the "i" family of devices so far has been able to do at most 320x180. On any screen above 6 in in size that looks like utter shite.

      So, unless they have drastically improved the decoding performance this device will be total crap for any video watching.

    3. David Gosnell


      Whilst not to everyone's liking, the aspect ratio is a good thing in my opinion. With the ever increasing trend towards super-dooper-widescreen on everything, I'm happy to see a return to what's most versatile - especially for a device intended to be used in varying orientations. Hopefully renewed interest in the ratio will make it economically viable for others to follow suit.

      One thing right, that's better than nothing!

  10. E 2


    Good quality still image porn these days is offered at around 3000 pixels short dimension.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Yeah, and one other thing to consider:

      Is the iPad, er... 'splashproof', or spongeable?

      1. M Gale
        Paris Hilton

        Blah, title.

        It's "oleophobic". Assuming it's also hydrophobic, this should cover most of the, ahem, substances, that will be getting sponged off of an Ipad.

        Though from what I've seen, some people won't even be requiring the porn to achieve that kind of soiling.

        Paris, because she's oleophilic.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Does what I want it

    So multitasking is too much like work? Lets hope you don't start listening to something on Spotify and then want to check something on the web browser. So just make sure you want to consume those media one at a time just like God^H^H^HSteve intended

    1. blackworx

      @ AC 00:12

      I wholeheartedly agree with the point you're making, so hopefully this reply will get in before the mactards all pounce...

      I think "Safari" and "iTunes" will be multitasking and therefore able to run in the backgound whilst you try to do whatever it is you're trying (and no doubt failing, but in a stylish way) to do in the foreground.

      You can get Spotify in the fapStore? Isn't it unworthy or image-sullying in some way?

  12. uhuznaa

    No simlock

    Hmm, I don't understand that article. First the 3G models have no simlock, so you can buy and use any plan you like. Then, the announced prices for data plans weren't at all shabby for the US, especially as they are prepaid with no contract. They're dirt-cheap, actually.

    In fact I think that Apple is actually really screwing with the providers here. They will *hate* that thing.

    Multitasking: Well. If the thing is fast enough and all apps save their state and you use the home screen as a kind of task switcher, where is the difference? Yes, you can't have apps of your choice running in the background, but in reality for 95% of apps this is useless anyway. If the apps run fullscreen and restore their state what do you care about them running or not? You can see and use only one app at a time anyway. The battery and RAM though *will* care. If Apple can get some framework up to allow things (not necessarily full apps) running in the background for selected things, this might be not that a bad way to use the available resources. I think resisting the urge to go the seemingly easy way and do it as all others do it is something only Apple has the balls to.

    And iWork together with the keyboard-dock (and the ability to connect BT-keyboards) really goes a long way to make this more than just a toy. You can at least work a bit on documents, spreadsheets and presentations while travelling somewhere and don't have to lug a laptop. And there is a VGA adapter (1024x768), too. I bet there will be many people finding that between all this their need for a laptop may be not so urgent at all.

    I'm really surprised about all this sneering. This is a clever device and nothing less than useless. Yes, being locked into the appstore isn't great, but being locked into the Intel MS world isn't much better and I have the feeling that exactly this (doesn't run Windows apps -> useless) is exactly what many people hate about it.

  13. Anonymous Coward


    What a huge iPod Touch!!! Rechargeable through USB and can last for 10 hours operation. I am expecting a tablet MacOS with x86 processor. Probably modbook is still a way to go.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns


    Its also going to be confusing when it comes up against competitors with ARM A8/A9s in them .... given the way Apple are so possessive about iWhatever then its a bit of a liberty for them to use a name that sounds as if its part of the ARM road map (though as A5 is now the reduce performance version of A9 then are they wanting us to think their new processor is the reduced performance version of the previous generation?)

    1. g e


      Not to mention Audi

  15. Anonymous Coward

    lorsque la caravane passe...

    it amuses me how gits like nerds start shouting out loud that this product suck and that it is a failure much like they did in the past for pretty much anything that apple produced. yet they don't seem to learn from their miserable and meaningless dribble do they.

    Someone wants us to believe that because he/she is a graphic designer that we should take his words Biblically. others like to hint at the stock market as an indicator, yet they dismisses the same stock market when it doesn't suit them.

    In short, nerds and geeks alike are themselves the essence of human mediocrity, only they like to rush into attempting hard to dismiss what they dislike by wanting us all to hate what they cannot make.

    2001: OS X was mocked as a sub OS, some even said it copied windows

    2001: the iPod was ridiculed as a failure that will hurt apple

    2005: The iPhone was laughed at and ElReg predicted that it will fail and fail badly

    2010: iPad, the same dribble is being repeated over again.

    I guess some men don't think or their envy turn sour at some point.

    Ah, for the title, I meant to say:

    ...lorsque la caravane passe, les chiens aboient...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Down

      tl, dr

      so long and thanks for the headache

    2. M Gale

      Yawn, title.

      <<2001: OS X was mocked as a sub OS, some even said it copied windows>>

      I don't recall this. I was working with PC World (yes, yes, I know) for two and a half years, and plenty of customers were going "ooh" and "aah" and playing with the shiny Mac toys... before going and spending a quarter of the price on something by HP or e-machines. The mac fans were predictably shooting their proverbial loads all over it. I don't recall anyone saying "it's a sub OS".

      <<2001: the iPod was ridiculed as a failure that will hurt apple>>

      Really, no.

      <<2005: The iPhone was laughed at and ElReg predicted that it will fail and fail badly>>

      As above.. though personally when I want a phone, I want something that makes phone calls. With, you know, buttons?

      <<2010: iPad, the same dribble is being repeated over again.>>

      We will see. The mac fans will gobble it up like they always do, but I don't see masses of people being converted from a laptop to what is effectively a huge Ipod touch. I mean what is it? A computer or a media player? It's way too large to be the latter, and way too restricted to be the former. Plus it doesn't run Windows.

      It'll be a toy for people who like to have the latest toys. It won't fail because Steve's legions of fans have more money than sense, but I don't predict Ipod levels of success.

    3. Harryposter

      ... et les pommes tombent

      It's not 'Biblical', it's just experience...

      I know how you feel, I was as dumb as you 20 years ago.

      Well not that dumb actually as, at that time, Macs used to perform better indeed than PCs and of course I was using them, there was no alternative.

      This is not true anymore: Apple is selling more gizmos than computers nowadays, and I use a PC rather than a Mac in order to get my high-end stuff done and would never go back, and believe me I tried very hard to no avail!

      Apple is just not for the professionals anymore, it's for trendy amateurs. End of story.

      They used to be Einstein and realised it sells more to be Paris Hilton...

      How clever is that from our beloved guru Steve Jobs

  16. GreyCells
    Thumb Down

    Really disappointed

    No web cam, no USB, no SD card slot, no Vorbis/Thedora.

    For God's sake someone build a decent open web pad... C'mon Arrington, where's the CrunchPad Mk2?

    I would like to use the Epic Fail icon, but of course it's Apple, so everyone will buy one, then in six months when the camera gets added, they'll buy another one. Muppets.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    No Title

    "I'll buy anything if it's shiny and it's made by apple"

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    So much for...

    So much for the oft touted and long awaited Mac Tablet!!! We've been waiting a goddamned decade for Apple to produce a fsking tablet computer, with all their endless tablet-style patents over the years suggesting they were about to drop the bomb. Then when they finally drop it, it's a complete dud iPod thing!?!? What use is that other than to lure in more Windozzze 'switcher' types with some eye candy?

    I need a computer TO DO WORK, and sometimes a tablet would suit my needs perfectly, but instead I take a Mac Laptop, because Apple don't make a Mac Tablet - I can't use one of these pieces of bling because it won't do what I need to do in a work environment, so no, I won't be buying one either.

    Did anyone mention the AppStore lock-in yet? I prefer to choose which apps I can and will install on my computer, not have them vetted and controlled by my OS and hardware vendor. This is a dangerous precedent going beyond the iPhone/iPod.

    [Bill Gates because Apple have become the new M$]

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Computers are just for work?

      Sorry, I missed when that was added to the statutes. Let's not forget where that speculation came from, eh? Dickheads like you and the media. So it doesn't suit your specific needs, which are what exactly? There are people out there that do want this. There are also people out there that *get* what Apple are trying to achieve. It's certainly an interesting premise. Perhaps, as well as making sure the UX is as it should be, the App Store is stemming piracy *and* malware.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        "App Store is stemming piracy *and* malware"

        *and* choice *and* free will *and* control over your own hardware.

        1. Trygve


          Have you seen the state of the internet lately? 95% of the population shouldn't be allowed choice OR free will when it comes to the intertardtubes. The more buttoned-down and idiot-proof things are, the better, because most users are idiots.

          And if you want control over your own hardware that much, fire up a hex editor and earn it. Or buy some chips and a soldering iron and build your own.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    save a little money

    If you really have to buy one, don't bother with the 3G model.. just buy yourself a MiFi and grab the wifi only ipad. Mean you can then switch from the ipad to your real laptop and get some real browsing done while on the move!

    1. dave 93

      or tether it to your iPhone?

      to get 3G internet with a wifi/bt iPad. Hopefully...

  20. Eddy Ito

    One thing

    Can I just get the $30 AT&T unlimited data plan and a $130 3G usb dongle for my laptop?

  21. thomas k.

    Whetting our appetite

    Good job, Steve - this makes the HP Slate, from the few, brief, tantalizing glimpses we've had of it, look even more intriguing and, despite the likely higher price, desirable. Can't wait.

    Heck, even the new $549 Archos 9 pctablet seems both a better value and all around device, what with its multi-tasking and video chat. If I were Archos, I'd start advertising it big time.

  22. Foxhill

    And predictably

    iTampon is now trending on twitter and is all over the blogosphere, seems someone didn't really think the name through very well..

  23. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. Stacy
      Thumb Down

      Err, maybe there is a reason

      I have 350+ books in my house, and add probably more than 20 a year. I love having a room acting as a library, browsing through the shelves looking for the book I want.

      The smell of the paper and the physical feeling of the thing in my hands.

      I do not own an ebook reader, and won't until I can get the ebook free when I buy the paper back. Same as buying a CD and ripping it to my iPhone - CD for listening pleasure, iPhone for listening on the go. Real book for home, ebook reader for on the train.

      But WTF with the prices! I can buy 4 or 5 books in the UK (waterstones constantly have the 3 for 2 offers even on newer titles) for the cost of one ebook from the apple store!

      As for the device, I was waiting for something that would make me go wow... Instead I got an oversized iPhone (wihtout a phone?).

  24. Fred Fnord

    Do your research

    I don't care much about the pad, but this:

    "Note, also, that the 3G-equipped iPads will be released a month after the 3Gless models. Was that to give AT&T a bit of a time cushion to beef up its struggling 3G infrastructure?"

    ...betrays an almost complete lack of awareness of the subject you're covering.

    It takes time to get FCC approval for new items. Apple is releasing the non-3g version when it's ready, and the 3g version when the FCC lets them. If they'd applied for FCC approval a month ago they would have had to post details of the product into places where anyone could see them.

    There are a few other obvious 'duh' moments in the article too. Seriously, if you're hired to write about this stuff, is it too much to ask that you learn about it?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Don't be a mong

      It's being released in April with the 3g version 30 days after that. Does it take over 3 or 4 months to get FCC approval then? Not according to the FCC site it don't.

      More likely they're spending the extra time as Mr Jobs said "get(ting) it through the process with the carriers", which to me sounds like the carriers agreeing to take one up the arse for the team and trying to get their networks ready.

  25. ZenCoder

    Yes its a toy ... and a very fun one

    I bought a first gen ipod touch after playing with a friends. It replaced a very cheap and very practical mp3 player.

    Yes its a toy more than anything else but so is the guitar I bought and unlike the guitar I use my ipod touch every day.

    Currently I carry a dirt cheap pay as you go phone (all I need) and an iPod touch.

    I might pick up an iPad for use as an ebook reader. It won't replace my laptop or change my life but I expect it might be a lot of fun.

  26. uhuznaa

    Try to get a MiFi for $130 and have it run for 10 hours.

    No further text needed.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Ah, the beauty of living in a country with a semi decent mobile market - 3 network here in the UK offers the mifi for either £50 and a 1 month rolling contract or £70 for a pay as you go model. Both lower than $130 and don't bind you into a lengthy contract.

      And as for batt life, I think 5 hours is plenty time - if you're using this thing for 10 hours at a time where you don't have access to a full wifi connection then it sucks to be you.

      And did I mention you can use the mifi with any wifi enabled machine? good luck sharing the 3G connection you get on the ipad with any of your other devices. ;P

  27. Anonymous Coward

    "and can also be a photoframe"

    damned with faint praise; el reg, how many ways do i love you.

  28. Ivan Hallworth
    Thumb Up

    Clever solution to difficult problems . . .

    How would you have approached designing and producing this and would we have done very much better?

    All innovation, invention and the engineering that makes it all possible is a practical compromise. You can't and shouldn't try and please all people all of the time. Never works.

    These smart devices are amazingly complex these days. Nearly all are engineering masterpieces. Only a few types become real successful market masterpieces.

    Its a clever converged compromise solution to difficult practical engineering and ergonomic problems.

    Ideal? No! Good Enough? Maybe! Time will tell.

    Smart service providers by blended iPad plans with an existing iPhone data plan, and depending upon the level of subsidy by the networks, could help open up growth for this smart device. It may find and help define a new market segment that sits midway between iPhone and smartphone and a MacBook and laptop. Maybe narrow at first but with strong growth potential.

    Is there a market gap? For sure! Big enough to be successful? Time is going to tell! : )

    Many Congratulations to Apple on the Happy Birth of their New Baby.

    Brand New and Full of promise and potential.

    Well Done & Good Wishes!

    PS: pleased all the speculation on what its called, looks like and does is a bit more settled : )

    amazed by the polarized reactions these launches generate, the truth is somewhere inbetween.

  29. Jason Yau
    Jobs Horns


    waits for the iPad 2...

  30. Youngdog


    I have been very enthusiastic about this device in the past but after seeing the finished product I am not yet 100% sold.

    For a start there is the lack of optical drive - I know it might be a headache to try and cram one in but, not owning a Mac, I was looking forward to being able to import my DVD's straight to iTunes without having to deal with 3rd-party converters. Hey ho (If anyone knows a good freeware solution that doesn't involve watermarks or signing up for unlimited spam then please do let me know!)

    The lack of webcam is a very unfunny joke. I stay in touch with all my nearest and dearest on Skype - if I have to fire up the Presario every night to get this done why would I then go back to the iPad for browsing/email? It really does seem that it's being held back for future release and I think the number of people wise to this may dent sales of the v1

    On the positive side the 3G is optional - the last thing I need is another reason to interact with a TelCo and I can't really see me using this too much on the move (anyway, public WiFi isn't too shabby where I live!)

    Design wise that bezel is way too fat - and the little sod had better come in black!

    1. ElReg!comments!Pierre

      Optical drive

      external USB one. Duh.

      Having an optical drive on that thing would be a terrible idea (not to mention the engineering nightmare)

      The lack of cam and lack of multitasking are really bad for a device whose main would be e-communication.

  31. Barry Rueger
    Paris Hilton

    iPhone people

    Why buy a flashy shiny toy, then wrap it in a protective plastic sleeve to keep it from getting bunged up? Is that utility?

    Or worse the guy I saw yesterday operating his iPhone which was sealed in a ZipLock sandwich bag!

    Given the number of blinged out Hello Kitty iPhone sleeves that I see, I can't imagine what kind of junk will get wrapped around the iPad.

    1. Andus McCoatThen
      Jobs Horns

      Ziplock bag iphone case...

      Considering that one of my iphones (yes, plural) managed to get knocked off a nightstand by the cat and fell DIAGONALLY to auto-magically direct itself into the cat's water bowl... almost 3 FEET from the nightstand...

      It annoys the piss out of me that Apple (or most any phone maker) hasn't the foresight or ingenuity to simply POT THE BLOODY CIRCUIT BOARD in a thin layer of wax or silicone!

      Damn phone was only in the water for about 3 seconds, and I immediately placed it in front of a hair dryer on low for a good hour.... The phone works great, but the bluetooth is now dead. Brilliant.

      I can easily understand the sandwich bag case, and might have to do a similar thing with mine someday.

      Evil Lord Steve b/c he didn't WANT to make it durable... Cuz when you break it with your not-fine-boned-lifestyle out in the real world... You get to give Lord Steve more money b/c he thought to "protect" your phone with a water detector slip of paper inside the top!

      1. Roby

        Definitely Apple's fault

        Placing it in front of a hair dryer for an hour was an excellent idea, I can't believe your iPhone doesn't work any more. Doesn't Steve realise people have cats?

      2. Dexter

        Andus McCoatThen

        You don't really think the cat knocked the iPhone into the water by accident, do you?

        Cats hate anything which you pay more attention to than them.

        The iPad is just the right size for a cat to sleep on....

      3. Peter Kay
        Thumb Down

        I hope this is a joke

        Don't put your cat's waterbowl in the same room as your bed then, FFS. You've got cats and should know what they're like already - that was entirely predictable.

        For the same reason, my glasses are kept in a hard glasses case overnight..

        If you said it didn't cope with operation in high humidy environments I'd have more sympathy.

  32. gautam

    Anti Climax - Ipod not so Nano?

    Title says it all. What hype - full marks for that.

    Steve's lost it.

    Nuff said.

    Any One third price clones without restrictions around?

  33. RainForestGuppy
    Jobs Halo


    I can't wait to watch over priced media on a MASSIVE 10 inch 4:3 aspect screen, with sound through built in speakers.

    Why relax on my sofa with friends infront of my wide screen TV and surround sound systems, with it's HD connections to the PC in the back room or PS3, wireless glass keyboard etc, when I could sit alone hunched up with a iPAD on my knees.

    Thank you Steve Jobs for showing how media really should be shown. I can't wait to download Avatar onto the media that James Cameron had in mind when it filmed it.

  34. Anonymous Coward

    no support for multiple users

    I'm not sure Apple have thought this one through. As a device designed to be used as an ad-hoc conduit from media, most iPads will be used in living rooms. Because of the O/S it's restricted to one user's data being synced / one user profile, which means that it doesn't really work as a device for sharing (unlike a laptop).

    As for the $129 for extra 3G - a factory gate price for a cheap 3G phone is about $9, so apple are expecting people to pony up $120 more simply for the 3G radio module as screen / OS support for the 3G connectivity is already there.

    This will probably be the first recent new apple product that I won't be getting.

  35. TheOpsMgr

    Price = Fail

    As one article said, you should view the iPad as a "media consumption device" not a "portable computer"... and in that light it's not bad feature&design-wise (4:3 is a mistake though I think, and I haven't heard anything about an SD slot???).

    Except, IMHO, the pricing is complete wrong... it needs to be under £200 (for the 64Gb version assuming no SD slot) so that its in the impulse purchase range as a "complementary" solution to your full feature desktop/laptop.

    At that price, would I buy one for surfing whilst watching TV whilst playing Farmville whilst IM'ing friends and talking to the wife? Yeah, maybe.

    A media device for the "continuous partial attention" generation...

    p.s. I don't really play Farmville....

    1. Bryan Anderson


      You'll have a Flash support.

  36. cupperty
    Thumb Down

    No GPS

    Along with no camera, this hamstrings the thing

  37. Adam T

    The best way to watch movies

    Well I kinda liked it, for what it is, some nice engineering and the software at least looks good.

    Then I watched the Apple promo with Steve Ives and the rest of the devs claiming it's the "best way to watch videos and browse the web".

    What a bunch of self-indulgent up-your-own-arse wankers.

    And so my interest in it pretty much ended there and then.

  38. Joey

    Camera WTF!

    I don't want a camera in a iPad, neither forward nor backward facing, however, if I did, I would buy one of the little forward twisting to backward cameras that plug into the docking socket on the bottom, turn the iPad 180 degress where the picure will twist to match. Of course, they are not available YET but producing the iTab at a $499 price point is the magic in my eyes.

    If you look at the accessories that Apple have announced, there is a camera adaptor to connect to any camera via USB or SD Card.

  39. Peter E

    Reflection moment

    Scott, you're not Steve, never will be.

    The ipad is not the iphone shock. Obviously.

    The iworld is not going to be google either. More of the second-hand same ideas.Bleh!

    Anybody else? Please stand up. Next generation?

    I think we need two years of nothing to know what we need. I don't need an iPad.

    I hope Apple enters corporate business. I have enough gadgets now. Really, all of them, in all colors, a box full of them, playing the same old song/video/photo/app I really liked to buy two years ago.


  40. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Good stuff El Reg

    Nice to see an article that finds some genuine problems with the iPad!

    As a product, it's exactly where the market is moving. Most home users only want to email, browse the web, watch videos, listen to music and view pictures. You don't need to fork out for a PC or a laptop to do that. Products of this type will do well, and because the OS won't be a differentiator, Microsoft can't stifle the market. It wil be interesting to see where it all goes, but I predict there will be a lot of choice available for this type of device in the future, despite the general downbeat view from the commentards.

    Lack of a video camera - that's a problem. Lack of multitasking - that's a problem. It's very pretty though, and people do like pretty things...

  41. This post has been deleted by its author

  42. tony

    A Title

    Not overwhelmed, but will probably impulse buy a wi-fi model at sometime and leave it in the lounge (maybe as digital photo frame) and to grab when I want to look up something on imdb whilst watching the telly. ~$700 to stop firing up the laptop....

    But paying for another dataplan is not my cup of tea, especially when it could be quite easily tethered to another 3g device

    1. Ivan Headache

      yes but

      If you've already got wifi in the house (which seems to apply to an ever growing number of houses here in London), they you don't need a data plan.

      This is something I've noticed in a few of the negative posts. If this thing is designed primarily for lounging on the sofa, etc. shirley you'll be using your own wifi?

  43. Anonymous Coward

    Very funny quote

    I read someone comment on another forum something which I found hilarious.

    "It's got a bigger resolution than the iPhone and a faster processor. So basically it's a Nexus One that doesn't fit into your pocket..."

    Genius no?

  44. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    One everyone has missed...

    A major point of this new pad is the ability to play movies etc - mostly in the home environment.

    Prey tell how I'm meant to stream my 1.5tb of itunes media to it, if the ipod functions exactly like the iphone/touch? (ie local content ONLY). This is a really big missed opportunity apple, and a huge hole in your supposedly in-depth usage surveys.

    I want to stream my itunes! I'll buy one if they can do this. Then all you nay-sayers can f*** off.

    1. CJ 1

      RE: Streaming iPad

      uhhh....why the hell would you need that feature?

      If it's on iTunes, you have an iMac. powermac or macbook (or a PC....) which all have larger screens for you to watch on, or you could buy a macmini, appleTV or non apple product to stream them and play them on your livingroom TV.

      I cannot see any reason to ever need to stream media to an iPad since the only time you'd do that is whilst at home.

      unless you are thinking of doing the PS3 + PSP thingy of being able to stream it remotely, but that's very expensive over 3G and very low use.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        I stream itunes because...

        You are correct - this will be used purely at home, as I image the vast majority of the buyers will be using it.

        Personally, the only opportunity I have to watch/browse stuff is at night, in bed, while newborn sleeps. Silence and comfort are premium. I don't want a chunky laptop warming up the privates, or it's bloody fan or keyboard waking the wife or the baby - either of which will (and do) nag me until I put it away. The laptop can get relegated to the desk for proper "work".

        I'm sure there are plenty other scenarios where live stream of an existing media centre's content (mine just happens to be in itunes...completely DRM free btw) will be preferable to syncing content onto the device.

        Roll on the first (reliable) uPnP media browsing and streaming app (c'mon medialink), and my cash is Steve's.

  45. Greg J Preece


    *That's* the iPad? That thing?

    I don't even need to mock it! Sure, every chump in range is going to want one, and the Mac-adoring BBC are already masturbating wildly over it, so expect to see every newsreader with one as soon as they come out, but that doesn't stop it being a piece of crap.

    And to all those who believe that anything hugely popular has to be good, I give you: The X-Factor, Big Brother, TV soaps, the Daily Mail, and the Audi TT.

  46. Ceiling Cat

    Regarding the hype :



    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Overdid the warning

      People should be more consistent with NSFW. I was expecting a massive popup that plays loud sex noises, rather than just some swear words written in an image.

      I'd say that link is safe for work (relatively speaking). Of course, you shouldn't be looking at it at work, but if we take NSFW to mean that, then just about every non-work page on the web would be NSFW, or simply NW (not work).

      Most people posting in the comments probably should be doing something else. But at least there's the IT angle. ;)

  47. Hugo

    What a bunch of clueless complainers

    Great post Kim! I agree completely.

    So we have a bunch of clueless geeks complaining because it's not offering everything they desired? Get real - if it's priced around £300 in the UK (more like £350 I guess) then I'll get one for sure. Be perfect for carrying around in my bag on holiday for a bit of web browsing or watching movies on the plane.

    Do I really need it? No. Is it a replacement for my desktop or laptop? No. Will it be a sexy bit of kit that excels at what it's designed for. Almost certainly. The way you intereact with this thing, along with a smooth sexy experience and glitch free performance is what counts. This is Minority Report territory. Besides it will only be a matter of time till the technology filters up to laptops. Also OS release 4.0 is rumoured to fix the multi-tasking constraints.

    As to the "network engineer" teling us OSX is way more unstable than Windows. Well I'm a software engineer and let me tell you my macbook and OSX desktop are as stable as hell, extremely fast and never crash. Maybe you have faulty memory, who knows. I far prefer using a Unix environment to Windows and I'm suprised as a network engineer you don't too. Guess you're not that technical really.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Have you even seen Minority Report?

      I automatically distrust anyone who calls themselves a 'software engineer', especially on IT-literate boards. I generally find that they either:

      a) don't code at all, but like to make themselves sound as if they do because they need to 'down wiv da techs'.

      b) code in their bedroom and haven't coded for a company for 10 years, but like to sound important and relevant.

      Either way, I would expect a developer to be far more worried about a lack of multitasking, something that, as a reasonably seasoned Win32 coder, I take for granted on a daily basis. Personally, I don't really care that your Macbook and OSX desktop are stable, do they have VS on them? Now go back to fervently coding iPhone apps in your bedroom.

  48. Select * From Handle

    Its just a touch screen apptastic netbook...

    in my eyes this is nothing new, just a mixture of 2 things allready on the market.

    iphone + netbook = ipad

    i for 1 will stick to a laptop mainly because it has a DVD/Blueray draw for when i want to watch movies on the move. i dont think the ipad can do that.... so it fails, its just a touchscreen apptastic netbook. "big itouch"

  49. Frederick Tennant

    Are We Missing something?

    Hey are we all missing something? children, at the moment every Tom Dick and Harry wants an iphone, it dose what it says on the tin, internet bla bla bla..... Mobile phone developers still will not get their act together, yes keep on dismissing the iphone as a toy, and run round filling your phone with pointless features without thinking of the benifets in the real world. "KISS" or Keep It Simple, Stupid, thats all that apple did, nothing special.

    Being locked in with app store makes life simple, and safe. In the past how many times have you searched the internet looking for an app for your phone, download it only to find it crashes after a few min. then you get no response from the supplyer? with app store you get reviews so if something is a "nail" you will read about it before you buy. push a button and its yours, simple.

    Here is the real issue, I can see this on all the desks in schools, teachers will be able to download homework assignments, and receive them via email, when the children return to the classroom, libarys will be dead in the water as you can get all the information via the internet, as for a web cam well that will arrive next, oh and different colours too. This is not a laptop its not a phone however has anybody heard of bluetooth headsets?.

    Trainers use their laptops for presentations, well this is smaller and will do the same at a fraction of the weight of a laptop. Multi tasking? only "Tech heads" need them and we have laptops for that, Im currently using my laptop while listening to my itouch play background music through my hifi system, who the hell want to multi task on a phone, now that is really sad. As for Steve Jobs, well boys of the competetion why dont you have a wip round and buy him a Gold watch and retire him.

  50. Anonymous Coward

    This isn't it....

    OK, so now I'm confused.

    Uncle Steve is building Tarmacing half of North Carolina to pubish e-books?

    I think not. I can smell a "Version 2 free upgrade running on the same hardware" rat - This isn't the finished product. Nice it may be but as it stands it's got no killer app.

  51. g e


    Soooooo, apart from screen size & CPU power it's the same as my HTC Magic Android phone but less convenient unless you like using one arm to carry it around or are into manbags. Does it even allow phone calls over that carrier connection?

    Oh, same apart from camera, 3G/HSDPA as standard, GPS, multitasking and no lock-in to the manufacturer's stores.

    Really don't see the attraction for non fanbois, especially at those prices.

  52. Peter Bond
    Dead Vulture

    What on earth is all the fuss about?

    It's basically a large iPod Touch with the option of 3G. Not a bad idea in and of itself I grant you but not deserving of all this broo-ha-ha. If HTC or Motorola or anyone else other than Apple had released this device it would not be generating one tenth of the press coverage.

  53. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I've seen more exciting toasters.

    Everything about this thing is so inescapably mediocre. The specs, the appearance, the software, the price. Even the name is average (erring on the wrong side of average if you ask me).

    It has about as many features as a toaster as well.

    What does it do? "it runs iPhone apps minus the phone related stuff" wow who cares, does it do anything good? "It runs a cut down version of some jokey DTP software" I said does it do anything good? "You can read ebooks on it" Aren't ebooks supposed to be SMALLER? "umm... it has a touch screen" Is it good for typing with? "No but there is a webcam, oh wait we left that out *runs*"

  54. MyHeadIsSpinning
    Thumb Up

    Optional 3G

    El Reg said "It also struck The Reg as odd that 3G connectivity is a $130 option."

    Consider that comment to be thumbed up.

    Dispicable, underhanded and ultimately shortsighted money making scheme there.

    The thing is, I've been waiting for a nice hand held portable touch screen device with a 3G connection and a package that offers me unlimited 3G or 3.5G internet. I'd go pre pay and pay £15 a month for that.

    The i-Pad is too big for that, and has no 3G connection. Other touch screen tablet makers will bring out 3G as standard, and with OLED screens to boot. With any luck, they will eventually successfully emulate what Apple did which made their i-phone and i-pod touch so successful; the apps store.

    Nokia's Ovi apps store is a joke, I would suppose Microsoft wouldn't have much on offer, so that leaves Google to make a Google-Pad. Mozilla may also bring out something cool, but that isn't as likely as Google bringing out their glorious portable advertising device.

  55. HansG

    I just don't get it

    Why would any one want one of these? What can you use it for? What "gaps" in the market does it fill?

    Netbooks are cheaper, have more storage and expansion (something Apple avoids). The list is endless.

    You can also plug your own Vodafone/O2/3 dongle into it, for £30, not the crazy prices Apple are charging

  56. Mage Silver badge

    Dead 3G

    If this is popular it might eat x4 the data per user of an iPhone.

    If it used on 3G instead of Broadband to view video, then the 3G networks will die at peak time (< 200kbps or even 50kbps), though to an extent the Data Cap will manage Contention. Networks with 1G Cap per month /30days will be much better performance than 10G download cap.

    If you watch near HD quality video streaming, then 3G can support on average 3 users per Mast! The 7.2, 14.4, 21 and 42Mbps speeds are Sector PEAK speed for a single connected user with a perfect signal. Actual average throughput on a real sector changes by less than 2% moving from 3.6Mbps HSPDA to 21Mbps HSPA+ as the higher speeds need ever better signal and all 15 CDMA codes (i.e. only one connected user).

    With more than 15 simultaneous connections on a sector the speed and latency goes to hell. Latency can rise to over 1200ms (compared to 120ms with a couple of connections) and speed drop to 50kbps. By the time all CDMA codes are in use the 3G cell can shrink to 1/4 size and the average throughput can drop to less than half. The big advantage of WiMax and LTE is thus not the peak speed, but virtually no loss of efficiency or cell shrinkage under load (i.e. 20 simultaneous streams might get 1/20 of speed). Though the peak speeds on LTE & WiMax are also best signal and one user. Real life for one user is typically 1/4 to 1/8th of peak with one user, and divide by number of simultaneous connections.

    You need WiFi and decent uncapped real Broadband to watch Video.

    Or get a 2T byte PVR and record ALL the channels at once off air on rotating 2 week loop, watch whatever you want on real HDTV or on the Gadget.

    Did I mention that with multiple users, through a Wall, even 802.11n can't do true HD? Which is why BTvision installs Ethernet over Power Comtrend (PLT) adaptors.

  57. CJ 1

    we were talking about it at work....

    ....and we've figured out who this product is for. It's for girls.

    1) It will fit in a handbag

    2) It has an eBook reader

    3) It gives a simple way to look at the internet without fear of viruses or needing a man to tell you what to do

    4) It won't ever make that "BONK! You must be an idiot!" noise that Windows makes when it hits an error

    5) Your husband will never scream "don't click there, click there. NO, THERE!"

    And these things may not sound like much to a geek like me, but to someone who hates computers like my mum and my sister, it turns computing from an umpleaseant to a pleasant experience. I'm just not sure the form factor is right. A netbook style could give the same user experience, but then there's a £60 keyboard for that.

    1. Misoriented
      Thumb Down

      My sources say no

      CJ 1-

      Your theory sounded promising, so I showed the promo video to my wife and her friend. They'd never heard about it before and I didn't say anything other than it was released recently and I wanted to know what they thought about it. At first they thought I meant the guy talking about not understanding magic, but after I clarified I meant that silver spinning thing, they were disappointed, but watched the whole thing.

      They're not technical by any stretch of the imagination, but they immediately picked up on most of the same things as us commentards.

      The good:

      It's cute, and looks simple to understand. 10 hour of battery life seems pretty good. They thought the gestures, UI eye candy, and the e-book reader were cool. Maybe it would be nice to read a magazine on the train.

      The bad:

      It's too big to fit in a purse and carry around. Looks kinda heavy. Where do you put it while you're typing? Who would want to watch a movie while holding it? They also thought it might be nice to Skype with somebody on the couch, until I told them about the lack of camera.

      Overall, they weren't impressed, and said they wouldn't want one. They were shocked at the price tag. So, it's a sample size of only two, but my findings show that it doesn't appeal to girls.

      Also, I understand from other websites that many women don't like the name due to its...connotations, so there's another strike against it.

      1. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

        oh I dunno

        As much as I had hope for it (I hoped it would run an unlocked OS X as default, see the hitler ipad video), I am a little dissapointed.

        I won't buy it, but as I have said before Apple's UI for a touch screen honestly is second to none but their DRM sucks and they have crippled the iPhone, iTouch and now this.

        Other people don't see this however, judging by sales of the iTouch they will buy an iPhone sans phone, it looks like they will buy any shit, including this.

        This will sell.

        I am concerned enough that I will be looking at objective-C to see what I can reap off this platform even though I will say it again, I HATE apples implementation and locked down OS. Fuck you, Apple.

  58. Mage Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    $130 vs £30

    A £30 3G Modem aka Dongle, unsubsidized can cost more than $130.

    Without subsidy, or lock to a Mobile Network, $130 for add-on 3G is about right.

    1. mmm mmm


      Tethering to your mobile phone will fix it.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Where are you shopping??!

      at $130 you're approaching the territory where you get a free phone attached to your 3g receiver. When you're buying them by the g'zillion as Apple are, I'd imagine that they are seeing more than a $100 markup on $130 tag.

      As a slight aside, branded network ones that you see int'supermarket fro £30 aren't usually network locked so I'm dubious as to how subsidised (if at all) they are?

  59. Mark Aggleton

    Wrong name?

    iBad surely.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      iFad even.

  60. adrian sietsma
    Thumb Down

    Why bother ?

    We have a (linux) AA1 here as the "coffee table" machine. Ok, no touch screen, but it wifi's to the home router, runs anything *nix, supports flash / java / any web page I've tried, has 2 x SD cards, multitasks, recognises my USB drives, etc., etc.

    And you can tilt the screen to a sensible angle.

    And it has a forward facing cam for skype.

    And I have a 3rd party broadband dongle for using on holidays, with a cheap multi-Gb data plan.

    Finally, it was cheap as chips, with a universe of free software.

    So apart from the touch screen (I hate touch screens - fingerprints meh), what does an iPad do that my AA1 can't ?

    ebooks ? the missus has a palm and loves it : it fits in a pocket, and can be read in the sunlight.

    1. RichyS
      Jobs Halo

      Re: Why Bother

      We have a Linux AA1 as well. Somewhere. Gathering dust.

      Yes, in theory it can do all those things, but frankly, does them badly. In the end, I found that if it was quick email/web type stuff, we'd use my iPod Touch. If it was the more computery things, I'd walk over to my laptop.

      The netbook was just too fiddly and too much of a pain in the arse to use.

      I think the iPad will be the opposite. Yes the lack of iChat/Skype is a real let down. Yes I'd prefer it if I could multi-task 3rd party apps (though I'm struggling to think of any show stopper for this). But for every other bit of 'casual' use, I think it'll be bang on.

      Do I need it? No? Do I /need/ half the crap in my house? Hell no. Fortunately, I live near the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, so can spend my money on unnecessary for lovely stuff!

  61. Moonpig

    Stop this nonsense NOW!!

    I have a laptop, a 5 year old Acer Travelmate, which allows me to write grumbly letters and e-mails, browse the reg and other news sources and do 'computery things, its very good at these tasks being a dedicated computery device. I have 2 cameras, one DSLR and one HDCamcorder for taking photos, they are also very good at performing their tasks being photography devices. I also (sadly) have a mobile phone, a Nokia 6310i also about 5 years old which allows other people to disturb me when I am doing computery or photoy things. It is very good at being a phone because it was built for that purpose. Similarly my mp3 player, which plays noises.

    Why do I want a peice of crap which 'sort of' does computery things, sort of does musicy things, doesn't do photoy things, won't allow people to disturb my grumbly mutterings, is the size of a laptop weighs about the same as a laptop and has only 2 - 3 times the battery life of a laptop?

    I DO want an e-book reader. It should display books, allow me to make annotations and bookmark the same, be expandable to hold all the books I will buy over the next 20 yeaars (like my analogue bookshelf) have a battery life to allow me to take it on holiday for 2-3 weeks, be light in weight, thin, have a touch screen UI and let me skip back and forth by page number. It doesn't need to try to be a phone/camera/laptop or for that matter a flaming supository. This is the last piece in my technology jigsaw.

    Am I alone in the simplicity of my desires?


    'According to Apple, the iPad syncs with Apple's iTunes software using the same 30-pin dock connector as does the iPhone and iPod. However, it remains unclear whether third-part accessories designed for those handhelds will work with the iPad.'

    Like to see you shoehorn one of these johnnies into my third party accessory IPod dock.

    1. zenp

      Luckly for Apple...

      ...your peculiar ability, nominally referred to as 'common sense', is sadly lacking in this world...

  62. Anonymous Coward

    Ok I don't get it.

    What is the point of these devices?

    Its the size of a small laptop, has less functionality than a laptop and is made by one of the most restrictive software / hardware companies in the world.

    Whats so good about it? what does it do that my laptop doesn't? oh I get it - its fluffy and made by Apple - it MUST be good.

    I know what I will be using though :

    A laptop funnily enough.

    1. Mick Sheppard

      No, you don't get it

      Its a computer for non-technical people.

      A computer that doesn't require its users to spend an age learning about how to make it work.

      A computer that doesn't require its users to have to manage virus checkers and where they need to go to patch all of the bits of software they have installed.

      A computer that isn't as flexible as the Unix system that I'm using now, or any general purpose laptop or desktop, but a computer nonetheless.

      If you don't understand why this will be attractive to people and work in IT please either:

      a) find a clue stick and repeatedly apply it to your head until you do


      b) find a different industry to work in.

      I have had to help relatives with their PCs. Starting them up and launching a browser to download patches more often than not I'm greeted with a browser with toolbars from MS Live, Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc. Often all installed at once. They don't know how they got there, they don't know if they are important, and wouldn't know how to get rid of them anyway. That is the sorry state of general purpose computing today.

      There are many people that just want to access the web, manage their email, and maybe do something with the photos they took at Christmas. To these people a simplified computer interface with centralised patching and updates isn't something to be pooh poohed, its what they are looking for. The massive lack of realization of this around the IT industry is the most worrying thing about the reaction to the iPad.

  63. stim

    does it fit?

    where are you supposed to put this 'mobile' device, especially in the summer when it's hot and people walk around with shorts and t-shirts on.

    is this mobile device just designed for the home? not very mobile.

    also, having the laptop sitting on your lap when on the sofa is easy - you dont have to hold anything. but how will this work, you'll always have to hold it like a baby?

    i can't see these tablets catching on, but you never know...

    1. blackworx

      Re: does it fit?

      You forget that the owners of these devices will have them on parade almost constantly, obviating the need for anything so quaint as "somewhere to put it".

  64. richard 69
    Jobs Halo

    watch the video

    seriously, i hated it at first.

    but watch the promo video, you've gotta admit it's tempting......

  65. ian 22

    jesuPad, joy of man's desiring?

    So no phone. Can we get a VoIP app? I know it will look a bit 1980s to be holding this up to my ear, but that's better than to be shouting at it on my knees.

  66. Bryan Anderson
    Thumb Up

    Non Apple-Boy Tempted Here

    I like it. I'm not an Apple fan by any means - used an iPhone for six months as it was a work issued device. As a phone I thought it was very, very lacking. But as an entertainment device I thought it was very good.

    Now this is just an iPod Touch but grown up. No, I'd never use it to watch movies and it certainly wouldn't be my music player, but.....

    Photos - having them in something like this would be great when visiting family, etc. Certainly better than the screen of my Android phone.

    E-Reader - I don't want to read books on an electronic device, and if I did then I'd want something a bit smaller....BUT what about the magazine and newspaper market? I never buy a newspaper but WOULD sign up for a couple of quid per month to have a daily paper emailed direct to my device. And magazines - an electronic subscription pushed direct to a device with a nice full colour screen....yes please.

    It's not the kind of device I see myself carrying aroundfor work - I have a perfectly nice small laptop for that. But it IS the kind of device that would be sat next to me on the sofa of an evening ready for emailing, browsing, Tweeting, etc.

    If they network at all, then one for each of the family would be great....if they shared calendars, etc.

    Two major things Flash support and no multi-tasking?

    I hope that they are coming in iPhone OS4.x and that it filters through to the iPad. No Flash means a lot of the browsing I might do would be out - no games in Facebook for a start! And not being able to have a Twitter client auto-fetch updates every ten minutes, while I browse or sort my email, will be a bit of a pain.

    Lack of 3G - perfect. Use WiFi at home anyway.

  67. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

    Do not underestimate this

    Just as the iPhone was a success I have a funny feeling so will this thing be.

    I will not be buying one on a number of counts:

    1. Locked down OS, like the iPhone

    2. Locked down OS, like the iPhone

    3. Locked down OS, like the iPhone

    It would have been nice to have something like an OS X netbook but I guess apple has to protect its line of lappies, eh?

  68. Bill Gould
    Gates Halo

    Utterly worthless

    I can't see a situation where I'd ever want one. Ever. I still need to carry my phone and I can browse on that. I'll keep my phone and Sony reader thanks.

  69. ratfox

    Message from earth

    This is not a computer. Repeat after me. NOT a computer.

    Considering how previous tablets have been doing, this should be a good point. If you have something of that size, and without keyboard, you should not try to use it as a computer.

    You do not open 10 different apps on that. It is meant for simple stuff. Watching videos, pictures,

    sending e-mails, and surfing the web, one web page at a time. If you have these simple needs, the iPad is all you need, and it is probably easier to use than a netbook.

    Of course, most readers of the Register want a computer, because they like to fiddle with things. Well, this product is not for you. There are thousands of products that are not meant to appeal to you. Deal with it.

    Honestly, the only glaring option that is missing in my opinion is the camera for video calls. That will be for the next version, probably.

    1. Wanda Lust
      Jobs Halo

      to all earthlings

      Spot on, not a computer, it's a consumer device made by a company that dropped "Computers" from its title some while ago.

      Consumer device is about the best I can do without generating a long list, so iPad is good enough.

      Get on the train - it's coverage for the "store". If you're comfortable with full fat "computers" you are channelled in from iMacs & Macbooks (plus Windows), if "mobile" is your thing you are channelled in from iPod Touch & iPhone and the "netbook" form factor guys now have their thing.

      The device is the hook, the tel/cellco is the line (and only the line), the store is the sinker. Steve's got ya!

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Jobs Horns

        Go back to your own planet

        Steve has got the idiots only

  70. Modjo30

    Pointless waste of money

    What utter rubbish, when will Apple learn that they need to start allowing things like Flash on their devices, they're only holding themselves back by doing this and as for itunes, what a pile of s... that is, why can't they just be like every other mp3 player and be able to drag and drop files, it's such a pain to get other mp3's that i've brought elsewhere onto my iphone. untill they change issues like these, the ipad may as well start digging it's grave now.

    1. Nic 3

      when will apple learn

      You made me laugh a bit there. Apple really do need to learn a trick or two don't they. They seem to get it wrong all the time....

  71. Chronos

    I don't see the point...

    ...of the 3G versions. These things come with WiFi: Just get a MiFi router and Robert's your mother's brother, with the added bonus that Apple can't dictate to your choice of networks.

  72. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    that's an awful lot of potential screen to scratch there... with no lid.

  73. Christopher D'Souza

    Old news

    Seems like someone had the foresight to see the iPad over 3 years ago!

  74. Anonymous Coward

    Utter Rubbish & pointless

    When will Apple learn that I want a wine chiller cabinet and a pizza oven (wood fired) and I want them to work at the same time.

    How am I going to live?

  75. Richard Cartledge
    Thumb Up

    Education, Education, Education.

    I think this will be big in education.....eventually.

    In education, not being able to run many apps simultaneously is a godsend.

  76. chris 27

    promo video

    I watched the promo video and one of the guys says "the best movie watching experience". Seriously?? That guy should go to a cinema, he would be blown away!!

    1. Lawrence 7


      Fucking, FUNNY!!


  77. Timo
    Thumb Down


    These are the devices of conspicuous consumption, used to compensate for a lack of personality or beauty in the holder. Think about it - by not being pocketable the owners will be able to swing it around and show it off - by design.

    The only thing more desirable would be to burn the price tag into it with a laser "YOU WON'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH I PAID FOR HALF OF A NETBOOK."

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up


      Timo's nailed it. No point downvoting it.

  78. zenkaon


    Looking at the specs, my first thought is - What, no usb port?? I can't plug in anything I like???

    My second thought is - Will this thing let me bring up a terminal?? Can I put gcc on it and compile my own stuff??

    God Damn it, I was hoping this thing would run snow leopard not some "simple" ipod os. Another poster got it right. This is NOT A COMPUTER

    What it really looks like is something that finds your wallet and drains it every month with apps, iBooks, iTunes, and leaves you iBankrupt

  79. Tony Paulazzo

    Tribal Rock Love in.

    We're all encased in sonic armor

    Beltin' it out through chrome grenades

    Miles and miles of medusan chord

    The electronic sonic boom

    It's what's happening baby

    it's where it's at daddy

    They chain ya and brainwash ya

    When you least suspect it

    They feed ya mass media

    The age is electric


  80. Lotus 80

    Screen resolution?

    1024x768 is kinda stingy for this screen size and price. Most websites are 1024 or wider these days, and e-books or HD video at that res on a screen that big are not going to look too slick. 1280x1024 or 1280x800 would have been nicer. And the lack of camera is another obvious marketing ploy to get the fanbois to shell out for Mark II next year, a la the feature-crippled first-gen iPhone.

    But then it's just a toy. Even if it didn't have a proper OS, full web functionality and a removable battery, every ponytailed twat here in the Bay Area would still rush out and buy one. Oh, wait...

    P.S. I can't wait to hear about the tidal wave of RTMs for cracked screens and the like, as per every other new Apple product.

  81. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    Jack of

    all ^H^H^H some trades

    Master of none.

    No multitasking in 2010 - yer right!

  82. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    all I read is ...

    ... pain, pain, pain.

    In this case I am sorry to say I do not feel your pain at all.

    Not in the least, slightest or teeniest wee bit :-)

  83. GKLR

    Content is the key.

    Assuming the iPad is as practical as Apple says it is (can I read on a train or bus in rapidly varying light?) and it really does have a full days’ worth of battery life then this product will rise or fall on the content available on it and the business model behind that content. Can I get my daily newspaper ‘delivered’ to my iPad every day? Can the publisher of that newspaper deliver it to me via the iBook store and thus avoid making the content available on the web and having Google aggregate it? Will Apple allow my newspaper as delivered via the iBook store to carry, say, Microsoft advertising?

    Will I be able to buy an annual subscription to a magazine via the iBook store? Or will I have to buy each issue of my favorite magazines separately each month? This matters to publishers because subscription revenue is more predictable than ad hoc sales revenue. It also matters because subscriber numbers as well as ‘circulation’ figures sell ad space.

    Will the iBook store, like the App store for developers, make it possible for individuals to publish books, magazines and newsletters directly? How will this go over with the publishing establishment?

    It is the answers to these sorts of questions that will make or break the iPad.

    ...And by the way; if its an iPAD will you be able to draw a free hand sketch on it? Will you be able to import that sketch into the iPad version of iWork? Will add-ons like Mathtype (allows you to write mathematical symbols) be available for the iPad version of iWork? If add-ons like this are not available the iPad will be seriously limited in the education sector - which will leave netbook vendors vastly relieved.

  84. Dick Emery

    Asus to the rescue?

    I really hope the forthcoming Asus offering blows this pile of crap out of the water. But oh no it won't. Even if it is miles better it doesn't have the Apple logo on it.


  85. George 24
    Black Helicopters

    What a device

    The world biggest ipod.

  86. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    whats the problem?

    Apple said they could deliver a decent netbook for $500 and they have lived upto their word!?

    Should we penalise them for being honest. ;oP

    1. Mandrin

      How to make an IPad...


  87. This post has been deleted by its author

  88. Anonymous Coward

    Flash...Ah Ha....but this time not saving every one of us?

    I'm still wondering how you can have an "insanely great" web experience without flash?!

    1. Neil Gerstenberg

      Want an "insanely great" web experience without flash? Easy! need to use an iPad or an iPhone - for the same advertising-free, low-cpu-intensive browsing experience on any other system you'll have to install an ad-blocker ;-)

      As for multi-tasking, I can't say I've ever missed it on iPhone. After all, if you need to render video while you're browsing you'd hardly be using a netbook to do it; I thought it was obvious that the iPad wasn't meant to replace your laptop/workstation. I was sceptical too at first, but the iPhone does exactly what it was supposed to do, perfectly, without multi-tasking because good apps are designed to start, and start fast, exactly where you left them. And as for being a "closed" system limited to Apple approved apps - well maybe that's why it works so damn well, and I suspect the iPad will do the same. As any accomplished musician, artist or even programmer knows, the key to creativity is not totally unlimited freedom - but total freedom within limits.

      I've been using personal computers for exactly 30 years this year, and have only one thing to say about the Windows/Mac issue: if you have never used Windows in a VM on a MBP then you have never used Windows as it really ought to be used.

      I bought a MBP not because I wanted to look cool (it never leaves the house as I can email and browse on the iphone, discretely), not because I'm a "fanboi", and not because I'm a sucker for marketing. I bought it so I could reboot my system once a month instead of too bloody often, so I can run multiple versions of Windows at the same time (and incidentally take snapshots of the entire system state as often as I like, in seconds), so I don't have to worry about rootkits bypassing Avast or even Kaspersky, so I could lift the lid with one hand, so I can type in the dark without disturbing others, so I don't have to worry about an "NTLDR is missing" message, so I don't have to worry (well, not every single day) about drivers, software conflicts, unwanted BHO's, spyware & malware, so I.... could go on for ages but I think most Reg readers know the details by now, even if they don't yet believe that things can be so different on the other side...

      So I'm now an Os x AND Windows (in a VM) fan, I'm an xcode AND visual studio user - and I know that my business deserves what I consider to be the best PC on the market, and well worth the extra cost: an Apple MBP.

      I'll buy the iPad just for fun.

      1. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD
        Jobs Horns

        You've got a point here

        "I've been using personal computers for exactly 30 years this year, and have only one thing to say about the Windows/Mac issue: if you have never used Windows in a VM on a MBP then you have never used Windows as it really ought to be used."

        QFT. It really is _that_ convenient.... Except...

        Unfortunately, it's still a VM, and there still are performance issues re: this (specifically graphics). I still have to have a windows-on-bare-metal box to "test 3D code" (ok I'll admit, to play games as well, hahaha).

        Nevertheless, Apple and Jobs need a big kick up the arse. They sell people crap like iMacs, and do silly things like hobble an interesting new tablet with silly OS and DRM restrictions.

  89. ForthIsNotDead
    Thumb Down


    I reckon its a bit of a home goal to be honest. You would have to hold it to watch films on it, or prop it up or something. Whereas with my netbook, I just set the screen angle.

    Nah. Sack-o-cack.

  90. Neill Mitchell

    Hitlers response to the iPad

    Oh my this is so funny.

  91. blackworx
    Jobs Halo

    The simple fact remains

    If anyone else had made it, all the mactards wouldn't be in the slightest bit interested in defending it. In fact they'd be rolling in the aisles pissing themselves laughing.

  92. Anonymous Coward

    If the iPhone ....

    is a piss-poor phone, does this mean Steve has now done big jobs! eeewwwwwww

  93. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Midas loses his touch .... and sense of future direction?

  94. Ed 12

    no USB/memory card slots

    So the iPad doesn't have any physical connections for copying files to it? So how do I transfer my movies/pictures/music to it if I wanted to use the files on it? Would be very handy to take the SD card from my PS3 and just plug it in but no such luck. Not to mention I see that it doesn't support divx/xvid videos so I'd have to go and do some conversion work to make them playable on it.... dont think I'd bother.

  95. zenkaon

    How will it play with networks??

    Sure this big iPod touch will connect via wifi to the internet, but when it gets onto my network will it be able to see my fileserver???

    If it will connect to nfs, samba or uPnP then it may be reasonable, if not then how am I going to watch my 400GB+ video collection on it?

    My bet is that I'd have to share it with an iTunes server, which is NOT going to happen.

    I was seriously considering getting one of these before they announced it. Very much doubt it now. No usb, no DVI for hooking it up to a big monitor, single tasking (WTF!) closed off shiny thing.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      If you're looking for UPnP for iPhone/iPad, check out PlugPlayer.

  96. Robert E A Harvey

    aha! I've got it!

    It's a colour Newton, without the clever software!

  97. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother


    Hello fellas. Apple's device is designed to take on the Kindle. The idea of the Kindle is great, but it needed improvement. Amazon is not a software company and does not have the ingenious software developers working for them like Apple does. Apple is both a hardware and software company with a thriving IPOD business that you must admit changed the way we purchase and buy music, and at the same time gave life to an ailing music industry. But of course, their direction has changed as we know that the dropped the word Computer from their name. When I first saw an IPOD I thought it was the stupidest thing on earth. It took me a year to "think different" and I now own three IPODS and one IPHONE, one Mac Mini and one Powermac G5. Since I am being honest, the only product that Apple has created that I bought and hate and don't use is the AppleTV. I am using a Western Digital device that has unlimited USB ports, so portable hard drives can be piggy backed and your entertainment content played back on a HDMI equipped TV. Apple is not going to create a Netbook killer because it is a huge part of their income. It's a digital Reader that competes with other digital readers that have been on the market for years, before Kindle. The printed media industry is failing miserably. I am hoping they put Borders out of business because they are the biggest consumer ripoff company I have ever experienced. I did some homework for you and here is Adobe's Response:

    Building iPad Applications with Flash


    Today Apple announced the Apple iPad and like many of you, we at Adobe are looking forward to getting our hands on one of these devices. This is an exciting time to be a software designer with an explosion of new devices and we look forward to helping Flash developers and designers bring innovative applications to these devices using our tools and frameworks.

    We announced the Packager for iPhone at MAX 2009 which will allow Flash developers to create native iPhone applications and will be available in the upcoming version of Flash Pro CS5. This technology enables developers to create applications for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (though applications will not initially take direct advantage of iPad’s new screen resolution). It is our intent to make it possible for Flash developers to build applications that can take advantage of the increased screen size and resolution of the iPad.

    Flash developers are used to being able to create rich expressive content that run well across multiple screens. The Flash Platform already provides developers with the ability to create applications without making assumptions about screen resolution and pixel density. Our very own Christian Cantrell has posted an in-depth article on the Adobe Developer Connection, Authoring For Multiple Screen Sizes, that details best practices in creating applications that run on multiple screens. If you want to prepare applications today that will work great on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, follow the guidelines from this article today.

    While we put the finishing touches on the Packager for iPhone, we have invited a few developers and designers to join a closed pre-release program. As they are testing it and giving us feedback, they also have been able to use it to build some applications that they have submitted to the iTunes App Store.

  98. Etrien Dautre

    PR advisory

    The advertising company was not so good as planned, Steve. Well, let's say it was all wrong, which is the first. The second is that the true price of the tablet is about $399.95 with the included GSM/GPS/4G unlocked/ok, locked, and please, open the gates for flash and java with the security enabled; also, some folks find the stone too hard to come by the developing the one for the robotic industry. Oh, may I join a videoconference which functionality was so beautifully developed in the original thought-up?

    As for mepersonally, I can give an extra $50 for the plastic, lens and transcoders. Maybe $70 if the ad company rocks my gf; perhaps, the fastest way to achieve it is me running it (-:

    What's Next, Apple? Shifting all the stock up, but all the way down to B&P? Some interstellar opportunities for them, in this case. And for the Garage Children as well, more than probably?

    Damn it, Steve. In this life, please. I know it sounds cruel, but maybe, this is the cure.

  99. Winkypop Silver badge


    iFail to see the iAmazing iBreakthrough here.

  100. Nordrick Framelhammer

    A bit fat fail

    The IPad is a fail. It is nothing more than a oversized, overpriced IPod Touch. So much for the "it will change computing forever" bullshit hype.

    No web cam, no USB, no SD card slot, no ethernet, no multitasking, no Ogg Vorbis, no FLAC. WTF were Apple thinking?

    And so much for "web pages as they were meant to be seen". More like web pages seen as Jobsientology thinks you should see them.

    And is that a trademark lawsuit I see coming over the horizon, given how many items there are out there called iPad? Poor research again, Apple.

    No doubt, however, the Apple fanniboys will be crawling all over this, posing with then in the street.

  101. Mokey Joe

    ICan't believe

    The amount of vitriol on here against any apple product, there's more haters than fanbois.. what a sad world.. their world anyway..

    I use mac every day for work, it's great, it works great with my iPhone. Every day I have to use Windows XP which reminds me how backward and poorly thought out ms software is, I don't believe it will have changed that much since Vista and the new one.. 7.. after all ms always say .. this time it's better, faster more secure.. I've sat through too many installs to believe that anymore.

    For those of you who have only spent time dissing the specs the difference with Apple is that they 'think' hard about the experience, yes they simplify it at glamourise it - you know what thats called the wow factor and that leads to sales and people actually wanting to use the product.

    I can imagine sitting on the sofa using one of these, or on an airplane, can I do that with a netbook.. no.. how much typing do you really want to do on a netbook anyway..

    Michael Dell said it best himself..

    No one wants to use a Netbook.. after 36 hours the novelty wears off because they are ****.

    I have an acer aspire and I agree with Mr Dell the keyboard is infuriating.. the screen while great is not suited to the last generation of operating systems with applications inside windows.

    I imagine the onscreen keyboard of the iPad isn't brilliant but at least it takes up no room in my bag.. or on my lap or tray table in front of me. In fact it's difficult to even compare a netbook, when the battery life of my acer is about an hour and a half it's always plugged into the wall.. doh!

    As for the iPad I can imagine selling this to some of my less technically literate clients.. yes it's got the internet, yep you can email your daughter/son/grandchildren and look the pictures they send are there in your photo gallery, want to see them.. just touch it.. yep.. it's easy as that.. no weird keyboard commands, no reach down to a crappy touchpad no ms spyware/anti virus subscriptions.

    I guess the usage will be similar to the hp Slate (do we know how much these are gonna be yet?), but the experience will be very different, the Slate runs windows 7 right, with those dodgy little window buttons to click.. and no doubt a myriad of other annoyances because no one ever tried to use the thing.. You need to reinvent the experience for touch to make it more natural and that is what Apple have done for the last few years with iPhone (which wasn't received well either.. Ballmer laughed, MS fanbois chimed 'Fail'.. *sigh*)

    I can imagine the design process.. of a windows Slate.. oh yeah great effort guys looks brilliant, specs are great and err now yeah.. erm.. what are we gonna do with it.. oh yeah the latest Windows 7.. erm.. yeah.. thats not gonna work is it.. no.. damn.. well we've got to get it to market .. where's Ballmer.. let him deal with it.. ;-)

    There's a few shortcomings with the iPad but I'm sure they'll be sorted out as the OS matures.. and the windows tablet will be a thing of the past.. like the Zune..

    1. MuppetHater

      I can't believe..

      you wrote this ridiculous post. Fact, it, the Ipad, is being ridiculed all over the world. You cannot win this argument. It is a complete pile of pants in my opinion..

    2. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD
      Jobs Horns

      This is the reason

      The iPad will sell. Because of people like this.

      The same reason the iphone succeeded, where common sense to my mind says it should NOT ( Great, no EXCELLENT (no sarcasm here, it's really very good) UI but crappy hobbled OS, DRM, and $$$).

      As much as I hate to say this, people will buy it. Oh, they will. Don't you bet against that. This ain't gonna be a Newton.

      It used to be only a small proportion of the population used to be Appletards, now it's like fuck, appletarditis everywhere. The trouble with most appletards is that they are noobs and can't see the wood from the trees and feel Apple can do no wrong.

      I buy Apple now and then, their products are sometimes good.

      But I see and remember them for what they are, an indifferent (evil?) moneymaking corportation. It would do you good to remember this too.

  102. [Yamthief]

    I'm glad...

    ...that i'm not the only one who looked at the numerous videos after the official announcement and went "pssshh, is that it?!".

    I can't see anything groundbreaking here...

  103. Paul Anderson


    So good to hear about the chinks in the armour when all else I hear is hype. Excellent work Reg!

  104. Will 12
    Jobs Halo

    Always the same

    No USB, no SD card slot, no flash. When are you idiots going to get it through your thick skulls, normal people don't care! You're not normal people, you love tinkering with technology, most people don't. Most people don't know what the hell Ogg Vorbis is, is he the Danish Prime Minister?

    Quite how you can all shout fail is beyond me, maybe in 12 months you'll have a smug grin on your face or maybe you'll have egg (although you'll never admit you're wrong). The iPhone has been a huge success, you all cried fail at that too.

    The armchair experts on here have proved time and again they haven't a clue when it comes to the real world, Steve Jobs has proved he does and the sales figures prove it.

    Get clue.

  105. ThomH

    It multitasks, it doesn't multiprogram

    You know, for third-party apps. Dull, technical distinction and I know that multiprogramming is what most people want, but I figure that a lot of people here are developers and will care that they can still hatch off threads, port their standard [threaded] POSIX back-ends over, etc. In Cocoa terms, NSThread is in the iPhone OS and NSOperation[Queue] are there also. No OpenCL or Grand Central when last I checked, though. And I think the new iPad-supporting SDK is under NDA.


    600 Dollar Pics

    I hadn't considered buying an iPad, however, as you just pointed out the contraption can also be a "full-color digital photo frame". Now this really convinced me and I immediately ran out and got one.

  107. Anonymous Coward

    so, it's for non geeks to email?

    I've read the comments, seen the blurb. I'm no Apple fan, never will be. Reading some of the comments from various people, there's a feeling that these things aren't for people who use computers, they're for non-geeks. The popular uses mentioned are email and browsing.

    So, you can browse, but, with no Flash support, there's a hell of a lot of websites that simply won't work. You may hate Flash, but, it exists, it is popular and it's everywhere. Tell a Facebook junkie they can't play Flash games on an iPad, they'll walk away.

    Then there's email. Great. Err... no. Someone said something along the lines of being able to see the photos sent to you, you can file them and view them. Sounds good. How do I send my photos back? No USB and my camera doesn't have Wi-fi.. anyone know a decent DSLR that does? Strangely, I can connect my camera to a TV, to a PC and directly to a printer. Here's a device designed to show pictures and send emails, yet it can't get photos from a camera. Wait for version 2 with a camera? No, I have a very good camera, it is not some cheap built in megeapixel with crappy lens piece of junk. Anyone want to carry this thing round and take breathtaking landscape photos? Sporting action? Interchangable lenses for telephoto? No, thought not.

    Then you have the problem of, presumably, not being able to print? No USB, no printers? Do printers connect to iPod connections? Mine doesn't and I'm not buying a new printer. So, you get your email confirmation of your flights to the sun, great, pack your bags, print off the boarding passes from your ticketless airline... wait... errr...

    OK, so... a digital photo frame... nice. Anyone want to pay £400 for one? No, thought not. £100 for one with a bigger screen, card readers, USB ports, remote control. Want to show a family gathering the photos from cousin Susies wedding? Great, everybody, gather round this 9 inch screen... or, I'll just hook up my laptop to the 42 inch TV... anyone struggling to see that?

    Reading ebooks? Call me old-fashioned, but, I prefer paying a tenner for a paperback that I can stuff into a case, cram into a laptop bag, drop, spill coffee on, lean on to write, use to wedge a door open... oh, and read, anywhere, no power needed. (Anyone ever see a paperback you can't read because you dropped it? Wouldn't fancy the chances of one of these working after sailing majestically down a flight of concrete steps.) And when I've read the book , I can give it to someone else to read. And they don't need a compatible reader... they have eyes, just like me. 500 books on an iPad? tell me how I read one whilst the wife reads another? Two iPads? A grand to read a tenners worth of book?

    iPod, overpriced, but, does what it's supposed to do

    iPhone, overpriced, can download farting apps and turn into a spirit level, apparently it can also make and receive telephone calls

    iPad.... overpriced... can do.... well.... some things, half arsed, nothing well

    So... can anyone tell me what the iPad is actually for? Posing?

    1. Neil Gerstenberg

      What's it for? Education, for starters.

      The negative iPad comments here sound to me like posts about a new urban electric car on a 4x4 forum. How can people hold such strong opinions on a device that isn't even available yet?!

      Broadly speaking there's two types of user reaction to new devices such as this:

      1) You try to force it to do everything you are used to doing in the same way you used to do it, hit loads of problems because it doesn't read this memory card or run that plugin, then complain that it's useless and reinforce your existing convictions that X brand/device is in fact total crap and that you wasted your money.

      2) You play around with it to determine what it does best, start doing things you hadn't thought of doing before and discover new, and often better, ways to do what you are used to doing.

      The iPad will not satisfy users who fall into the first category.

      It may, however, revolutionise education, and other domains about which most reg readers seem not too concerned.

  108. kraz


    Have you seen most schools 'IT suites'? Clunky old machines running pre-historic versions of windows. Why? Because a school does not have the budget to update equipment all the time. Not to mention the way stuff gets nicked, or dropped and broken or wear and tear from very heavy use by a large number of teenagers.

    And you're trying to suggest the IPad could 'revolutionise education'! Does your local school have a spare £12000 to equip a class with these? And spare cash to replace them when they get dropped? Maybe in 10 years when touch screen has become standard someone will have a decent low cost model most schools can use but the Ipad is not it. School books look set to stay for the time being.

    1. Neil Gerstenberg

      Yes, Education.

      Believe it or not most "education" does not happen in schools, and is not limited to children.

  109. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Education? in what way?

    How will it revolutionise education? Most schools can't afford to buy new text books at £5 a time, where are they supposed to get the money for iPad's at £400 a time? Add on to that the price of the books themselves in electronic format. Let's face it Apple ain't gonna become all philanthropic and give them away. Next is the problem of how do the kids study at home? Will schools allow very expensive, very breakable, very stealable toys to walk out of the door? Of course not. So, do kids use an ebook at school and buy their own paper version at home? Or, will kids have to buy their own iPad just to be able to study? After that... I'll give it a week before the school is broken into and the shiny toys are whisked away in a white van, never to be seen again.

    So, no good for using as text books. So, what for? Education is about equipping children with the skills to move into the workplace. What's the point in learning to use an iPad when no office will have them? Schools teach with PC's using Windows. Why? Not cost, not best of breed, it's because that is what the vast majority of employers use in the big bad world. Give an employer two applicants, one has experience of Word, Excel etc., the other can browse the web and rotate pictures on an iPad... guess who'll get the job? The one who doesn't need re-training.

    Apple are good at taking other peoples ideas, repackaging them and selling them at inflationary prices to their loyal followers. The don't have a great track record of inventing new devices. The mouse, GUI, PC, iPod, iPhone... all other peoples ideas, given a shiny case and shiny price. Tablets have been around for years, and have failed to take hold. Why? Because nobody really knows what they're for. Even you admit that this is the case with the iPad.

    So, it's for playing with, in the hope you'll find a use for it? Pretty expensive toy. Especially when you find out that, in the end, you can't think of anything. Let's face it, Apple obviously have no idea, otherwise, where's the killer app?

    1. Neil Gerstenberg

      iPad educational potential

      As a famous visionary once said: "If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants" - there's nothing wrong with building on others' work, and nobody who has spent any time using their products can accuse Apple of uninventive plagiarism.

      If you lack the vision to imagine how ebooks, online content/collaboration and interactive educational applications can converge to create a fantastic, simple, learning tool for millions worldwide - and you remain limited by arguments such as price and fragility... then you are the type of person who'd have spouted all the same objections to just about every great invention mankind has seen when it first arrived:

      Lightbulbs? Too fragile. Electricity? Too dangerous. Television? Nothing wrong with radio. Radio? Nothing to listen to. Cars? Too expensive.

      That is why Steve Jobs is Steve Jobs and you, sir or madam, are an anonymous coward :-)

  110. Harryposter

    Does it make coffee?

    I'll surely get one, this thing will make a great psychedelic mouse pad for my desktop PC running XP!

  111. Anonymous Coward

    I told you... one of my predictions came true!

    One of my predictions came true: this sucker uses the same pinout from IPod, but surely wouldn´t fit on any 3rd party dock.

    The editor already read my comment, and just repeated the AT&T prediction I did.

    What´s next? The battery claps out after a few recharges, or is unserviceable, so you only get the full 8 hours battery lifetime for a month or such?

    Ok, let´s keep going down the list, a lot more to go before oblivion...

  112. thesykes
    Thumb Down

    No, no, no

    So, Neil Gerstenberg, I am technophobe Philistine? Hmm... what the hell am I doing working in the IT industry? I'll quit tomorrow and go dig holes. I am all for revolutionary, or evolutionary, products. I have no problems with other Apple products, even if I have only ever owned one of St Steve's little toys. I do, however,disagree with your statements regarding the use of the iPad as a worldwide tool in education.

    You state "online content/collaboration and interactive educational applications can converge to create a fantastic, simple, learning tool for millions worldwide". Too true. They already exist and are available to anybody with an internet connection on laptops, desktops, Windows and Macs. Unfortunately, a large chunk of them are totally unavailable to iPads. Why? Ever heard of Flash? I use a Flash blocker, great little tool. But, it does allwo me to view Flash when I want to. This means that, when my kids want to visit websites that use it, they can. No problem. Try the BBC Bitesize site. A whole raft of educational material directly linked to the National Curriculum, I am sure that would fit in with your vision of "fantastic, simple, learning tool[s]". Shame the iPad is locked out from most of it. Anything that can be viewed on a browser on the iPad can be viewed on a browser on any other device. The fact that the reverse is not true is a major drawback.

    I embrace change, look forward to new technology.

    I also live in the real world and can see that iPads are totally unsuitable for use in mainstream schools (yes education isn't just for kids, true, but, let's face it, more kids are in education than adults). You dismiss cost and fragility, yet these are very important factors for schools. As another poster stated, no school will throw a couple of years IT budget on something that is so limited. Valuable resources need to be spent on kit that can be used for the accounting lesson in the morning and the database programming in the afternoon, or, simply to allow younger children to write a story, draw a picture and print it out on a cheap, none bluetooth/wi-fi enabled, printer.

    No doubt the iPad will sell, there are plenty of people with more money than sense. No doubt someone will find a use for it. Maybe it WILL become a fanatastic success and fill a gap nobody realised existed. But, in education? Hmm... no.

    Oh, and as for your standing on the shoulders of giants quote. I never said Apple weren't good at taking a device and giving it a new lease of life. Good luck them. I questioned there ability to be truly innovative.... as in launching a fancy tablet that nobody realised they needed.

  113. ravenviz Silver badge


    I typed 'ipad' into my IE browser address bar and it sent straight to

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