back to article HP, Microsoft form $250m IT tag team

With Cisco Systems, EMC, and VMware teaming up to sell integrated IT stacks, Oracle buying Sun Microsystems to create its own integrated stacks, and IBM having sold integrated legacy system stacks and rolling in profits from them for decades, it was only a matter of time before other big IT players paired off Today, through a …


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  1. Victor 2
    Thumb Up

    knew it

    fscking knew it... I saw this coming since about a year now... the next moves should be surrounding Citrix/Novell and SAP... what will they do now that vendors are targeting entire stacks and not only parts of it?... What about Dell?

  2. Denarius
    Paris Hilton


    HPox is dead then.

    Was it ever alive after 2001 ?

    HP staff await de-unixification in fear or loathing

    Will EDS customers hang around ?

    Good news for IBM anyway.

    Paris because this has a familiar ring

  3. Ascylto

    Hewlett F**kHard

    HP + EDS = FAIL


    Enough already.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Expensive sandwiches

    Lets see the likes of Red Hat / Debian get with asterisk, open groupware / suger crm and the likes of Vyatta and knowdgetree and then see who is cool cat when you need mucho cash from 4 monsters to buy your IT world or build for the cost of the server parts.

  5. cookieMonster Silver badge

    11,000 people...

    10,998 marketing dweebs, 1 spoke-droid and 1 tech support engineer.

    MEH !!!!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    A sad day for Linux

    Ah, the freetards are so worried. I kind of feel sorry for them

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