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We’re always worried when we receive products from companies with names such as ‘Conceptronic’ as it suggests a very hardware-oriented frame of mind. And, like so many of the media player devices that we’ve reviewed in recent months, the Grab'n'Go FullHD Media Player turned out to be a neatly designed piece of hardware that is …


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  1. AJ 2

    SAMBA easier than UPNP

    Nothing could possibly be simpler than setting up SMB (Samba) on a Windows pc.

    1. Enable netBIOS over TCP/IP and allow it through your firewall.

    2. Right-Click the drive(s) or folder(s) you want to share and choose simple file sharing to make those folders visible to others on the network.

    3. Fire up your media player and browse/copy/stream any files you want from your pc, with no restrictions on file type/format etc.

    Honestly it is that simple and SMB is always a better option than UPNP when it is supported. C'mon guys, are you really that technophobic or techno-illiterate?

  2. eJ2095


    Bought a Sumvision Cyclone MKV 2 very good player also for half the the price.

    Think bigpockets are flogging them

  3. smeddy

    Fail again

    Every single time, companies bring out these media boxes - and then forget to design the software! Why oh why?

    Something like this with XBMC over the top = EPIC WIN.

    Sorry to go all internet kidz on you.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why hardware is good and software,..isn't

    It used to be that hardware was much more expensive to make and get working than the software, but with the increase in software code size, and the improvements in hardware design tools, its now much quicker to get hardware working than it is software. So software is always playing catchup. Companies need to get product to market quickly nowadays, so, as a result the software always lags behind. It rare for the hardware design to be on the critical path, especially as one gets close to release.

    Hopefully, by the time companies get to version two of these products, the software has had time to catch up and has the required improvements. On the other hand, the continuing demand for 'new features' to differentiate product means that not enough time is spent getting the basics right. Sad but true, and the consumer has to take some of the blame for demanding all these bells and whistles. Most blame should however lie of the shoulders of management teams who think that once the hw is done, the software will follow close behind, and set schedules to reflect it. Message to them - good software takes a long time to get right.

    One exception seems to be Apple, who's software does appear to be very good even on first release (But their hardware can be a bit behind the curve), presumably because they allow themselves time to get it right, and they usually are not trying to catch up with preexisting competitor product.

  5. Hayden Clark Silver badge

    Has anybody looked at the Asus O!Play?

    This claims a huge format compatability list. El Reg?

  6. cliff 2
    Dead Vulture

    Nothing Could Be Simpler..?

    <<Nothing could possibly be simpler than setting up SMB (Samba) on a Windows pc.>>

    Actually, *not* having to set up Samba would be much simpler - especially for the millions of ordinary people who have never heard of Samba or UPnP.


  7. Greg D


    Anyone agree they ripped the design off one of those turrets from portal??

    (Half-life 2 Orange Box for those who dont know about the best game of the decade).

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