back to article Oz man coughs to DD-jub job advert outrage

The man responsible for the Border Express IT developer job advert outrage handed himself in to police last week, Oz's The Border Mail reports. The ad was posted on Seek on 8 January, and quickly altered to demand some interesting qualifications: The Border Express job ad grabbed from Oz's seek job site With a little help …


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  1. Gulfie

    In memory of Kenny Everett

    What a cupid stunt...

  2. Jonathon Green

    My Hovercraft is full of eels...

    "...he got on the turps one night and it went from there."

    Ah well, at least it was done in the white spirit then :-)



  3. Maverick

    what a hero

    maybe, maybe there is something worthwhile in Human Remains Departments after all?

    or not - as he'd taken the decision to leave?

  4. The Indomitable Gall

    Every day I hate my country more.

    If this happened here, the ex-boss would be howling in indignation about lack of respect and lack of trust. Seems like in Australia, people are allowed to be human. Well fancy that -- human people.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      I was rather under the impression

      that Australians are entirely sub-human...

      1. Slackness
        Thumb Down

        Errrm bollocks to you, MATE !

        Never met one I didn't like, have to say your comment is trite!

        No I am not Aus.

        1. Daniel Wilkie
          Thumb Up

          It would seem

          successful troll is successful.

    2. Paul 4

      Oh good god

      Please please do grow up. Realy. People have a problem with a joke about Australians, but not with "My contry is shit. Look at this crap I made up".

    3. Richard 120

      The sentiments are right

      I wouldn't quite go so far as hate, but apathy is about right.

      I was thinking the exact same thing, what would happen in this country? I just don't think a £300 fine and a letter of apology would happen, people wouldn't laugh it off as a drunken prank, there's the minority (who seem to hold so much sway) who would be incensed and his life would never be the same again, criminal records, sex offenders register (just thinking about it's bad m'kay)

      Sounds to me that in Australia his life's going to go back to normal in a matter of weeks.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    "Border Express's IT manager, Jeff Quinn, said yesterday the company "had accepted the former employee was sorry for his actions and didn't wish to pursue it further".

    Don't wish to pursue it further because they've had a number of suitable candidates apply. Naked interviews start next week.

  6. Ian 54
    Thumb Up


    no, not the planker who did it, the whole Aussie attitude!

    "oops, sorry, I was pissed". "OK, never mind, we understand".

    Compare that to what would happen here "oops sorry, I was pissed". "Constable, add 'using a computer while under the influence of drink or drugs' to the charges of sexism, using offensive language in a pulic, erm, publication, and assaulting a police officer..." "But I haven't assaul OWWWW!" "...and damaging a police table with his head. Sign this". "What is OWWWWW!" "The sex offenders register"

    1. markp 1

      Young Ones FTW

      what do you think you're doing, pig?

  7. ElReg!comments!Pierre


    Also, only in Oz... "nah, it's OK, bloke was pissed off his feet, could have happened to anyone really". Got to love it!


  8. Anonymous Coward

    Nice explaination!

    While there's a lot to dislike about Australians, imagine how much better the world would be if the UK (probably others too) government were this honest and lenient:

    “He was a young bloke who left a little while back, prior to Christmas. He wasn't disgruntled or anything, he just mucked up... he got on the turps one night and it went from there. He fully understands what he has done and he's very remorseful.”

    1. Winkypop Silver badge

      Aaaay mate - fair suck of the sauce bottle

      "While there's a lot to dislike about Australians"

      Go on then, what are they?

      We'd love to know.

      1. markp 1

        for a start

        all the bloody sunshine they get to go out and surf and have barbies in. it's just not fair they way they hog it like that.

  9. Gary F
    Thumb Up

    Imagine if that happened in Britain

    It's nice to see this man's boss didn't take any action against him for posting that advert, or the Australian police didn't arrest him, a government minister didn't get involved, or random members of the public didn't try to sue him for being sexist.

    All of the above would no doubt take place if such a "mistake" was made in Britain.

  10. Anonymous John

    It says "IT Develooper"

    Was that down to him as well?

  11. PaulK
    Paris Hilton

    Not PC.

    This ad contravenes equal opportunities legislation. I am prepared to accept that there may be some miserly Yorkshiremen with sweaty DD moobs, but it is stretching a point...

    Paris, obviously...

  12. Charles Calthrop
    Thumb Up

    He got on the turps one night

    fair play to the boss there. Wish there were more people like that in the Old Country

  13. AJ 1

    At least he misspelt the email address wrong so no one could complain.

    That's all.

  14. Gangsta


    Uhh.. What the hell is a develooper?

    1. Stoneshop

      Needs no explaining, really

      Think of how many for, repeat/until and while constructs show in the average screenful of code.

    2. Lost in a maze of twisty messages, all alike.


      is a random Perl hacker, as eny fule kno. You mean you didn't check ?

  15. Jerome 0


    Man pays $300 to apologise for giving people all over the world a good laugh.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    Not to mention...

    ... that Border Express couldn't have paid for that kind of publicity....

  17. Tom Paine
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    A "develooper" or "dev-looper" is a programmer who is round the twist, mad as a sack of snakes, or a couple of drives short of a RAID shelf. Or, to put it another way, someone who thinks Java is superior to Perl.

    Big thumbs up to the IT manager. Sounds like a good place to work - not that drunken stupidity is tolerated, but that they're not vindictive and petty minded. Good on ya!

  18. Frank Sattler
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    To Jeff Quinn, Border Express's IT manager

    Thank you, Sir. You just restored my faith in humanity.

  19. Anonymous Coward


    The article says he was a former employee, and had "left a while back, prior to Christmas." Yet, the modified posting was made on 8 Jan. Wouldn't that mean that this individual had access to the company's HR system AFTER he left the company? Or am I missing something in the article?

    1. peter 62

      re: time-frame

      obviously he used the shared user & password that their company had set up with seek :P

      this good attitude by border express probably has more to do with their being a regional company than an australian one - there are plenty of uptight PC cretins here in the cities :/

  20. Anonymous Coward

    Would have been OK in Scotland....

    as they have a reputation for being tight.

  21. Juillen 1

    Sanity prevails!

    Good to see they saw the funny side.. And take the right attitude (nobody hurt, so it's all good).. This, in the good ol' days used to be called "Mischief.". And mischief has always been seen as a great way to vent stresses and woes in a harmless way..

    Yet here in the UK, this would probably have been enough to have the bloke locked away and on every database in sight, with a permanent Social Services tail to make sure he follows the party line.

    Come back the days of sanity and mischief!

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Ability to...

    He missed out on the opportunity to add.. .. to take one when bending over.

    Who said Australians are funny, except in the head, it must be wearing those silly hats that does it.

  23. lukewarmdog


    They could also ask that the prospective candidate is able to write Engish properly:

    "Border Express is a one of"

    "the opportunity for to enhance"

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