back to article Man Utd imposes social networking ban

Manchester United has banned its players from using social networking websites. In a statement, the football club claimed none of its stars had ever used sites such as Twitter or Facebook and that all player news was communicated via its official website, The club wishes to make it clear that no Manchester United …


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    1. Steve Evans


      The idea of Wayne Rooney dragging his knuckles across the keyboard is just too funny for words!

  2. Ian Ferguson
    Paris Hilton

    Only 150% committed?


  3. Ben Raynes

    It's only a matter of time...

    ... before they're TweetBook(tm)-ing and MyFace-ing from the pitch, during the game!

    @RyanGiggs - bollox. didnt mean to sky that one. need to run to help right-back now.

  4. nobby

    now we just need

    all other organisations to apply this rule and we can finally get rid of those fluffing wastes of time.

    i'm talking about social networking sites not footballers.

  5. Juan Inamillion

    Does anyone...

    ...really give a toss what those retards do?

    1. TomP

      You clearly do...

      ... as you not only clicked on this story but then proceeded to take time to comment on it.

      It amazes me how any Reg article that has anything to do with football has loads of comments from people saying how little they care about it. Tip - if you hate football/footballers don't click on stories that are clearly about football/footballers.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        But it's so much fun...

        ...watching all you arm-chair athletes take the bait.

        Try watching a real sport. Like Wrestling.

      2. This post has been deleted by its author

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Makes sense...

    ...I wouldn't trust a footballer to sit on the toilet the right way round, let alone NOT get himself and his club into shit for spouting something dumb on Twatter of Arsebook.

    Can MPs and Film starts also be banned in an effort to stop this c*nt-tree turning into the living, breathing edition of Heat Magazine that is becoming so quickly?

    1. Luther Blissett

      What's the story then?

      Indeed, neither can ManU management. This is not of course about footballers being Web 2.0 savvy where the boardroom fogeys are not, but about ManU probably being bankrupt (a technical matter of course - much like whether you wish to apply Basel I, Basel II, or the mooted Basel III accounting conventions to banks).

    2. h 6


      You mean there's a right way to sit on a toilet?

  7. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    So how long before.

    This is standard in all employment contracts?

    Stop people writing blogs, stop any letters to the local rag about the council's plans.

    The only news you would get would be from officially sanctioned journalists.

    1. sitruc

      Already here for some.

      I've worked as a contractor and directly with the government in positions where membership to social sites has been heavily discouraged and sometimes not allowed. I've seen it with some levels of sports(high school and college) as well. Most professional sports in the US already have strict regulations on when twitter can be used(only after press conferences) and some content displayed on social networking sites.

  8. John Savard Silver badge

    Parliament Should Respond

    Parliament should take note of this, and go into emergency session to protect the rights of the British working man by passing new laws which forbid employers from interfering in the on-line activities of their employees - with exemptions for M. I. 5, M. I. 6, the Communications Research Establishment, and so on, but not for a mere rugby team.

    Clearly, this would not have arisen if there weren't a market failure going on, and so legislation is clearly also needed to ensure that the player's labor union, and not the league or the team owners, is in the driver's seat. After all, Britain has a Labor government now; it's not as if Margaret Thatcher is still running things!

  9. J 3
    Paris Hilton

    Sounds wrong

    How on Earth is an employer allowed to determine what the employees can and cannot do out of job-related activities? If they had determined that the players were not allowed to talk about professional stuff, then that would be more acceptable. But if the bloke wants to "twitter" about his petunia growing hobby or "facebook" with his cat mates, who the hell has anything to do with it?

    They should be allowed to friend Paris on Facebook.

  10. JaitcH

    Why not use their wives/girlfriends names?

    Another stupid rule imposed with no aforethought.

    The idiot who dreamed this one up should become a Labour MP - he has the brains.

    P.S. Did you know Manchester United is the official football team of VietNam - I have a set of glasses that says so. I also have a packet of Google toilet paper - wonderful country! (VietNam, that is)

  11. Anonymous Coward

    I wonder ...

    What they were twittering about last night?

    2-1, 2-1, 2-1,2-1 (endlessly to the tune of Amazing Grace )

  12. Mr Larrington

    And while we're at it...

    "Stop people writing blogs, stop any letters to the local rag about the council's plans."

    And bring an immediate halt to the heinous practice of commenting on El Reg during the hours of daylight?

    We're I a Mank. Utd. foopballer, I should take great pleasure in telling The Mgt where to stick its pettifoggery.

  13. Melanie Winiger
    Paris Hilton

    Mr Rooney = Mr IT :-)

    FAO Steve Evans

    Wayne Rooney is or was quite au-fait with IT, he used to appear on the Everton Fans Message Boards.

    It's a small world out there - everyone knows everyone.

    Paris - because she doesn't know Wayne.

    Not yet

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