back to article IBM bakes Lotus Notes for Android

IBM isn't forgetting about Google's mobile OS after squeezing Lotus Notes onto the iPhone and the BlackBerry. Big Blue has said that an Android-based app for Lotus Notes is now in the works. Deadline: before Microsoft makes its own Android-based app for Exchange. Lotus Notes Traveler Companion, IBM's first application for the …


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  1. I'm Brian and so's my wife
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    Notes is...

    ... shockingly, shockingly bad whatever the platform

    Baking a turd does not a cake make.

    Continuing to bake it will not yield any results either.

  2. sumisu

    Next Step

    Awesome - maybe after inflicting Notes on phones, IBM will figure out how to put the Notes client in a large, spiky suppository and slam it up their users' a**holes.

  3. Sean Hunter

    What "Notes" needs...

    is staking, not baking. It's like a vampire that just won't die no matter what you do.

    Once it's in an organisation it's practically impossible to get rid of because to get it working you have to hire a cadre of Notes people who then hold all your email hostage and claim that any problems are down to either user error, or misconfiguration by the previous bunch of clowns.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Notes - but a slimmer version

    Notes support Apps - and as we know, that isn't allowed on the iPhone and I can't see what benefit the app will provide if it doesn't support any Notes apps... not sure how it can differentiate between the email app and other apps. Being able to replicate the address book might be useful...

    So Notes on Andriod is likely to be difference to Notes on iPhone; if anything, it will be bloated and slow.

    Of course, as someone else pointed out, the Notes client is so bad (Currently using Notes 8.5)that there is nothing here to write home about.

    Sametime, on the other hand, might be worth porting if they can sort out a push solution...

  5. Anonymous Coward
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    Can we run the android version on the desktop

    Because if it has to be able to run on a phone then maybe, just maybe, it'll be light enough for my Core 2 based laptop to run it at a decent speed, unlike the eclipse-based monstrosity they call the full thing.

    For something that is used as an email application 99% of the time, it sure does suck at at being an email application.

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