back to article Sun's Schwartz finished under Ellison?

Jonathan Schwartz is reportedly getting ready to quit Sun Microsystems, four years after being given the job of putting the giant on a course for success. According to All Things D, Sun's chief executive will "soon" resign from Sun, leaving the company in the hands of new owner Oracle. Oracle would not comment. But it would …


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  1. Lars Silver badge

    Sad to see Sun disappearing

    Sad to see Sun disappearing. I quite liked the "lego" architecture (long ago) and Solaris was running for years non-stop. The only really idiotic thing that comes to mind is that the server would die if you bye accident switched the console off.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Switching off console

      Server halting when a powered-off console sent what looked like a 'break' was fixed a looonnng time ago, and there was a well-known workaround hack involving a resistor in the console cable.

      Can't argue with the rest of the sentiments. Cheers to Sun, and to JS pissing away his $12m on failed venture capital investments. Someone else might at least get to have fun with his cash.

  2. Karlsson

    4 years to late

    Lots of talk and no action, should have been booted out at least 4 years a go.

  3. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Striving for Perfection always Delivers IT close enough .....

    ... to be Magically and Mysteriously Different, with More XXXXCellent Works Required

    "Among the ideas that seemed to go nowhere during Schwartz time as head of software and as CEO: getting Google to distribute Sun's StarOffice with its Google Pack, the sale of PCs at running Sun's Linux at Wal-Mart to bring Linux to a "volume" market, the purchase of SeeBeyond's enterprise application integration code for $387m and its subsequent release to open source in an attempt to under cut closed-source EAI vendors, the embrace of utility grid and cloud computing, and the effort to jumpstart Java programming on consumer devices."

    All still very valid and vibrant ideas today and just in Need of a Sunny Oracle Head to See them into Realisation with Virtualisation Technology, or should that Ideally be, AIMethodology?

    And that Question to Larry. urStarter for Perfect Tens? :-)

  4. Anonymous Coward

    good riddance to bad rubbish

    As an employee, I've had two emails from ponytail in the last 9 months. One of those being his light a candle email:

    Goodness only knows what he's been doing with his time rather than leading the company, like he's paid to do.


  5. Anonymous Coward

    With hidden message within ...

    One of my colleagues spotted this one :

    If you keep the 1st letter of each paragraph you will get an hidden message very ponytail's style (it start good and finish with total rubbish) :

    B E A T I B M

    then the expected failure :

    S T T A N A U F F F S A S G J

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      That would be "BE AT IBM" then?

  6. Matt Bryant Silver badge


    Whilst hilarious, I can't take that suggestion seriously. I mean, there is no way any vendor is going to pick up Ponytail, he's such damaged goods, whether he deserves to be tarred so or not. The real problems at Sun started long before Schwartz took the helm. I think McNeedy was very smart in sidestepping the immense mess McNeedy actually created, but everyone in the industry will forever link Schwartz with the catastrophe that Sun became. I suspect that if Ponytail has any sense he'll give up the game and go buy a private beach to sit on, far away from any seething ex-Sun employees.

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