back to article BOFH-making bug plugged in D-link update

D-Link has plugged a security vulnerability involving protocol handling by some of its wireless routers that creates a potential means for normal users to grab super-user privileges. The network manufacturer issued a firmware update that addresses a recently discovered bug in how its networking devices handle the Home Network …


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  1. Winters


    Cruel Reg, very cruel.

  2. eJ2095


    Just got my coffe ready for BOFH and bugger all

  3. Ben Lambert

    This is not the BOFH you're looking for

    You can go about your business...

    /yes, i am hopeless

  4. Lionel Baden

    *scnieff !!!

    oh dears......

    And i was looking for some really juicy info on D-Links and just got a little blurb.

  5. Michael Habel Silver badge

    Bypassing the CAPTCHA Log-In??

    Can't say I blame them, CAPTCHA is the (ok One of the), most hateful things ever to come out of the interbuttz.

    What the hell was so wrong with just a simple Log-in / Password?

  6. MJI Silver badge

    You are cruel

    I was expecting a story and got this

  7. Louis 5

    Email from ElReg

    Subject line "New results matching your query for articles containing the word(s) "bofh"".

    Get excited at the prospect of the first BOFH of 2010, after 4 hours of meetings today, only to discover you b'stards had tricked me! This is to up your readership I'm guessing... *meh*

  8. Annihilator Silver badge


    Speaking of "BOFH" - is he dead then and not coming back?

  9. OffBeatMammal

    new firmware?

    the newest firmware I could find for the DI-655 is dated 2008 (v1.21) so I'm guessing that doesn't solve the problem :)

    The admin console on Dlink routers - on the whole - sucks... I guess adding a CAPTCHA was just a way to make sure you didn't log in by accident :)

    check out for a much cuter solution to the problem

  10. ElReg!comments!Pierre
    Thumb Down

    Nasty click-grabbing trick

    Why BOFH in the title of this story? That's low, very low. I want my click back.

    OK, I might still have read the story, but who's gonna pay for the "emotional distress"?

  11. Craig 28


    Seconded. It makes things completely hellish for those of us with impaired vision, and don't even claim those audio captias are anything other than the biggest pile of bollocks ever to be invented. If you had to use the audio captias you'd despise them even more than the visual ones, lots of echoing and ghosted voices confusing things with an already unclear synthetic voice. This is from someone who uses synthetic voices every time I turn a computer on, those voices are truly awful. I'll never buy any D-Link kit now after hearing this because I know it will be a pain in the arse to use, if I even can use it at all. Luckily Netgear stuff is quite easy to use for me, no unlabelled graphics either.

  12. DM2

    Gutted... find no BOFH.


  13. Ammaross Danan

    @Michael Habel

    "What the hell was so wrong with just a simple Log-in / Password?"

    Because a login and password is far too easy to automate. Heck, even some attempts at CAPTCHAs are far too easy to automate... I have written one that is about 98% effective. Granted that is just against a noisey number string....

  14. Mr Ian
    Dead Vulture

    You bastards

    You're dead to me, you hear??

  15. Michael Habel Silver badge

    @Ammaross Danan

    So who exactly benefits form this?

    If it's for Enterprise I'd have thought this a bad joke but, then I can't really attest to hacking into any external Networks, for fun nor profit either.

    So it maybe that it has a value there.

    Is this for the "Home" Luser (i.e. me?), Then;

    1) Create a strong Password with lots of values form the a-z A-Z 0-9, like you read so much about on the Net these days.

    2) Who the hell would want to hack into my Wi-Fi? and even if they were to have gotten my Logon creds, they'd still need to also have a pre-registered MAC ADDRESS + the 63-bit WPA-AES Key as well

    I flippen hate Captcha's and in any case I've been most happy with my Fritz box 7170!!

  16. Anonymous Coward


    That was a mean trick.

  17. alex cee

    Only german?

    Why is this only in German? what about the rest of the world?!?

    does this mean that only the Germans get a fix!?!

    I wouldn't care that much but I own one of the affected routers! and I live in england not germany!

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