back to article LG releases Android smartphone

LG is now officially part of the Android smartphone clan, today launching its first phone based on the Google OS. LG_TouchMax_01 LG's In TouchMax GW620: runs Android and is available now The In TouchMax GW620 will bring “apps to the masses”, LG promised, by allowing users to connect to Android Market, Google’s version of …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Out of stock and 30p per day for Internet access. For a phone which extols 2.0 you're looking at an extra tenner a month...

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Not really interested in Android..

    ..until you can tether properly without having to jailbreak it. Yes, I know about PDANet, but that's not proper tethering, and not really a lot of help when tethering any of the linux-based machines that I might want to tether, or other exotic embedded thingies.

    It's weak that Google pulled the tethering apps from the app store at the behest of T-Mobile, screwing it up for everyone everywhere. Until they fix this, screw 'em.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      My HTC Android on Orange does wired tethering straight out of the box, you only need to root it if you want to do wireless tethering (although I can see the utility of this, it does seem a great way to flatten the battery in a hurry).

  3. Obvious Robert

    Actually looks like a nice design

    Keyboard looks much better than Motorola's Droid and Cliq/Dext efforts. Never had an LG phone though so no idea what their build quality is like. Any word on whether it has wireless, GPS, accelerometer, capacitive or resistive touchscreen etc?

    1. Obvious Robert

      According to gsmarena...

      It does have wireless and accelerometer, but it's A-GPS and a resistive screen, so more the budget end of Android then. Now if only the someone would produce a phone with the capabilities of the Nexus One or Droid with a keyboard like this... sigh...

  4. Shingo Tamai
    Thumb Down

    No SW upgrades

    I foresee 90% of probability that this will never get a firmware upgrade.

    LG never cares about fixing anything in their mobiles.

    1. Danny 14

      so root it then

      There is an active scene rooting the GW620 already.

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