back to article Crusty fireball space mango wrecks US doctor's office

A "mango-sized" meteorite crashed into a doctor's office in Virginia this week at more than 200 mph, according to reports. The space rock smashed through the roof, an internal wall and an upper floor before shattering into several pieces on a concrete slab. "Literally an explosion went off," Dr Marc Gullani told local TV …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Clearly they were giving family planning advice, or bemoaning socialised healthcare

    ..and this was a gentle warning from a displeased God.

    1. Aaron Em


      ...they were performing a vasectomy reversal.

      1. Baskitcaise

        RE: Actually...

        "...they were performing a vasectomy reversal."

        Goodness gracious great balls of fire?


        Please yourself!

  2. Jon Green

    Understatement of a magnitude hitherto unknown in America!

    Boffins described the meteorite's 'arrival as "a special moment".'

    I'm sure it was pretty special to the doctor, too!

  3. technome

    Space grumble?

    Technical term, is it?

  4. Ministry of Truth

    OMG it's true!

    They DO only land in North America!

  5. Stevie Silver badge


    And right here we see the weakness in Obama's so-called "health care reform" bill.

    People could easily be killed by these space rocks crashing into them while visiting a doctor. Under the old system, people were free to *choose* their doctor, allowing them to select from the many meteor-free practices in the country.

    How dare the government force tax-payers to visit these space-rock death-traps instead of their own doctor!

    1. raving angry loony


      Except of course that under the current US system, patients are as free to "choose" their doctor as cows are to "choose" which farmer gets to milk them.

      So people should demand that their HMO only select meteor-free doctors, although the HMO is likely to tell them to fuck off and take it like the geologists they are.

  6. smudge

    Emergency legislation

    The US administration has passed emergency legislation requiring 48 hours notice of the entry into US airspace of any pieces of space grumble, together with the names and person^H^H^H^H^H^H alienal details of all passengers on said space grumble. Plus, all passengers are required to adopt a sitting position - or as near as their anatomy permits - for the last hour of their flight.

    The UK government is expected to follow suit as soon as a legislator sentient enough to jerk a knee can be found.

  7. Steve Crook

    Fusion Crust?

    My Macaroni Cheese also has one of these.

  8. Tom 35


    How long did it have to wait to see the Doctor?

  9. David Licence
    IT Angle


    The IT angle?

    Right here: the rock went right "through the fire wall"

    1. 1of10

      The IT angle?

      "...The IT angle?..."

      prior the impact, it has been established that metiorite had a little crack o, caused by the spacebar when it tilted on the keyboard.

      The couple are happy because it just damaged the keyboard and not their Mac desktop, otherwise they would have lost their lifetime pictures.

  10. Fluffykins

    I for one

    Welcome our crusty, mango chucking overlords

    May the pips be with you

  11. Graham Marsden
    Dead Vulture


    So what's that in Bulgarian Funbags?

  12. Gord

    Pat Robertson knows why this happened!

    He's mentioned at The Onion as having inside info as to why these disasters happen. What's he got to say about this near-disaster in Virginia?

  13. anarchic-teapot

    I am deeply disappointed

    ...that neither article nor the first post mentioned Bruce Willis or made some weak jokes about a "surgical strike".

    Shame on you!

  14. Adam Oellermann

    Poor patient...

    Imagine... sitting there all worried-like and the doctor says, "Does it hurt when I do <this>?"


    Gee Doctor - I hope it's not infectious!

  15. h 6
    Dead Vulture

    I wish

    I wish a meteorite would smash thru El Reg's rotating story of the day banner.

    please make it STOP!

  16. Adrian Esdaile

    Get your story right....

    Did the meteorite (they're only 'meteors' when they're moving) literally explode? Literally? Or did it metaphorically explode? Or did it basically explode? Or did it logically dis-implode? Did it -plode anything at all? Was there any form of "plosion", ex-, im-, un-, de-, meta-?

    Or did it just shatter when it hit the floor, much in the same manner as any ordinary rock hitting concrete at 200mph would do?

    Also, since when has a mango been a Reg-Standard measure?

  17. heyrick Silver badge

    (there's no title)

    It's amazing what a modern firewall has to put up with!

  18. Anonymous Coward

    Space turds


  19. Juan Inamillion

    I literally agree

    <tch> Journalistic standards dropping like flies at El Reg...

    And yes, what's this new mango measurement standard? Just how big is a standard mango?

    I think we should be told.

    1. Renato
      Thumb Up


      There are many species of mangoes around, ones sized as little as 5cm and others bigger as 20cm.

      But I think it is like the feet or the inch: each king/queen has a different sized foot/thumb and the unit's size should be changed accordingly.

      Thumbs up, 'cos 1 thumb wide = 1 inch (or so I were told; bear with me, came back from the pub almost now)

  20. Youngone Silver badge


    There's the IT angle. They should have closed the port on their firewall that Meteors use. I'll look it up in the documentation when I get a mo.

  21. Dr Patrick J R Harkin

    From the patient record

    Mr X presented to clinic for investigation of constipation. After the incident, he left without being seen, muttering "Doesn't matter anymore".

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