back to article Apple tablet wins open source Appceleration

Appcelerator - the Silicon Valley outfit whose open source Titanium platform lets you build desktop and mobile apps with web-happy development tools - has announced that the platform will soon generate native runtimes for "the new Apple tablet." On Wednesday, Steve Jobs and company will unveil "a major new product," and …


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  1. Jerome 0
    IT Angle

    Prescient computing

    In the event that there is no Apple tablet (admittedly unlikely, sadly) can we get an assurance from Titanium that their entire Cynical Media Hype Generation Department will be sacked?

    1. Blain Hamon

      I asked, but...

      (The company's called Appcelerator, the product's called Titanium and we're too small to have departments)

      They mentioned that they had a sarcastic technicality protection clause in place. In the event that Apple introduces a new line of iPod Socks instead, they'll declare the Newton a tablet, and we'll support that. I've already started brushing up on the Dylan language and AppleTalk communication, just in case.

      (Mine's the one with egg freckles in the pocket)

  2. Anonymous Coward


    The Reg seems to like this outfit, but IMHO this appcelerator stuff is a virus, I installed it and then couldn't uninstall it (because they didn't have an uninstaller), and it certainly didn't do what the el reg articles suggested it did.

    Personally I'd recommending avoiding this mob like the plague.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Search for "remove appcelerator"

      and the first result on Google is "". I checked with on Bing! too, the very same link was at the top of the second page of results! If you need to rely completely on an installer and haven't got the gumption to use a search engine, maybe you should stay away from this development lark, eh?

    2. Blain Hamon

      Plague here, pleased to meet you!

      (I'm one of the blokes who works on the iPhone version of the Titanium engine.)

      Most of the Appcelerator team uses Mac OS or Linux, where uninstallers aren't needed, and the installer was made with cross-platform codebase in mind. Martin's been working on native installers (MSI, PKG, etc) but I don't remember if it made the latest version. I figure the uninstaller on Windows should show up by the time we hit 1.0 or so.

      So what did it not do for you? iPhone development does require Mac OS 10.5 or later, since it uses the native iPhone SDK. You will need to use your own text editor, since we're focusing on the actual making-the-app instead of reinventing the text editor, but any good dev already has a favorite.

      If you're still having trouble with programming, take a look at

      If you still don't trust our code, go ahead and download it all at

      and you can inspect and build it yourself. (It's written in C, C++, and Objective-C for Mac/iPhone)

      Anything else you need?

      1. Blain Hamon

        Minor update

        I talked with Martin. The MSI installer (And uninstaller) did make it into desktop version 0.8, which was released last week, so there you go.

        If you're still there, mister AC, what, exactly, did you want to build? If you haven't been able to find a solution elsewhere, maybe I could still be of help. The documentation is in need of updating, but maybe I could direct you to some helpful pages.

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