back to article Vodafone struggles to get iPhones out

Vodafone is having problems getting iPhones in the sweaty palms of its eager customers, though at least the cold weather should make their palms less sweaty. O2's exclusive on the iPhone disappeared last year as T-Mobile started (tentatively) selling handsets, followed by an official launch from Orange. Vodafone customers have …


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  1. Sheepdog

    Like the queues for bread and milk

    Always makes me laugh - you get people at the mere hint of snow panic buying all the milk then having a go at the staff for not having the stock. Completely missing the obvious that the snow is affecting deliveries. But then, they probably expecting miracles from the Jesus phone.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    ...and yet Google can deliver Nexuses from the US

    People in my office got their Nexuses on Monday.

    1. PaulR79


      How much did they have to pay for importing the phones and how much did they pay in total? I'm interested to know so if you can find out and post that would be awesome.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        It's on the web

        I gather there was no import tax to pay either.

        Obviously, the exchange rate may affect this, depends on your c/card.

  3. Simon B

    Zap threads cus they couldn't care less

    Discuss it is bad press for vodafone so they zap the threads. REALLY good way to show you don't give a fuck

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Today's posts on the forum also show...

    ...that even those lucky enough to have received their phones find, when they insert the accompanying SIM that the latter has not been activated. Phoning Vodafone finds that Vodafone know nothing about the alleged account.

    Sounds as if delivery has rushed ahead without the provisioning system keeping up to date with the shipped SIMs.



  5. Dave 145

    Late Deliverys....

    Is there an App for that....

  6. Lionel Baden

    why blame vodafone ??

    common seriously ?! its not like they offer to hand deliver its the delivery company that are not delivering

  7. Oliver 7

    Vodafone are useless

    Vodafone have the worst customer service out of all the operators I've used (i.e. o2, Orange and Voda). They continually failed to do anything that they promised they would while I was a customer but strangely never failed to take money from my account. This story doesn't surprise me in the least.

    While we're bashing useless companies, someone also mentioned Citylink on this thread? They are the pits! Three times I've ordered something to be delivered by them, three times I arranged to work from home or have someone in the house, three times they failed to even ring the buzzer, just left a card in the close to rearrange delivery or collect from the depot 25 miles away! Bastards!

  8. Lee_Vodafone

    iPhone pre-order queries

    Hi everyone,

    Should anyone who has pre-ordered their iPhone online and not yet received any confirmation of their order having been dispatched please visit the below thread on the eForum where we've posted some information letting you know what we'd like you to do in order for us to help you further.

    Although today is going to be an extremely busy day for us with thousands of customers awaiting delivery of their iPhones we'd like to take this opportunity to assure everyone who is awaiting their delivery that we're doing everything possible to make sure you get your iPhone as soon as possible.

    Many thanks,


    Web Relations Team

    Vodafone UK

  9. Anonymous Coward


    Close the thread and delete it!!!!!

  10. Jay 2

    CityLink = Shite

    No more needs to be said...

  11. Brian Witham

    Hate not to complain bit

    Got my phone on the day promised albeit an hour later than expected - toying with it right now in fact. Hmm no sideways thumb icon.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Noise and squeaky wheels

    My iPhone was pre-ordered from Vodafone, with an upgrade price that was more attractive than their new customer price (£75 for 32GB 3GS on £40/month contract, vs. £149 on their website). I pre-ordered the day the email went out saying they were available, the customer rep was extremely polite and helpful, and promised delivery on the 15th Jan.

    I got SMS notifications from DPD as the delivery progressed, following SMS notifications of the order (with a glitch which was explained by the rep). The phone was delivered on the 15th despite being in a hard to find house covered in snow.

    There were no issues with the SIM as it was an upgrade; Apple include a tool for opening the SIM door.

    The only disappointment is the lack of Visual Voicemail - I'd hoped to eliminate Vodafone's very determined voicemail calls which can be a bit irritating if you've failed to answer because you're busy, rather than actually away from the phone. Hopefully this will be implemented soon.

    I've been with Vodafone since 1996/7, and don't spend a lot with them. So far I'm impressed.

    I'd agree that Home Delivery Network are a bit rubbish; I really try to avoid them on the whole. However, Citylink, DPD, DHL and Royal Mail seem not to be inherently flawed, only prone to local issues with some drivers/routes.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Late deliveries

    So while all you guys enjoy "duvet days", courier staff who can't get to work to deliver your precious gadgets on time should be persecuted?!? Prams, toys and spoilt children comes to mind. I'm no City Link fan but give it a break.

    And FTR, why are you all so anxious to get locked in to the prison that is Apple hardware?

  14. Adam W

    VF, customer service and forum threads

    I've been with all of the networks (other than 3) over the past twelve years or so, and came to Vodafone last. No broad complaints from me in terms of customer service - at times it's "ok", other times world-beating. But that is certainly better than o2 and T-Mobile, and about on a par with Orange about seven years back.

    And what is certainly clear is that the VF network is more reliable and robust than others I've used - and other than the odd blackspot 3G services are considerably better.

    As for forum threads being closed - when there are usually existing threads open, morons opening another thread asking the same thing as before (all it takes is a search to see what is there already) deserve all they get.

    (And yes, I've worked in mobile telecoms. For the past nine years, although not at present)

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