back to article Ericsson ups jobs cull to 6,500

Ericsson will be laying off another 1500 people following a quarter that saw net income down to less than a fifth of last year's. In the last three months of 2009 Ericsson's net income was 725m Swedish kronor (£62.5m), on sales of 58bn kroner, compared to the 4bn kroner the company brought in during the same period of 2008, on …


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  1. irish donkey
    Thumb Down

    The final push

    Before the credit crunch is over and Big Business won't be able to sack everybody with impunity

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Good luck...

    to any customers of Ericsson who are used to having good quality locally-sourced technical support. You'll soon find yourselves being supported by untrained labour in third-world countries. Well at least the likes of Virgin Media and 3 will find out what it's like dealing with their own call centres.

    1. Bad Beaver


      You're just bitter. Race to the bottom, gotta love it. Won't backfire. Ever. Or else, look forward to your kids having mandatory training in 3rd-world-languages so they can have a bright future in a callcenter, catering to the needs of the former 3rd-worlders we sold all our industries to.

    2. NetworkBeaver

      Used to good quality local support??!!

      Yeah, right. Ericsson has gone downhill so far, so fast in the last 3 years. Huawei and ZTE are going to kill them. Ericsson used to be the king of the GSM/UMTS hill. No more. Products and UK support are both crap.

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