back to article Microsoft yanks leaked Windows Mobile 6.5 tools

Microsoft has quickly withdrawn a test version of the Windows Mobile 6.5 software development kit (SDK), after it was accidentally posted to the web on Friday. The SDK contained documentation, sample code, header, and library files; emulator images; and tools to build applications in Visual Studio 2008 Professional and 2005 …


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  1. IT specialist

    All the devs have abandoned WinMo

    Just about all the developers have abandoned Windows Mobile, so few would have noticed the SDK appear and then get withdrawn.

    Microsoft is expected to unveil its totally new phone OS in February, with a developers' conference in March. I think everyone will wait and see if the new platform has any chance of success before diving in.

    1. Bassey


      Which developers have abandoned Windows Mobile? SBSH? SPB? Vito? TomTom? ALK? Resco? Panoramic? WebIS?

      Oh, sorry, you were just making shit up? I'll get back in my box then.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Will probably get corrected without thanks, comment deleted etc as per, but...

    ...can you spot the mistake?

    "Microsoft is expected to unveil Windows 7, the follow-on operating system, next month at the GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Spain"

    Is it just a fiendish plot to check if we're paying attention at the back?

  3. Richard Porter
    Thumb Up

    The best experience possible...

    is not being able to get hold of Microsoft software. I agree!

  4. Neil Alexander

    "Microsoft is expected to unveil Windows 7"

    The time-space continuum continues to deceive us.

  5. Mr_Souter

    i thought it was weird

    i did wonder about it when i downloaded it - but it's very nice having the ability to emulate the 6.5 OS - might almost make me buy a phone that has it :)

  6. Ryan 7

    Who wrote this?

    A drunk five year old?

    You guys need a more thorough copy-editor.

  7. zenkaon


    Ok, so this SDK isn't a finished product, but how long do they expect developers to sit around for? We don't twiddle our thumbs, we read el reg while waiting for stuff to compile!

    I expect most developers are working on iPhone iSlate(or iWhatever_it_is) or Android. Why are MS so late to the game all the time, I thought I saw a youTube vid of monkey boy Balmer shouting "Developers developers developers".

  8. Scott K
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    Removed from the site you say?

    It's working for me

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