back to article Sony sets back PS3 motion controller launch

The PlayStation 3’s wand-like motion-sensing controller will hit the UK this autumn, slightly later than originally planned, Sony has confirmed. Sony said it has delayed the motion controller’s launch to ensure that an “extensive” line-up of compatible games are available when the device finally hits the shops. Sony still …


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  1. It'sa Mea... Mario

    Sony and M$ Motion control due in Autumn..

    So end of this Summer would be a great time for Nintendo to release the much rumored Wii HD with a Hard Drive & Hi Def.

  2. Ivor Biggen

    haha nintendo

    the fad is fading

    1. It'sa Mea... Mario

      Yeah that's why..

      M$ and Sony are spending 2 years+ trying to add motion control to thier own consoles?

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