back to article Red Hat sponsors open source religion

Commercial Linux distributor Red Hat started out as a catalog business peddling Linux and Unix software and started tucking a homegrown Linux created by Marc Ewing in the back of the catalogs. It didn't take long to realize that the Linux was worth more than the catalog business, and thus the poster child for the commercialized …


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  1. Big-nosed Pengie


    This'll be an interesting one to watch. I'll keep an open mind.

  2. wim


    I get the site in Japanese. I guess my tor endpoint is somewhere in Japan and I can't see a way to look at this site in a language I am little better versed in than japanese.

    I really wished web site developers /designers /marketeers would give me the choice of language instead of deciding for me.

  3. Adam Williamson 1

    People and brand - not so bad, really

    "Red Hat wants to lead the way in an open source lifestyle, according to DeLisa Alexander, senior vice president of people and brand at Red Hat. (That sounds like the kind of a title you'd expect at Big Blue or in an episode of The Office - and I mean the British one, not its weaker American reflection.)"

    Not really. It's our version of the much more hideous traditional 'human resources', which we had for a while. It turned into 'human capital', which is just as bad. 'People and brand' is much better, though. I just hope the next version isn't called Soylent Green. :)

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Not just closed source hosting

    The site stats are collected by Adobe's Omniture.

  5. Marcus Aurelius

    I was expecting

    to read that Red Hat was starting to sponsor the church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

  6. Melvin Meatballs

    A fascinating insight into the mids of the deluded

    Either I'm getting way too cynical, or the need for selective culling of the human race is getting stronger.

    Starting with anyone who thinks that tinkering with a bit of publicly accessible programming-code gives them ANY insight into solving anything other than typos.

  7. Alan Swartz
    Thumb Up

    Good Luck!

    I wish Red Hat the best -- all success!

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