back to article False Moscow CCTV feed scam leads to fraud charges

The discovery that some CCTV cameras around Moscow streamed prerecorded images, instead of live pictures, has resulted in criminal charges against StroyMontageService, the firm that maintained the network. Dmitry Kudryavtsev, a director of StroyMontageService, has been arrested and charged with fraud over the alleged scam, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I think I saw that in a movie somewhere.

    It was about some guy who rigged this bus up with a bomb, so when it's SPEED dropped below 50, it would blow up. So they had to drive around the city keeping their SPEED above 50.

    I think it was called "the bus that couldn't slow down"

    1. eJ2095

      oh yeh i rem that

      They even made a 2nd movie called "The boat that could`nt slow down"

      1. The Original Ash

        Nooo no no

        That one was called Titanic.


  2. MinionZero

    Oh the irony...

    In Soviet Russia, CCTV cameras don't watch you!

    1. Graham Marsden
      Thumb Up

      If only...

      ... we could have such a system in this country...!

  3. Pete 43

    You're thinking of father Ted.

    Where the milk float is rigged by Pat Mustard to explode when it goes under 4mph

  4. Paul E

    Pity the poor chap...

    who was probably convicted of committing the same offence several hundred times....

  5. Blue eyed boy
    Big Brother

    Sendfor Columbo

    ISTR him sorting out a murder where the alibi depended on fake CCTV images so it looked like the murder was done some time after (or was it before?) it really happened.

  6. McMoo

    I suspect a stitch up

    Faking it, with the high risk of being caught, is likely far more troublesome than just running the feed correctly in the first place.

    I suspect he has been stitched up.

  7. D 13

    I'm struggling with this one

    Surely it would be more difficult to set up video cameras to send a recorded stream in synch with the time of day, than just set them up to work as they are meant to, sending live images.

    How many days should it really take for someone watching CCTV screens, before they realise that they are watching a looped stream on some of the cameras?

    e.g. You'd start to wonder why it was snowing in some parts of the city and not in others.

    1. Daniel Evans


      Surely they would have needed an actual recording from said cameras to put on the loop anyway? If camera X is overlooking a river, you might wonder why it's showing a park instead, etc., so you assume the cameras would all have needed to work at some point to record those pre-recordings.

  8. Winkypop Silver badge

    Ground hog day

    What's on the CCTV Vladimir?

    Oh not much, just the same old stuff..

  9. jubtastic1

    This is a guess

    1) Guy gets paid to run the city CCTV network.

    2) Maintenance on the aging system is costing way more than anticipated.

    3) Decides to fake some of the backwater broken cameras with old recorded feeds.

    4) Profit!

    5) Police CCTV viewers eventually notice.

    6) Jailarity ensues.

  10. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    >I'm struggling with this one

    The expensive part of a CCTV system is running power out to each camera and then running miles of video coax back to the control centre.

    Putting the cameras on poles and having a few video recorders in the office playing 24hour tapes is a lot cheaper.

  11. John H Woods Silver badge


    ... seriously?

  12. Christian Berger

    Is it really that hard to get real CCTV feeds?

    I mean they should be able to get CCTV4 Europe and CCTV 9 via the hotbirds at 13° East.

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