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Venerable Canadian publication The Beaver has been obliged to change its name after prudish spam filters objected to its suggestive title. Publisher Deborah Morrison explained to AFP: “The Beaver was an impediment online. Several readers asked us to change the title because their spam filters at home or at work were blocking …


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  1. lukewarmdog


    How much were they spamming?

    Just wait til the Bald Eagle protection society or every single Brazilian gets filtered.

    Where will it end?

    Will nobody think of the children?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Don't forget MIT

    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has a Beaver as its mascot.

    IHTFP Forever!

  3. lglethal Silver badge


    "a film starring Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster"

    Now there is a porno i do NOT want to see! Yuk!

    1. Sir Runcible Spoon


      How old were they when they made it?

      Jodie was pretty hot when she was younger. Got a bit too angular for my liking in later years.

  4. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    Not "The Skin Trade" then. (n/t)

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  5. Disco-Legend-Zeke
    Paris Hilton

    I have a similar problem

    ...with a gallery of PussyCat Dolls photos.

    Paris because she actually was a PussyCat doll one night.

  6. An ominous cow herd

    May I be the first to conclude...

    ... that Canada's History is old Beaver?

  7. Don Sinclair

    What's in a name??

    What the article fails to address is that only last week, in order to boost their dwindling circulation the management of The Beaver held a 'blue sky' think session in a bid to boost profitability by creating a name that best portrayed the image of the organisation as well as appealing to a wider reader base. After discounting all 'beaver' orientated titles, such as 'The Splt Beaver', the group eventually came up with a title which has resulted in a surge in readership.....'THE MONTHLY QUIM'.

  8. Jolyon Ralph
    Thumb Up

    Now, can we get rid of scunthorpe too?

    Perhaps an El-Reg competion to rename the town?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Obviously never been there have you, it's already got the perfect name.

      1. Peter Holgate
        Thumb Down

        Too right

        I live there - and it does live down to it's name

    2. Baskitcaise
      Paris Hilton

      le Tit.


      Paris, need you ask?

  9. Gavin Jamie
    Paris Hilton

    Little Scouts

    The junior section of the Scouting movement - 6-7 year olds - are Beavers. How my work colleagues laughed when I started helping with the Beavers. Three years later they still laugh as they are exceptionally childish.

    Paris - because she takes Beavers seriously.

  10. Brutus

    So sad

    Really, it is a damn shame that 'real' publications have to change in order to circumvent spam filters.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    a colleague once called:

    'Beaver cleaning services' of course it could have been 'Belvoir cleaning services' But the giggles were the same none the less..

  12. Dougle
    Paris Hilton


    I wonder what she said that was edited down to [porn]

  13. Mike Westmacott 1

    Apparently the film is about...

    A guy walks around with a puppet of a beaver on his hand and treats it like a living creature.

    Sounds like it should be called Apocolypto II. That or The Fisting of The Beaver.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    ... NEVER change the real world to fit in with technology

    Years ago, I noticed some software, written by my (then) employer insisted on "correcting" my surname (which is European, but not English. It has two capital letters). After some fiddling I discovered a line of code which forced all names to begin with a capital letter, and the remaining letters to be lower case. (which meant "le Mesurier" would be corrected to "Lemesurier"). When I raised it as a bug, I was bitchslapped and told to mind my own business. Unfortunately the company in question was flogging financial software aimed at stockbrokers. When they were told that *they* were wrong (and so were their customers), they made an appropriate noise. The company went bust shortly afterwards.

    1. Jay Castle
      Thumb Up

      Le Mesurier?

      Not a fellow Channel Islander, perchance?

  15. IR


    The Beaver Housing Society is somewhere in Medway. I suspect they do not help beavers with housing though.

    Plus the Oregon State University sports teams call themselves the beavers.

    With so many animal names being turned into innuendo (like cougars and cubs have recently, plus dogging), there won't be many left.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up

      Oregon is the Beaver state

      Seems like it would be a nice place to visit or live.

  16. Charles Manning

    As busy as a Canadian History?

    When I was growing up, "as busy as a beaver" would mean working hard. I stopped using that phrase when a Californian lass got all steamed when I said she'd been working like a beaver.

    I latter took her aside to explain to her why she should stop telling people that she had a camera in her fanny pack.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Beaver College is now...

    Arcadia University. And the world a duller place.

  18. Dr. Ellen


    Disney had a nature film called "Beaver Valley". I wonder how they'd rename it?

  19. billybangleballs
    Thumb Down


    They never renamed Scunthorpe, although that was probably more to do with what to rename it to than anything else. It's a sad day when teh intarweb starts dictating what things are called in real life.

  20. Pete 8



  21. Anonymous Coward

    Come to Pennisone

    Another opportunity for merriment

  22. James 63


    Why don't they just rename it to Be4v3r - or do trappers not do 1337?

    1. MichaelBirks

      re: 1337 Tr4pz0r's

      I have much loathing for this comment. An entire Kingdom of Loathing, in fact.

  23. Anonymous Coward

    So what if someone orders a boxset of the classic TV series...

    ... "Leave it to beaver"? Would they not receive any confirmation and order a whole dozen only to realize that the confirmation has been going into the junk box? (or even worse, vanishing into the ether if they have their mail client set on delete immediately like I have?)

    The one with the plush of Franklin the Turtle's friend in the back pocket, thanks.

  24. criscros

    Nice beaver.

    Yes, I just had it stuffed.

  25. VulcanV5

    Can't think of one.

    At last night's meeting of the Penistone branch of the Scunthorpe Gay Beaver Appreciation Society in The Golden Ball it was unanimously agreed over several pints with lots of head and a couple of pipes of darkest shag that Members will not pussy-foot around the issue of how the English language is being corrupted but will instead go down on every load of old cock such as that decision by them there Canadian asses.

  26. Andrew Barr
    Thumb Up

    On there website...

    From Our Readers - A Flip Through The Beaver Album

    Nice :)

  27. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)


    They could just call it Standing On Coyotes' Necks After They've Chewed Their Own Feet Off Digest, but that might be a bit long.

    1. Sir Runcible Spoon


      "Standing On Coyotes' Necks After They've Chewed Their Own Feet Off Digest"


      Hmm, catchy. Tell me Ms B, are you in favour of The Hunt by any chance?

      Oh, Beaver Hunt, cool - I'll just get me shovel.

  28. Nameless Faceless Computer User


    Who still calls it a beaver? That's an 80's, maybe 90's slang. Most ladies prefer the Kojak look (that's a 70's reference for bald with a lolly pop). The correct term is Bush, which will be an obscene word for decades to come.

  29. Owen Sweeney

    @ Nameless Faceless Computer User - Hmm

    George W brought the Bush into disrepute a long time ago.

  30. ctseuropa

    One mans Spam is another mans Ham

    The true problem here is not the use of the word but actually the rule based approach taken by most anti spam engines. The spam engines write literally hundreds of rules that each mail must pass prior to being accepted as a valid e-mail. Fortunately there are some spam engines within the market place ,Preserv8 being probably the most advanced player, that have replaced this out-dated approach with reputation based filtering, coupled with whitelisting and acceptable contect analysis Spam is quickly erradicated. For more information visit

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