back to article Understanding service requirements: How true are the truisms?

How easy it is to say that ‘IT service delivery should start with the business’? It’s one of those statements like ‘the customer is king’ or ‘always clean up as you go along’, that may indeed save time in the long run but which can be a lot harder in practice than some theorists would like. Like many a true word, just because …


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  1. The Original Steve


    Nice article.

    From my POV as an infrastructure architect I have my little motto of "the four pillars":





    (In any order)

    User those 4 as key points for selecting projects, vendors and implementation paths for nearly anything that comes up at work. Doesn't matter if your looking at replacing your routing topology or looking at implementing a new remote access device...

    And they nearly always tie in with the overall business goals too in terms of what they want from an IT department. (which is generally secure, flexible and reliable platforms to exchange data...)

This topic is closed for new posts.