back to article Oracle power couple take Manhattan by billboard

A bizarre series of billboards have appeared in Manhattan, featuring the grinning mugs of Oracle president Charles Phillips and partner YaVaughnie Wilkins. The posters feature a touchingly romantic message - from "c.e.p," aka Phillips - complete with an incredibly long URL that invites passing New Yorkers to visit an online …


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  1. Richard 39

    may I be the first to say...

    WTF is up with that chin!!

  2. lukewarmdog


    Skeptics feel Phillips could be apologizing for something big

    - Maybe he promised her the moon 8 years ago and now he's trying to buy her off with Sun

    1. Serenity
      Thumb Up

      Re: Sorry

      You just made my day, thankfully I finished my last cup of coffee so no new keyboards required.

  3. lglethal Silver badge

    subtle art of self-promotion...

    hahahaha you owe me a new keyboard El Reg...

    I hate to think what non-subtle would look like...

  4. Daedalus Silver badge

    Update needed

    Turns out Phillips had an affair with Wilkins and this was an attempt to embarrass him, perpetrated by her and a third party. Surprisingly he admitted it rather than telling journalists to stuff it. Maybe he'd prefer to stuff a journalist at a later date.


  5. EJ

    Make the check out to "Eldrick T Woods"

    After Tiger's details, this all seems like wholesome activities. Phillips should send him a thank you gift.

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