back to article Apple and Microsoft plot iPhone Google slap

Onetime mortal enemies Apple and Microsoft are in talks over the possibility of Redmond's Bing replacing Google as the default search engine on the iPhone, according to a report citing two people familiar with the matter. Anonymous sources speaking with Business Week say the two tech giants - so long at odds in the operating …


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  1. LaeMing

    Since when?!

    Since when were MS and Apple mortal enemies? Market competitors, yes, but MS has too many fingers in the Apple pie for anything beyond PR-based animosity from either side. Keep it real people!

  2. Phillip Webster


    But I suspect it means little more than having the option "Bing" in the Safari default search options.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    All three of them can get to fuckery

  4. Grumpytom
    Jobs Halo

    And then

    Apple just might do it's own search engine - hasn't it got a $1bn server centre being built?

    Why boot out google then hug a mugger?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      the data centre

      That new pricey data centre is for running a backup copy of His Steveness. They scan him weekly, and are taking no chances. It has all gone a bit Permutation City.

      1. Lost in a maze of twisty messages, all alike.

        Permutations of Billness

        But what's his slowdown factor - will we ever know he's in there ?

    2. Charles Manning

      re: And then

      How much of a search centre do you get for $1bn? It makes no sense to be a bit-player in search. You're either number one or nothing. As a search user it makes no sense to have to hit 3 small search engines to get all the results when you can just hit Google.

      Sure, if Apple had a search centre they'd be able to do searches for the locked in iphone fans, but how long before they start screaming?

      The centre is more likely for itunes which generates healthy profits.

  5. Ammaross Danan


    "But I suspect it means little more than having the option "Bing" in the Safari default search options."

    Perhaps not. You can see the contract mentioned with Verizon to allow ONLY Bing as a search provider in their browser. Perhaps the iVault-of-a-Phone will lock down their Safari searches in a similarly exclusive deal for the right price....

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Wouldn't that be..

      ..cutting off your arse to spite your elbows?

      I can see a lot of bad press resulting from using Unle Fester's Charmless Search Engine. People are used to not only having their usual search engine, but some like to be able to add others, to allow instant custom searches of other stuff (wikipedia, ebay, whatevah). A default, maybe.. sole option.. not on your nelly.

    2. Dana W
      Thumb Down

      No way.

      They lock me into Bing, and "I" will dump my iPhone for an Android. I expect a lot of people feel the same.

      No quarter with Microsoft, now or ever.

  6. Si 1

    What about other Google services?

    Apple had better get working on replacements for Maps and YouTube too then. Apple can't really afford to lose those apps as I personally use them all the time. I'd be unhappy leaving all my games and apps behind just to get those two back on a Googlephone, but it might have to come to that.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Yep, Apple's entire business model will totally crumble

      if they break two apps that it gives away for free. Well spotted.

  7. Eddy Ito

    ... slinging monkeys

    Who cares, folks click search, a box appears, they type shit in, it gets slung to an engine and back pops shit for results. On a tiny phone screen, the best goobing can hope for is a faded name in the background that disappears under the typed shit. They best they can hope for is the user gives a shit when it's thrown their way.

  8. Angus 2

    An Apple search engine?

    Be interesting to see how they manage that considering their famous control freakery. Could this mean a return to subject directories?

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not exactly world-shattering stuff, this

    although I suppose it does go to show that if you minimise the Microsoft branding, even El Jobso can be persuaded to sup at the watering hole

  10. Anonymous Coward

    ... correct me if I'm wrong ...

    ... but isn't it the silly fanboi's of each OS who are mortal enemies, as opposed to the two companies?

    Yes, they certainly joke and jibe each other publicly, but they have had a long history of collaboration over the decades.

    Anyway, if they had to compete on silly search engine names, microsoft wins hands down. Bing - sounds like something Ally G would mispronounce ...

  11. tempemeaty
    Paris Hilton


    Just because a software giant made it doesn't mean it works. Bing couldn't find it's own bum if it had a lazer pointer. I know. I've tried it. Why the heck do they think Microsoft is trying to buy Yahoo's search algorithms...which unfortunately is similarly ineffective IMHO.

    This choice by Apple is so bad it had me laughing out loud for real the moment I found out. I'm still laughing as I type this. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....!

    btw there is another search engine called "Start Search" Amazingly it works. Maybe they should look into that first?

    Yes Paris Hilton. She obviously runs Apple now. *(^o^)*

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    Oh ffs

    I didn't spend the best part of two grand getting all set up with Apple, mostly out of disgust and irritation with Microsoft products, to have feckin Microsoft products forced back upon me (even if it is only their wannabe search engine).

    And no, I don't hate Windows users.

    A certain degree of pity perhaps...

    1. Morpho Devilpepper

      And whose fault is this...??

      Guess you may have to shovel a smidgen of blame toward His Jobbiness for his vindictive spite. Unless you'd rather persist in the delusion that this is all Bill Gates' fault....

    2. KenBW2

      Surely the problem started

      when you entered into the company that gives you the least choice of services

  13. uhuznaa

    Who cares?

    I mean, really. Bing isn't that bad (there, I said it) and if you really *need* Google on the iPhone there are ways to get to it. And it's very clear that Apple and Google are not going to be good friends for quite a while.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Down


      Do you own a site? If yes, there is quite a high chance that you would develop a healthy disrespect for bing.

      Need I remind you that it is about the server admins, not about the users. If half of the server admins hate bing, it won't get far.

      There was a story yesterday here on Reg, and I can confirm similar behavior on my site.

  14. Morpho Devilpepper
    Thumb Up


    Certainly not something that would've happened unless it were made absolutely necessary. As far as likelihood goes, reminds me of when Hitler teamed up with the Legion of Doom to assassinate Jesus. Oh, wait...that was a political ploy.

  15. Charles Manning

    One time enemies?

    One time bum-buddies too remember. Did anyone forget Jobs thanking Bill to the scorn of fanbois?

    Oh well, if Apple really want to plug their iphone into a lower quality search system that's their business.

  16. Sarah Davis

    search smirch

    if they leave google as an option users will switch to it. If they take the option for google away altogether then people will just 'jailbeak' their phones. Bing just isn't that great, and Apple aren't that stupid. As for Apple and MS being enemies, didn't MS buy into Apple a few years ago to stop them going under or something, (if only to stop MS becoming a monopoly and being forcefullt split up).

    Frankly if Android phones hit the mark then Apple has no-one but itself to blame for any market loss - i'd take Android over Apple or MS any day, and be quids in

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Bing or Google, I don't mind which I use.

    I've been using both lately (on the PC), and getting similar answers from each. Both are "good".

    Politics aside, it really doesn't matter anymore.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh no!!

    The fanbois don't know which way to urn on this one!

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Catch 22

      Dear Daily Mail readers - did you know immigrants kill paedophiles?

  19. Adam T


    Has everyone forgotten how to use an address bar?

    Here's a tip:

    Lazy arses.

    1. bygjohn


      While I would be somewhat less than pleased to find the search box in mobile Safari locked to Bing, a simple bookmark or launch icon for Google would pretty much solve the problem, though not quite as convenient.

      Attempting to force people to use someone else's choice of search really doesn't work: I use a Yahoo account occasionally (some friends on Y! IM), but I don't use their mobile site because it wants to switch my search engine to Yahoo *EVERY TIME I VISIT IT*. Epic Fail.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh dear...

    Bing goes the iPhone.

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