back to article AMD chief hails Intel-assisted 'transformation'

AMD president and chief executive Dirk Meyer has called the company's fourth-quarter 2009 financial results "another milestone in our transformation." That is, a transformation from a money-losing microprocessor manufacturer in the same quarter last year, when it lost $1.424bn, to a profitable microprocessor designer in its …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Highly relevant and important content for the discussion

    Go, AMD go!

    I've ditched Intel many years ago.

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    I dont mind which manufacturer

    produces my processor. As long as it is powerful, efficient and value for money who gives a damn which name is stamped on it.

    This is good news for the market though. A competitive processor market is good news for everyone. AMD and Intel battling it out means cheaper and better end products for us!

    Thumbs up, cos you know its good!

  3. A B 3


    Amd. Thanks to them a dual 3.00ghz processor costs $100 not $1000 bucks if intel was the only game in town.

    They probably lost a lot of sales because people were choosing a laptop as their next computer instead of a desktop. They need to cover all bases.

  4. N2
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    Competition = a good thing, I use cpu chips from both

  5. Trevor Pott o_O Gold badge

    Screw processors

    AMD Chipsets. <3

  6. Levente Szileszky

    Good news but it's time to show something, AMD!

    I mean there is no more Intel out there for any more billion-plus shakedown money and ATI's success cannot bankroll the CPU division - you need to get back on your feet in the CPU market, it's really your last chance now. Ditch that fab (GlobalFoundries) already and get back to tuning Bulldozer to make sure it will beat Sandy Bridge next year. Ahh and forget Llano unless you already have someone (Dell, HP etc) to pay for it - nobody really gives a crap about the performance of integrated, entry-level graphics cores.

    Nice work with ATI, though - I hope you are getting ready a new architecture for Northern Islands because we need you to keep Nvidia in check! :)

    1. cmaurand

      AMD's been ahead of Intel for years

      Intel's marketing is really, really good, but AMD's selling Quad Cores that are very close in performance to the I5's/i7's which ripped off AMD's designs in order to gain a performance advantage. AMD's dual cores run circles around Core2 duo. AMD's Phenom Quads run rings around Intel's Core2 Quads. AMD should leapfrog the I5's and I 7's this year and they have 6 and 8 core units that will ship this year, too.

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