back to article Ellison to recruit thousands for Sun integration army

Larry Ellison has promised jobs for Sun Microsystems' existing employees and an expansion in their ranks, along with instant profits for his shareholders. Oracle's chief executive on Wednesday claimed that - far from laying off beleaguered Sun employees - his company would be hiring 2,000 additional people during the next few …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    This could be good

    I work at a university, and used to be able to buy direct from Sun, which was great. You'd ask the sales droid a technical question, they'd go "huh, dunno" and pass you off to a "sales engineer" that usually knew what they were talking about and could actually help you configure a good setup for your needs, not just for their sales margin. At some point about 7 years ago, they shoved us off onto their "value added" sales channel, at which point it became a royal pain to actually buy anything. I think I've now gone through three of these different vendors, and one of them was finally OK. So yeah, if Oracle can improve on this, and Sun's products are still good, this could be an overall good thing.

    Beer, because I'm toasting to the pony-tailed one hopefully being unable to screw Sun up any further...

  2. Ivan Hallworth
    Thumb Up

    Good News

    Good News on Oracle's continued investment in Oracle-Sun and Good News for Jobs.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Jobs Halo

      For goodness sake

      Leave Steve Jobs out of this. Is he in every el Reg article and comment ?

      Or did you mean jobs ?

  3. Dazed and Confused

    Technical jobs

    Good to see someone investing in technical jobs for a change rather than taking the approach of firing everyone useful to cut costs and sod the income.

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