back to article Europe clears Oracle Sun for take-off

The European Commission has cleared Oracle's takeover of Sun Microsystems. Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes said: "I am now satisfied that competition and innovation will be preserved on all the markets concerned. Oracle's acquisition of Sun has the potential to revitalise important assets and create new and innovative …


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  1. Red Bren

    Quid Pro Quo?

    "The investigation into the deal by European regulators was raising concerns because the deal has already been approved in the US."

    Why should this raise concerns? European companies wishing to trade in the US have to comply with local laws. Why should it be any different for US companies wishing to trade in Europe?

  2. Thommy M.
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    So, how hard was it really to figure out that MySQL and Oracle are in different parts of the playground? It's only Monty that hasn't got it, but he never will...

  3. alien anthropologist

    @Red Bren

    > Why should this raise concerns?

    Because law are *different* from country to country. Certain US laws are not applicable in the EU. And vice versa.

    There's also the issue that both said companies are US companies - and the EU may want to look at what the merger will do the EU economical landscape as it will have a different impact than on the US one.

    Personally, I find it arrogant (and stereotypical) of Americans to assume that is the US decides on something, other nations simply must follow suit.

    1. Red Bren

      So we agree

      The original article implied that the EU's failure to rubber stamp the's decision was cause for concern. My point was that it shouldn't be.

      Like you, I don't expect the world to blindly defer to the US.

  4. FuddyDuddy


    I can understand why a take over like this needs to be investigated by one monopolies commission/government , but why four ?

    Is it something to do with how much money a company makes in each economy ?

    Even though I personally am against the take over, I don't see why Europe, Russia and China have a say in the takeover of two American companies.

    1. M H
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      why confused?

      This is not just "two American companies". Each of them (Oracle & Sun as US companies) have ownership of companies in many other countries, eg. Oracle UK or Sun UK, Sun France, Oracle Australia etc. Each of those subsidiaries has to obey local laws - US laws have absolutely no jurisdiction outside of the US, it's based on where the subsidiary company is incorporated, not who owns it.

      So each country's government is fully entitled to check the buy-out of the company in their jurisdiction is within the local laws there.

  5. wmesard

    10 months...

    ...with her heel digging into Sun's neck to come to a foregone--and bleeding obvious--conclusion. Nice work if you can get it.

  6. cboater
    Gates Horns

    Scott McNealy must be happy!

    I guess Scott McNealy will finally be able to say again, "We've got 5 Billion Dollars in the bank!"

    I work for Sun and we heard that for years... anywhere from 5-7 billion in the bank.

  7. Tom Fleming

    Gagging on self righteousness...

    Wow, let us review what actually happened. US trustbusters clear the deal in 45 days, so it goes to the EC. The EC the holds down the deal for six months while they extract new promises from Oracle to deliver (for free) MySQL facilities for European companies. Promises that Sun never made.

    OK, I got it. When is that next EU-based merger going through the US. I feel a 12 month vacation coming...

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