back to article Can financing and management models survive IT change?

Whether or not you believe that IT is about to experience a revolution, it is clear that a number of the fundamentals of how the IT infrastructure is built are changing. Many technological and operational developments are changing the way applications are developed and deployed. Everything from innovations in how applications …


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  1. Blitz
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    Spot on - thanks for this article

    This article is spot on.

    I think that the business managers must continue to develop their understanding of IT and use it to be able to successfully take the transition between a business need to business project to ongoing IT support and maintenance. This ability is so far rare but ithat is changing.

    On the subject of complex and often confusing budgets, at a very low level, I've seen this fighting over allocation of cost taking place. We recently went through a project whereby printing was rationlized -> rather than having a printer of everyone's desk MFD's were put into place and different departments charged for their individual printing including toner, paper, ink etc. The amount of disagreement of the proporation of the printing budget owed, even after a login code was used to allocate the printing to specific department, was huge and still goes on.

    What's it going to be like when 7 different businesses occupy 7 different virtual servers in a data centre? How do costs get allocated then?

  2. Trevor Pott o_O Gold badge

    Forgive my ignorance but...

    ...don't the Major Players in Virtualisation have the ability to log how many cycles/IOPS/etc. that a VM consumes? Then you can use that for billing, internally or otherwise? I honestly don’t know, and now I’m curious.

    My IT department runs two separate budgets: Infrastructure and Apps. Since we are completely virtualised, one can grow independent of the other. When we upgrade our servers, we get way more capacity than we need, and the apps eventually grow in number or requirements to fit. Then we increase capacity again.

    The ability to “ding” the department with the greediest app requirements, and back it up with solid numbers would be awesome.

  3. heyrick Silver badge

    Tsk... tsk... tsk...

    May I suggest for future articles if you wish to use a less common acronym, the first instance is followed by what it means in brackets?

    I looked up SOA: Soldiers of Allah? State of Alert? Signs of Aging? Save Our Asian? (tv plot device, apparently) State of-the Art? I ended up at with the banner "Risk is Opportunity" (bleugh). Soa is even a Scottish island!

    I finally found a reference to "Service-oriented architecture" which seems the most applicable candidate given the topic. Would it have killed you to have said that in the first place?

    Smiley 'cos, don't take this too seriously. Just for future reference, okay?

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