back to article Lenovo talks up LePhone launch

Lenovo has reiterated its plan - announced at the Consumer Electronics Shows earlier this month - to launch an Android-based smartphone later this year. lenovo_lephone_03 Lenovo's LePhone: reaching out beyond China later this year The clamshell device will be called, simply, LePhone. Lenovo will tailor Android the device …


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  1. Greg J Preece

    I like it!

    Though the keyboard looks a bit weird, other than that, that looks pretty damned cool!

  2. Neur0mancer


    This looks really cool actually. Is the the playa we have been looking for? You know, to take on Nokia and their ilk.

  3. Andrew James


    Particularly like the idea of a removable candybar part and docking it into the keyboard. Night out, just needing your phone for tracking down drunk/lost mates, no problem, slimmer version of your phone in candybar form. Off somewhere and might want to be all social online etc while you're out - dock and go.

    Clever. As long as its well made and doesnt go all "floppy" after being removed a few times.

  4. Neur0mancer

    What's with this 'candy bar' nonsense?

    It's a chocolate bar. Even for cell phones.

  5. Andy 127
    Thumb Up

    laptop concept the same

    This is kind of the same concept as the Lenovo IdeaPad U1 hybrid notebook they were showing at CES. Nowt wrong with a bit of design re-use, particularly with a good idea like this.

    Got to say though, the keyboard looks more about style than typing speed.

  6. Piloti
    Thumb Down

    More Chinese rubbish.....

    When wil people learn, just becuase the shininess quotiant is high does mean you should buy.

    More and more Chinese rubbish coming our way. We all jump up and down when we read the 'China / Google ' attacks on the Reg', but as soon as something 'pretty' comes your way, you drop to your knees like a Reeperbahn prostitue.

    Shame on you all for coverting the shiny things.......


This topic is closed for new posts.

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