back to article Windows 7 users to fly without SP parachute

Windows 7 is shaping up to become the first version of Windows that will see widespread deployment before the customary reassurances of a first service pack. According to a new survey, more than half of all Microsoft shops have decided to move to Windows 7 - either because they think the new OS is already stable enough for the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    They are just deploying Vista SP1

    Stop all this FUD!

    1. Anonymous Hero

      @No - Yawn....

      Where's the FUD? Really !?

      How about contributing something useful than the usual and now tiresome "ZOMG ! Windows 7 teh Vista SP!!!!11!!" monkey spunk?

    2. The Original Ash


      I don't think that word means what you think it means.




      None of those are in the story.

    3. Adam Salisbury


      Surely you mean "They're just deployinng Vista SP3"?

      1. Tom 13

        No, Windows 7 really is Vista SP1.

        Those things MS labeled "sp" weren't real service packs, they were marketing gimmicks to polish the turd.

    4. Test Man

      Re: No → #

      No, YOU stop this FUD with your childish "Vista SP1" comment (which is inaccurate as there is already a SP1 for Vista anyway).

  2. The Original Steve

    Makes me laugh...

    I was a big supporter of Vista based on spending hours or research into the changes under-the-hood. Security, performance on mid-range new hardware (at RTM), management etc. All huge boosts. Major rewrite of a huge number of core components compared to XP.

    Yet Vista was, and is still slated.

    The changes to Windows 7 are very, very minor in comparision.

    It's like taking a Porche 911 turbo, and then saying I have a new 911 turbo GT3.

    No new engineering - not really. Minor tweaks, cosmetic changes, and LOTS OF MARKETING.

    Any "analyst" stating that Vista was shite yet 7 is the best thing since sliced bread is talking total bollocks. Same beating heart, just some (nice) additional management tools, new Windows PE and a facelift.

    For the record I'm using 7 now - and it's a fine platform. Just not very different at all to Vista....

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      The Same heart

      7 may still have the heart of Vista, but it's been on a resources diet and is a lot fitter in the display/GUI speed department, perhaps it's plastic surgery to make it a prettier face.

      But it is better than Vista on much "run of the mill" equipment.

      On a related note, have you noticed the number of laptop suppliers that have switched back to having only 1Gig of ram with windows 7 ?

    2. Andy ORourke
      Thumb Up

      I agree

      I mean Vista wasn't perfect (I personally dont believe there is a 'Perfect' OS) but I upgraded without a hitch and never so much as experienced a crash, BSOD or any of the horror stories you hear about on forums, maybe I was lucky or maybe people didn't really want to move to vista, spent 5 minutes looking at it on an underpowered laptop (worst marketing decision EVER!) in PC world and decided that it's shite so all the rumours about poor performance etc must be true and then added to the posts about how shite Vista was.

      I moved to 7, no problems, no hassle, pretty much the same as Vista but a little quicker. For the record, this is on a home PC of 4 or 5 years old, single core, couple Gig's of DDR2 and a 1 gig graphics card, slightly lower spec than my works laptop which is running XP but not noticeably faster

    3. Seanie Ryan

      no, makes ME laugh

      a GT3 is the same as a normal 911 with only " Minor tweaks, cosmetic changes" ????? Kid, slap yourself around for a bit will you?

      Vista was and is slated simply because it is utter crap. Good intentions, badly implemented.

      Win7 is really just a SP for Vista.... Same beating heart only this time it not arrhythmia...

    4. DrXym Silver badge

      Au contraire

      I think everyone can agree that Windows 7 is an incremental update. It is to Vista what XP was to Windows 2000. It has been polished and extended but it's not the kind of ground-up rebuild that Vista was over XP. However that update HAS turned what was an iffy proposition into a usable operating system.

      I used Vista myself and there was much to admire, but it did have some rough edges. It was bloated, fairly slow, suffered from its more stringent security measures, had known network file performance issues, and introduced too many new concepts that came with their own baggage.

      Windows 7 isn't fundamentally different but it feels more refined and slicker. I've run W7 from release day and I can't say I've hit any issues at all. Both my desktop and laptop configs feel more responsive and reliable.

      I'm a home user of course and I don't have a network full of machines to worry about. Perhaps if I did I might have another opinion, but so far Windows 7 has been well worth the upgrade for me.

    5. It wasnt me

      @The Original Steve

      Thanks. Youve just talked me out of windows 7. I thought with all the hype that it would be better than Vista. However if its just the same as a fully patched and up to date version of Vista then it will be an inexcusably shit pile of stinking turd.

      How the fuck can a 2007 dual core 2.6 GHz laptop with 3 gig of ram be soooooo much slower than a sony vaio from 2002 running XP.

      Wankers. It even has a "designed for Vista" sticker on it. Still, thats DELL and MS not getting a penny from me again.

      Note to MS. You OS doesnt need cosmetic changes. It needs binning. Or burning.

      Ahhhhhhh. I feel better now.

    6. Mark Broadhurst

      I couldnt agree more...

      Vista is not as bad as people make out, sure it was locked down tight out of the box and a bit of a pain to unlock but once you configure it how you like it its fine enough.

      Windows 7 takes that adds more polish and defaults to what most people want out of an OS

    7. Nigel 11

      Vista was shite

      Vista was shite. I won't repeat my reasons for saying that. But to re-deploy your car analogy, a car can be complete shite even if the engine under the bonnet is a good one. That may apply to Vista, if the engine (kernel) of Windows 7 is substantially the same. Microsoft have done a substantial re-design on the bodywork, and they've tuned the engine a lot better. They've now arrived at a package that won't cause every purchaser to tell his friends that it was a big mistake and he should have bought an Apple.

      I'd still have preferred it if they'd kept the older model's bodywork, just replaced the engine and incrementally improved the other details. But as with cars, maybe that wasn't possible. As for Vista, I think even Microsoft would now prefer to relegate it to the history books as fast as possible. Even if it's true that Windows 7 is Vista SP2 (in much the same way as XP is NT SP 12 or thereabouts).

    8. Ken Hagan Gold badge

      Re: Makes me laugh

      Hours of research, eh? That would mean you installed it literally once, then.

      I, by contrast, have installed and used XP, Vista and Seven a "large handful" of times, generally on the same hardware (or VMs) which gives me the chance to compare "like for like" performance.

      Win7 is not noticeably slower than XP, but it certainly isn't faster. Vista is truly, hair-tearing-out SLOW. It is also about 50% larger than its successor.

      (2000, by contrast, positively *flies* and if you want to be truly depressed about where operating systems have gone in the last ten years I suggest you either install 2K in a VM or hunt around for someone who has done so and made it available as a downloadable appliance. You'll be shocked at how fast your computer can run.)

      You're right to say that Seven has the same heart. (Sadly it also has the same face, including the "invisible-but-still-functional" window adornments. What cretin came up with the idea of *invisible* UI? I mean, really, WHAT THE FUCK is the point of that?) However, you are quite wrong to suggest that Vista's pounding in the press is not justified. It was a truly horrendous implementation and Seven is rightly described as "what Vista should have been". MS should be ashamed of themselves for not offering Seven as a free upgrade to all those customers who were fobbed off with the crawling horror that was Vista.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Yeah, well MY experience...

        All this experience measuring is getting a bit old, people. Vista was crap because MS decided to put a lot of stupid and unnecessary "features" into the OS. 7 is better because they took them out again. Experience has crap-all to do with it.

        For comparison, in the past I've had absolutely no problems with an old Lancia Beta. That doesn't mean the car was good, just that I personally felt no problems with it despite the fact that it rusted to buggery overnight and fell apart in a few months.

    9. Lionel Baden

      Yeah could say that

      Or in my world How about a Citroen 2CV 402cc getting upgraded to 602cc

      Yes there is a bloody big difference for just a small change !!!!!

      So im afraid your not quite right in you metaphor i understand it but state your wrong.

      I could never run vista on my PC at home it is too slow but for some reason 7 seems to breeze along without problem.

      Road sign seemed appropriate :)

    10. James Fox


      The only way your Porsche analogy would stand up is if Windows 7 didn't actually exist. I think you mean GT2 as the GT3 is normally aspirated and so not related to the Turbo at all.

      God, I love the smell of pedantry in the morning.

    11. Piro Silver badge

      Everyone knows this

      So don't state the obvious. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is what's required to bring people back.

    12. Eponymous Cowherd
      Thumb Down

      Not bollocks

      Vista *was* pretty dire and Windows 7 *is* a big improvement.

      The point is that the improvements in 7 aren't new features, they are largely the sort of things (bug fixes, performance tweaks and minor improvements) that usually go into service packs.

      Windows 7 is largely Vista with the bang-your-head-repeatedly-on-desk feature removed.

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  5. Neoc

    Vista, 7 - same piece of crap.

    I have several PCs and servers at home (I like to tinker) and only *one* of these uses Vista. The others run either XP or a flavour of Linux. And I dislike Vista with a vengeance.

    One reason? I regularly move large files around the network. I recently did a test using three PCs: A (using XP) and B (using Vista - it came pre-installed) would both be sending the same set of files (not at the same time, to avoid network collision) to C (using Linux).

    In every case, the Vista PC took 3 to 4 times longer to transfer the files. Since C was running Ubuntu Linux, I tried it on D which ran XP. Same kind of numbers. And to make matters worse, there were a couple of times when Vista stopped the file transfer because it had supposedly "lost contact" with the target PC. Never mind that the transfers could be re-started almost immediately without any problems.

    I dislike Vista, and as soon as I have time to arrange it, it will be gone from my network.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Try this

      I hear you man....I recently discovered that moving \ copying \ deleting lots (and I mean LOTS) of small files happens quite a bit quicker if you do the procedure in powershell as opposed to the GUI. I'm talking the difference between it taking 1h 34 mins in the GUI and it taking 15 minutes when done in powershell.

      Why is this?

      It's because Vista is a load of fucking bollocks, that's why.

      Inconsistent, unreliable crap.

      I'm not sure if W7 suffers from such issues.

      Also, a service pack is just a rollup of updates and there's been plenty of those. So I don't know what statement they think they're making with this.

    2. DrXym Silver badge

      Not the same piece of crap

      Network file transfer issues are well documented in Vista and fixed in Windows 7. If you need to transfer files around in Vista you may be better off scp'ing them, especially if you have Linux.

      1. JEDIDIAH


        The whole point of running something like Windows is to avoid scp. There are versions of Windows from the dawn of time that support network filesystems. They idea that you need to pull out a terminal or ftp app is quaint to say the least.

        OTOH, Ubuntu can make an scp connection look just like an SMB or NFS one.

  6. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

    @The Original Steve

    Don't compare Windows to a Porsche. Comparing Vista to anything fast is ridiculous, I must agree the changes they made sounded good on paper but the result was awful. I give Microsoft credit for taking the bloated sack that was Vista and speeding things up for 7, the changes were indeed minor but they changed what they had to to speed it up. I still will never use it (I've been all-Linux for years) but have to give credit where it's due.

  7. Doug 3

    lowered the bar with Vista sooooo

    Windows 7 looks like a superstar. When was the last time you saw a comparison between Windows 7 and Windows XP? Even the press doesn't talk about XP much when they talk about Windows 7 and there's a good reason. It's just a little bit better than XP and miles better than Vista.

    No wonder some aren't waiting for service pack, they already waited over 7 years for something better from Microsoft and they got one small step in that direction. wow, cheers to them for playing that game.

  8. Ty
    Jobs Halo

    Umm hello???

    That's because it IS the Service Pack. Doh.

    Are there still people out there who don't realise that W7 is just Vista with the crud taken out?


  9. Jarrad

    Win7 = Vista Xp3

    No wonder it's polished and finally usable - it's SP3 for crying out loud! Does anyone at MS actually deny that? The Vista buyers got doubled fk'd - they bought crap Vista, and got tricked into buying the latest SP, as well.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Windows 95 rules!

      Yeah and it's Win95 SP-something or other!

      For crying out loud! Every O/S is an improvement on it's previous incarnations. Windows 7 is based on Windows v1.0 for flips sake, if you're really going to be pedantic!

      Can we all please just move on? Eh?

      ( Me, I dropped MS and defected to the Church of Smugs, I mean Jobs! )

  10. Anonymous 16

    The day MacOS is adopted

    in the corporate world, Pigs might fly too!!!

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The last two companies I've worked for were solid on Windows XP SP2. Luckily I had rights on my own laptop to upgrade to SP3 and was able to get away from all the blue screens, contrary to policy. I've been able able to use IE7 without incident. I'm almost ready to try IE8. Incredibly, both companies have requirements to use Internet Explorer, because some applications demand ActiveX. Apparently management doesn't read the news, except to see where the stock price is. How stupid they are?! The tech staff don't give a damn about news, or information, or apparently knowledge, unless management tells them to. Why should they give a damn? We underlings get paid to do what we're told and to get tasks done, not to tell other people what (or if) they should think. That's what management is for. Incompetent management surrounds us.

    Where's an icon of me frying burgers on the beach for a living?

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  14. Wibble
    Thumb Down

    What's that smell...?

    You mean that 43% OF THE 42%, eg 20%, are going to deploy Vista II before VIISP1?

    I hope for Microsoft's sake that they're going to get that number of businesses in the first half of 2010.

    The trouble is that in 9 out of 10 surveys people make things up, both the respondents and the analysts. They very rarely talk to the people who will make the upgrade decision.

    As for that utter rubbish about a 9 year old OS being a problem... Are you a Microsoft marketing department shill? There's nothing wrong with driving a 10 year old car, and there's little wrong with running an older operating system where the costs are all sunk. If Microsoft are that sure that companies will get savings if they pay Microsoft et al heaps of cash, then why don't they do some kind of leasing deal tied to savings.

    Could we have a festering turd icon please.

  15. Maverick

    currant <sic> martket share

    "IDC said last week that Apple scored eight per cent of the market for all PCs shipped in 2009, up from 7.9 per cent."

    they _really_ are making massive inroads huh? that 0.1% wow

    </sarcasm mode>

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Win 2000 dying

    Isn't it actually just down to the fact that a lot of companies never did the jump from 2000 to Vista because by the time they started planning things the shit had hit the fan over Vista so they just didn't do the move.

    Now their hardware is starting to fall apart and new hardware doesn't come with W2K drivers so they are left with no choice

  17. Jelliphiish


    I foresee my workplace sticking with Win 2K. licensing? they've heard of it..

  18. James 132
    Jobs Halo

    @The Original Steve

    Quite agree. The curves of hardware and OS development have crossed since Vista was launched. Hardware is better placed to handle the OS now compared to 2006, and Vista's been to the gym a bit too. I think Win 7 is great but there's little between it and SP'd Vista.

  19. Linbox

    Win7 = Vista SP2

    What's not to know about this?

  20. Anonymous Coward

    Win7 = Vista SP2

    It's all nonsense. Vista was a major rewrite just like NT4, lots of things broke and people didn't like it. It was a technically better platform than XP but people wouldn't migrate because it was hard.

    Win7 is like Win2K, it's but a cosmetic fix on it's predecessor, with enough time for hardware and software to catch up. Of course people will migrate to it, XP is a dinosaur and compared with Linux or Mac looks positively antique.

    If you are a Windows addict you have to move to the next fix, eventually, someday it won't hurt and someday Windows will work properly, someday....

    Me, I ditched WIndows a long time ago, and have been a happy Penguin ever since. Even my XP using family and friends are migrating to Linux now - but that's another story.

  21. Jason Bloomberg

    High Fives

    Microsoft must be congratulating themselves heartily on pulling the wool over people's eyes and convincing them Windows 7 is something new, a must have.

    But given so many held back from upgrading to Vista and were becoming increasingly desperate to have something better than XP ( as everyone knows Microsoft has had its coffin ready for quite some time ) it's not really surprising they have latched on to a 'finally fixed Vista' albeit in a new guise.

    The real story isn't about the success of Windows 7, it remains the failure of Vista. Who'd have thought Microsoft would spin it any other way though.

  22. The Original Ash
    IT Angle

    A great quote

    "... his company hadn't seen this level of interest in a new release of Windows during the last decade."

    So, since Windows 2000 was released? xp was a nightmare on release, Vista was worse.

    Is that meant to be insightful?

  23. Psymon

    I am suprised at el reg

    Yes, you should all know, just as we do that 7 is actually Vista SP3 with a new explorer shell, so of course there's no point waiting for another SP.

    Vista was a mangled mess when it first arrived. Admitedly, it was a massive re-write from the core up, fixing most of the legacy issues in audio, graphics and driver architecture, but a mangled mess, nonetheless.

    As a sysadmin I've been champing at the bit to shrug off XP. Yes, it was pretty damn good in its' heyday, but the worlds moved on.

    We finally have a complete HAL, so I no longer have to build OS images for each HW build we deploy, simply add the drivers to the SCCM database, and it installs them automatically. Printer deployment is a peice of p*ss, group policy management has fully matured, ACL and AD integration allows for infinately more secure networking, and bitlocker finally means we can kick out that black-hole of manhours turdspurt BeCrypt.

    Most users on my network won't notice a great many direct "benefits", and I know some will even question the move (though not to my face). What they will notice, is that I won't be spending anywhere near as much time stooped over their terminal, scratching my head.

  24. Tom 15

    Two important things...

    Windows 7, as far as I'm aware, fixes two of the most crippling things that Vista had.

    The DRM checks on file transfer meant that file transfers were effectively crippled; I've heard it's still not perfect in 7 but I can't really complain at the 100MB/sec I'm transferring over Gigabit Ethernet.

    The Graphics Manager was only single threaded so basically if any display task hung your whole system hung until it was resolved. This meant you could have the world's best CPU, GPU, etc and your system would still regularly hang for a second or two.

    Fixing these two issues makes 7 usable.

  25. Colin Shaw

    Actually it's Vista SP3..., there's no need to wait for another service pack. And no, Vista wasn't that bad anyway, at least after SP2.

  26. TeeCee Gold badge

    That's an interesting "if" in there.

    "...if they were to switch to a non-Windows platform...."

    So when asked to consider the possibility of making a switch, those that would consider the Mac a candidate if they were to take the plunge have gone up from 27 to 32%. Since we're talking about going non-Windows, which is/are the non-Windows desktop OS(s) that have had 5% of their potential takeup go all wobbly on them?

    Likewise, of the Windows shops polled what percentage were actively evaluating this option (i.e. what percentage of the total does the Mac stand a chance of picking up 32% of)?

  27. Stephen Round

    Window 7 Enterprise 64-bit

    I'm testing window 7 enterprise 64-bit and have come across all sorts of bugs, from logon scripts not mapping drives, wallpaper not being set, to the real show stopper, no DHCP leases being aquired.

    Microsoft really need to fix these issues quickly.

    1. JaitcH

      Not a review but very useful

      I just picked up a copy of Windows 7/32 Ultimate for a $1 in Bangkok, as well as a copy of Windows 7/64 ($1.50) so I will go ahead with a 32 install on my laptop and wait for SP1 for the 64-bit version.

      I never buy straight copies for just released software as it always seems that MS, and others, are on cash raising more than releasing solid software.

      Even bought a genuine copy of XP earlier this year (for a netbook in the car) and even then it spent hours updating itself.

  28. Stephen Round
    Thumb Down


    Lots of bugs still in windows 7. I'm testing the enterpise 64-bit edition at the moment and so far the list of bugs is growing:

    logon scripts not mapping network drives

    wallpaper not setting correcly

    Not accepting DHCP leases (major issue)

    I will not be recommending WIndows 7 at work just yet.

  29. Joe K
    Thumb Up

    Not mentioned......

    Missing was the main reason why no-one wanted Vista, because of its hardware requirements.

    Having a business upgrade all its desktops to run a slightly improved OS is insanity, and i hope MS learned its lesson.

    Still dunno how they did it, but Win7 certainly runs better than Vista on 1gb ram, sub 2ghz machines.

  30. Baldychap

    The version numbers say it all really...

    Vista - 6.0

    Windows '7' - 6.1

    1. Studley

      No they don't

      Windows 2000 - 5.0

      Windows XP - 5.1

      What's your point exactly?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Yes they do

        XP was just 2000 with a coat of duplo paint.... (Which made it slower)

      2. RichyS
        Gates Horns


        Wasn't XP version 5.5? Which makes XP 0.4 better than Win 7 compared to the previous version!

        Anyway, the point is, whatever the marketing monkeys tell us, the IT people know that this isn't a major new OS release. It's the service pack (a bloody big one, but a service pack, nonetheless) to Vista. The service pack we've all been waiting for that makes Vista half useable.

  31. My Alter Ego

    Left out another reason.

    Try buying a business PC and you'll find it's increasingly harder to get one with the XP Pro upgrade ^HHHHHH downgrade option. So you've got a choice of either Vista or Windows 7. Which do you think people will opt for given that choice.

    Personally, I think the reason people believe Windows 7 is the dogs bollox and Vista is a steaming turd is because the two are so similar on a technical level. All the end user will be comparing is the performance of Vista & Windows 7 from when they were released. It's because Windows 7 has fixed the myriad of bugs in Vista that makes it feel like a brand new stable OS, even though the techies know it's not.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      okay this has finally bugged me enough to ask

      Why are comments on these pages always littered with ^HHHHHH or ^H^H^H^H^H or variations thereof?

      Can someone please explain.

      1. Bumpy Cat


        ^H is the ASCII symbol for backspace - it's a jokey way of saying "I'm deleting this" without actually deleting it.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Control+h = backspace

        On a terminal at least. You may also see ^W (deletes the last word). I guess it's obvious why you asked anonymously...

      3. Dave 30

        Now we know you're 12

        It's something that geriatric computer users and their friends substitute for humour when they can't think of anything new.

        It would be a meme if it didn't pre-date the concept of memes.

      4. Chris Bradshaw

        ^H explained..

        ^H is shorthand for the 'backspace' control character in Unix. When you type a backspace into a terminal or shell, ^H is sent to the computer, which interprets it as a backspace and erases the last character.

        If someone writes 'Vista is a steaming pile of turds^H^H^H^H^Hnoodles', they want to say that they wrote 'turds' but then decided to backspace over it and use a different word (in this case 'noodles'). Generally used for sarcasm and 'goodthink' highlighting...

  32. Anonymous John


    I don't remember windows 3.1 having service packs.

    1. Joel 1

      @Anonymous John

      "I don't remember windows 3.1 having service packs."

      You obviously don't remember Windows 3.11 then.... in those days service packs were called point releases

      1. N2

        I for one

        Would welcome a return to that nomenclature

  33. John Savard


    I know that Windows 3.1 was not widely deployed when it first came out, as for quite some time people continued to use DOS. And it was a dot release, so perhaps it is considered to be the equivalent of SP1 for Windows 3.0. Or maybe only Windows 3.11 was widely deployed, because it had Internet connectivity built in (Windows 3.1 required that a third-party Winsock be added.)

    One could even note that the most popular early releases of MS-DOS were 1.1, 2.1, and 3.3 in that case. And there was the data compression fiasco that affected MS-DOS 6.2.

    However, I think that MS-DOS 5.0 managed to achieve wide-scale deployment without a dot release.

  34. Matt Hawkins

    Win 7 Good. Vista Bad. Get over it ...

    To all the "Windows 7 is just Vista underneath" comments ...

    Rovers used Honda engines for a while ... it didn't stop Rovers being piles of crap. If you want a Honda engine get it in a Honda car. Honda are still in business. Rover isn't.

    Vista gets slated because it was rubbish. It earnt it's reputation fair and square. I don't really care what's "under the hood" or who rewrote what. All I know is that Win 7 is good and Vista isn't. Using Vista in preference to Win 7 is like using Windows 95 in preference to Windows 98 SE. Crazy.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      You don't know what you're talking about..

      Honda's actually used a Rover diesel engine at one point, not the other way round. From what I've heard it's not bad for the time, if a bit dated now a days.

      Rover sold cars based on Honda Chassis. Build quality's about the same on both. I've currently got an old civic and the build quality's similar to my mates 45. To all intense and purpose they're the same car.

      The reason they went bust is they had no new models, lack of investment, and god awful management. They needed something to compete with a Focus, and it was never there.

      1. Rob

        Are you sure

        I thought Rover collaborated with Honda to develop an engine which ended up being the 'K' Series and in exchange for Honda's help Rover gave them some chassis design expertise. Shortly after that a lot of the asian car manufacturers followed suit and hence why you see similiar designs to european and american cars coming from asia, back then they weren't very good at chassis design but there engines were pretty solid.

        The 'K' Series wasn't an excellent performer but it was fairly 'bullet-proof'.

    2. James Hughes 1

      Rover 216GTi

      With the 135hpTC Honda engine.

      Excellent car. I scrapped mine at 150k miles (bought at 18k!), but it was still a runner....and I drove it like a maniac.

  35. Anonymous Coward

    copy paste

    my usual win 7 vista comments.. (do the rest of you people really re-type this stuff for EVERY windows article?).

  36. Andy Taylor
    Gates Horns

    Why is 7 better than Vista?

    Possibly because the hardware has got faster over the last couple of years.

    I've got Windows 2000 running on a virtual machine on my 2 year old Macbook Pro and it flies.

  37. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RE Stephen Round

    Sounds more like an incompetent admin problem to me.

    Writing this from Win7 x64 Enterprise with 2K3 servers with no problems whatsoever.

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And you're surprised because...?

    Since Microsoft have already admitted the only reason Win7 is called Win7 rather than being a service pack for Vista is because it would still be called Vista in that case, with all the bad publicity that goes along with it, then how is this a surprise?

    No need to wait for an SP for Win7 because it already is an SP for Vista.. doh?

  39. Geoff Mackenzie

    Why are comments on these pages ...

    ... always littered with ^HHHHHH?

    ^H -> Control+H -> Backspace. ^W would be more efficient (and I've seen it here a few times) (delete previous word).


  40. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Backspace

    Yes. And it is annoying and I wish the offenders would stop it. I've tolerated it till now but I might just start rejecting it. What's wrong with <strike></strike>, anyway?

    1. Studley

      What's wrong with <strike>?

      Apart from it being deprecated in HTML 4.0?

      Mind you, if that's fair game, let's all start using <blink> and <marquee> too.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      why don't you just allow limited markup in posts?


  41. Lloyd

    I have to say

    I'm rather liking W7, it's far superior to the last turd they squeezed out, I'm only using pro but it's very nice, like XP without the flakiness.

  42. Anonymous Coward

    @ And you're surprised because...? #

    "Since Microsoft have already admitted the only reason Win7 is called Win7 rather than being a service pack for Vista is because it would still be called Vista in that case, with all the bad publicity that goes along with it, then how is this a surprise?"

    Windows 7 is on a different kernel version to Vista, that's usually when MS release a new version of Windows, yes it says 6.1 for compatibility but it's NT Version 7. It's rare for an NT product to receive a kernel upgrade during release Vista only got one at SP1 as they released it early it was supposed to have the same version as server 2008.

  43. Inachu

    Overall I am very pleased with WIndows 7 but....

    The only things I see that needs to be improved is video driver support or video related issues.

    I played a movie and the windows media player progress bar never moved even though the movie played just fine.

    Using Nvidias latest driver for the 275 video card sometimes there is video crashing and nvidia reports that it recovered from the crash.

    This is with Windows Premium 32bit.

    I have Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and will trying playing World of warcraft on it later in the week.

  44. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    People still do that SP1 nonsense?

    Does waiting for SP1 accomplish anything? I'm sure Microsoft is aware of that behavior and so rushes SP1 to market twice as fast as they would if network admins didn't behave that way.

  45. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    so same crappy os then?

    - "pre-emptive multitaking" that freezes when a cd is inserted or a network connection misbehaves or my nose is runny etc?

    - apps that make changes in system directories when installed or used?

    - apps that can crash the whole bloody box ffs!

    DLLs, registry, the whole architecture is rubbish!

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