back to article Star Trek to boldly go (again)

Paramount has announced that the sequel to JJ Abrams' successful reboot of the Star Trek franchise will hit cinemas on 29 June 2012. Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman will return to script the as-yet-untitled follow-up, while Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof once again shares production credits with Abrams. Abrams has not yet …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    How about...

    ..a Harry Potter cross over!

    with sparkle!

  2. Mike Dyne
    Thumb Up

    Oh get in

    The Borg FTW, basically!

  3. nigel 15

    The Borg...?

    Seriously, the Borg? They already did some hand-waving to allow Cpt. Archer to meet the the Borg despite it being made abundantly clear in "Q Who?" that the federation had !never! come into contact with them before.

    I'll still go and see it, but i wont wear my ears.

    1. blackworx


      But this whole new movie franchise is a "reboot", "re-imagining" or whatever they're calling it this month... plus, the less said about Enterprise the better.

  4. Eddie Edwards
    Thumb Down

    I vote

    I vote no to Shatner. Let this series be a reboot, not a corny pastiche. Bringing back TOS characters/actors has *so* been done.

  5. Blake St. Claire

    throw some time travel in too while they're at it

    They need to resurrect Vulcan after all.

    Maybe add a bit of Da Vinci Code and Sherlock Holmes too for good measure.

    It's all good.

  6. Andrew Moore


    The Borg??? Not in James T's time- His foe du jour was always the Klingons.

  7. Justabloke 1


    speaking as a Trekker, I don't think the rather good movie lost anything by not having Bill in it and I can't see any good reason to have him the next.

  8. James Robertson 2

    No Borg Please

    loved the 1st film, but hope they don't go with the Borg for the 2nd, the Borg have been done to death frankly.

    1. TimeMaster T
      Thumb Down

      Also ...

      The Federation in the reboot got its arse handed to it by ONE, count it, ONE Romulan ship from the 24th century and would have done the same to Kirk and the Enterprise had it not been for Nero halting the attack.

      And we know from the ST:TNG and "First Contact" that a single Borg cube can turn a fleet of dozens of 24th century Federation ships into scrap without much effort.

      Unless they really water down the Borg to a bunch of wimps there is no way they could write a script that I could believe the original Enterprise, crew and Federation could stand up to the Borg. And if they do that the backlash from fans is going to be huge.

  9. Gavin McMenemy

    Oh gawd

    Not the bloody borg..

    ... and please no more bloody time travel, parallel universe crap.

    Why not a new baddy? I thought that was the whole point of the reboot. Even though I thought the first film was brilliant this sounds creatively bankrupt.

    1. Gary 23
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      I second this...

      Borg - Time travel - Borg - Time Travel was all we heard about in Voyager after the success of First Contact.

      Rick Berman nearly destroyed Star Trek with that.

      Do something new for a change!

      Kirk vs the Borg was good in The Return (book). But would be shit in a film.

  10. Mike Watt


    Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring. Will not watch.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    We come in peace, shoot to kill?

  12. John I'm only dancing

    To boldly go where no man has gone before...

    Captain's log... Who dares follow Kirk into the toilet?

    1. Mike Bell

      @Dancing John

      That would be William Shatkirk, surely?

  13. Scho

    oh god....

    Not another pile of steamy goo from hollywood... just leave my childhood memories in one piece rather than badly remaking these damn things and making me hate them now. It's not on!

  14. Anonymous Coward

    I think..

    PAtrick Stweart, back in time FTW!!!

    make it so.

  15. irish donkey

    It can't be the Borg

    We (The Audience) first met the BORG in The Next Gen with Picard in 'I Borg' so are they going to re-write history.

    That's it kick the franchise to death again.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      They already have re-written history... when Spock brought what's his doobrey back to his past and ended up destroying Vulcan. The "reboot" films are now on a parallel timeline to the original films.

      Keep up. :)

    2. Anonymous Coward

      I think you'll find...

      I think you'll find it was in Q Who.

      mines the one with the TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT and movies DVDs in the pocket.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No reason why it can't be the Borg

    It's an alternative history Trek after all.

    Although give them Swedish accents this time around please.

    1. DPWDC

      We are the Bjorn Borg

      and should they be teddy bears? Adam and Jo style?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        That should be "We are the reBjorn Borg"

        Enough said.

  17. Rusty Warrior
    Paris Hilton

    Re: All those banging on about re-writing history!

    They already did that in the reboot. remember? No Vulcan and 2 Spocks?

    Why Paris? Because "We'll Always Have Paris!"

  18. Red Bren

    Reboot, Reuse, Recycle...

    After a 40 year timeline of (generally) self consistent stories, some lazy/greedy production team have taken a cultural icon and butchered it for a quick buck. Thanks to this "reboot" of the franchise, entire story arcs have been wiped from the record. All the work that went into the original series, TNG, DS9 and Voyageris has effectively been torn up. I wonder how long before it gets rebooted again?

    A bit of Temporal Prime Directive should have be applied.

  19. Peter Kay

    Plot without huge holes in it this time, please

    The first film wasn't /too/ bad, assuming you ignored major plot holes, assumed everyone was a moron and mentally overdubbed Simon Pegg's accent and acting with something more scottish (so, almost the same criteria to enjoy Star Wars III, then. 1-2 are beyond redemption).

    Something just as fun, but with smaller plot holes next time I hope. At least Spider-Man 4 has died temporarily, and here's hoping they don't bother with X-Men 4 after the pathetic third outing.

  20. Z 1

    Klingons off the starboard bow...

    ... make is so...

  21. Anonymous Coward

    Vote No on Borg

    Because you can't have epic lines like "KAAAAAAAAAHHN!" with emotionless enemies.... Go Klingon or go home...

  22. joe90


    As young Kirk's father never got to Tarsus IV in this timeline - then perhaps he should be chasing down Kodos who by this time would have been responsible for quite a few murders..

  23. Anonymous Coward
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    No! Not the Borg again...

    Now that they have all these new parallel timelines they can explore, they could re-do Wrath of Khan with Kirk dying instead of Spock.

    Or how about Star Fleet vs The Daleks.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Followed by...

      Piccard trying to negotiate a peace treaty between the Timelords and the Q?

      1. Nebulo

        A title is not required.

        On board Babylon 5, the meeting to be chaired by Jerry Cornelius?

  24. LPF
    Thumb Up

    Only one word is required


  25. TeeCee Gold badge

    Shatner? Again?

    "Star Trek, the creakquel"

    I suppose if he's assimilated we'll get to see the first Borg with a built-in Zimmer frame.

    Mine's the one with the dodgy script and plank of wood in the pocket.

  26. Barney Carroll

    Borg?! FFS...

    So the Borg "...are the most likely candidate to be the antagonists for this film". Well the attitude so thinly veiled by that comment just goes to show what massive respect they have for their source material.

    Borg were explicitly stated to have had no prior contact with mankind when they first appeared in The Next Generation. In First Contact, they chucked in a time paradox plot whereby a Borg ship went back in time to the 21st century (but were followed by the Enterprise, thus sparing wider reality from pre-historic Borg incursion).

    So more time-travel-to-no-effect-thank-God paradox, or direct contradiction of the original source material. This is going to be so incredibly trite. In fact, whereas the hype wasn't enough to make me see the first one, I may well watch this just to see how they plot it. Add to this bloody Shatner and we're sorted for cringe-worthy Trekeoptypes. Might as well get Data to turn up and somehow develop emotions for the first time, for the hell of it.

    1. fandom

      Why not?

      You see, the reboots happens after the 'Enterpise' series in which they meet the borg. And the federation now has the technology from the future brought by Spock prime some why not?

      Except that the borg have already been done to death but then thay might be able to do something nice with them

  27. Geoffrey Summerhayes


    Ok, they blew away every ST movie and episode by screwing up the timelines in the last movie so it's now possible for the Borg to get a run at Kirk. And yes, the Borg were probably the best set of nasties in the ST universe.

    BUT, I'm bored/sick/filled with loathing of seeing the damn BORG and all the bizarre tweaks they keep pulling in scripting. Pretty soon we'll see little Borg dogs and cats running around the cubes.

    Can't someone come up with a decent Federation vs. Klingon script? They were supposedly the biggest ongoing problem in the original ST, but they've always gotten the third-rate villian treatment.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Nerd Alert

      "...klingon...They were supposedly the biggest ongoing problem in the original ST"

      If you listen to the dialogue carefully in ST2008 the klingons had an entire fleet wiped out by the future Romulans at Rura Penthe. They're probably not up to strength yet enough to get a whole sequel to themselves :)

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Politicans could be the antagonists

    They could declare marshal law, but in the guise of anti terrorist laws, Kirk, Picard or anyone of the captains (but not Janeway) are now freedom fighters, destroying cameras, draining moats and swinging from the chandeliers of the oppressive rogue federation,

    It could have some swashbuckling and hooded man type references as well. And it could all be solved by the use of Tech, Tech and Tech coupled with Tech.

    Wesley Crusher could be the mastermind behind it all, in a sort of Satanic temptation way, and we could see all the politicians succumb to Wesley's tests of judgement.

    1. Francis Boyle Silver badge

      It's been done

      with Section 31 in DS9. Not to mention that the original series had a pretty distrustful attitude to government in general in that just about every second episode seemed to be a utopian libertarian parable.

      In general I think the principle should be: "Star Trek has already done that". Which pretty much is the problem.

      (Oh, and there was Insurrection but I try to forget that.)

  29. Anonymous Coward


    I thought the Teletubbies were lined up for a role in the sequel.

  30. Simon Ball

    Could be made plausible.

    The Star Trek graphic novel prequel establishes that Nero's ship was augmented with Borg technology that the Romulans had been tinkering with (which is why it look absolutely nothing like any other Romulan starship to date). Freed from Romulan control after the ship was destroyed, any surviving Borg technology might have sent a signal to the Collective.

  31. Uncle Siggy

    Negative Universe Borg

    I vote for the opposite Star Trek to be the baddies, where the Borg are the heroes. The movie would be about the Enterprise and her crew seeking to destroy the Borg because... oh, wait a tick.

  32. Arctic fox

    My reaction?

    I am reminded of TP's wonderfull pastiche, "today is a good day for somebody else to die". Kiplakh!

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Kiss me Hardy

    I read they're going to change some aspects of the leading characters in this parallel universe version, including making Kirk and Spock lovers. Apparently they want the next film to milk the pink pound.

    Star Trek was always supposed to be a Western in space, so I suppose they're just making it more of a Brokeback Mountain type of film.

    I suppose having the Borg in it fits in with this roadmap. They're a bit camp really aren't they? Just like the Daleks who are, let's face it, a bunch of screamers with phallic appendages aplenty. "Exterminate! Exterminate! Oooh, get heeer!!!"

    Bring back a parallel Khan, played by Diego Maradona. He's a world icon who, combined with the Star Trek global brand, will probably make this a bigger film than Avatar.

  34. Defiant


    The Borg could be interesting. Some say the Borg were down to Kirk anyway due to Star Trek the Motion picture, remember ;)

    Older Kirk has to go out in style this time too before they put the timeline back, oh and yes they does need doing

  35. Joe User

    Why no Shatner?

    Because... we... can't... afford... the... extra... footage... waiting... for... him... to... finish... a... sentence.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      How can this be so?

      Surely, following the James T Shatner three-syllables rule it should be:

      Because we... can't afford... the extra... footagewait... ing for him... to finish... a sentence.

  36. Jason Togneri

    @ everyone who's whining about plot holes and alternate timelines

    I will say this only once. Here is an abridged version of events, with times courtesy of a quick search of various Nerdopedias:

    1. The Borg didn't find the Federation until "I, Borg" in TNG in sci-fi year 2368

    2. ST universe had a "reboot" whereupon Kirk's life changed, circa nerd-year 2233

    3. There is a gap of 135 years between the "reboot" and the first encounter with the Borg

    4. The original encounter was ahead of schedule due to Q's interference

    5. Nothing caused by the "reboot" Federation would allow them to expand so quickly

    6. Therefore, the encounter still would not happen for hundreds of years

    7. The only exception being a deus ex machina type interference from a Q-like power

    As is now hopefully abundantly clear to you, even an alternate "reboot" timeline cannot reconcile the Borg's known movements (indepdenent of any developmental track of Mr. J. T. Kirk and the Federation of the time) with an encounter as early in Trek history as this. Pathetic time-travel of omnipotent-powers tricks will simply earn as much hatred as they did the first time round.

    1. David 105

      Should've double checked the Nerdopedias...

      If you had, you would've learnt that the Brg's first encounter with the Federation was in "Q Who", not "I, Borg" which came about 5 years later (And they had the splendind "Best of Both Worlds" before that!!) It was the first episode title with "Borg" in it, but that's about it. (Although cronologically, the first encounter with the Borg was in the Enterprise episode "Regeneration", although some contrite scripting meant they were never referred to as such, and the Voyager episode "Dark Frontier" points out that there were rumours of the Borg before even Q Who)

      Hated the first Star Trek A and from the sounds of it, I'll hate this one as well. It might become the only piece of Star Trek that I never see...

  37. Anonymous Coward

    The Borg were a really good idea

    when they could not be reasoned with and seemed unstopable but then they were ruined in Voyager and First Contact.

    How about Star Trek vs the Shadows from Babylon 5? :)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Now *that* would be cool. "The Turbo Ginsu Shadow Cruiser! It slices! It dices! It roasts Narns to a crisp golden perfection!"

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    The best modern Trek movie so far was First Contact imho. The Borg breathed new life into both Next Gen and Voyager and are the only regular baddies that survive scaling up to feature film proportions without looking silly these days. Bring it on! Makes this film a shoo-in to be better than the last effort which in my book scores 6.5 on a good day.

    Sticking with movies: went to see Daybreakers the other day and it is pish.

  39. Anonymous Coward

    Not the Borg.....

    The Brown.

    The crew of the Enterprise boldly go into No 10 and the House Of Commons in search of <low>life currently ruining the UK as we know it.....

  40. Pan Narrans

    Ok, have the Shat then ...

    but as Denny Crane, not Jim Kirk. Maybe he could turn the Borg's brains inside out with some legal crap.

  41. Greg J Preece

    Oh God, no...

    Star Trek 11 was SHIT! Can we please, as a collective consciousness*, come to realise this? It was terrible. Plot holes you could fly the Enterprise through, stupid alternate-timeline cop-out shite, just a horrible film. The prospect of another one doesn't exactly excite me.

    But then I could just be grumpy as all hell because I've heard there's going to be Hollywood versions of Ghost in the Shell and Akria. Oh, and Leonardo DiCaprio is in Akira.... Fuck me...

    1. Rattus Rattus

      "Leonardo DiCaprio is in Akira"

      What! Seriously? Hasn't Hollywood burned through their supply of coke yet? Or are they on PCP now? I can't think of anything else that could possibly make someone think this was a good idea!

    2. TeeCee Gold badge



      Thank you for that, now you've made me all grumpy as hell too. Tinged though with a certain degree of curiosity, in a "how fucking awfully wrong can they get this?" kind of way.

  42. Mark Dowling

    Borg - DO NOT WANT!

    God almighty - the obsession with rebooting now exists within reboots!

    1. Anonymous Coward

      RE: Borg - DO NOT WANT!

      I totally agree with you. Let's keep it with only Romulans for now. The Borgs weren't even supposed to be introduced to humans until TNG. Focus on the point where Spock Prime helps the remaining Vulcans find a new home. Although I would welcome the reintroduction of Shatner.

      The Danny Crane idea is fun to think of. Vulcans find a new planet, Romulans claim it's theirs, and a court scene ensues. And with that, how about putting Partick Stewart back in as a new character as well?

      Geek. I never did decide on which one's a better Starfleet captain: Kirk or Picard.

      1. Rattus Rattus

        "Kirk or Picard"

        Well, Picard has the presence that comes from Patrick Stewart having performed Shakespeare on stage. On the other hand, Kirk shags or punches anything that moves. Tough call, really.

        On the other hand... Meh, it's Star Trek.

  43. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    No to seeing other TOS or even TNG characters

    For Pete's sake, the reboot has taken the franchise into brand-new territory.

    I accept Spock coming back because it holds together in the current story. Fine. But there is no possibility for anyone else to come back. None. Nil. And please don't try to find one for the sake of pleasing Shatner. That's not an excuse.

    If this new series starts down that path, it is doomed. Period.

    I say the second film should see the death of Old Spock, and get rid of all ties with the previous timeline.

    Let's boldly go where Star Trek hasn't been in quite a while : to brand-new, unexplored scripts that are actually coherent and thought through !

  44. Ben 42

    So a trilogy then

    If only I could believe that they don't intend to milk this for more than three movies. They'll do the Borg now, to avoid comparisons to the original Wrath of Khan, then they'll bring Khan back in for the third movie, and then it'll be downhill from there. They'll have exhausted the three best Star Trek plot devices: Time travel, the Borg, and Khan, and let's face it, if they had a revolutionary new idea that would be in the same league as those wouldn't they be using that instead?

  45. VoodooForce

    Borg only if 7of9 returns

    If she's still got it include her if not find someone else (if possible) with the same packaging.

    No plot other than 7of 9 controlling a Tron style virtual reality where Shats, playing the original Kirk, is put through unwinnable life or death scenarios but unfortunately for him, luckily for the audience, he is brutally killed often.

    How did 7of9 get back to this alternate reality in control of a VR machine containing the original JTK? Who cares as long as it includes jump suits.

  46. c0rruptd

    They must...

    There is only one possible antagonist capable of making this movie watchable...


  47. Craig Taylor 1
    Thumb Down

    Beam me up Chekov

    In a perfect world, they'd undo the first film with the second. They were stretching even for a sci-fi movie. And the directing, ugh. I actually really liked it the first time I saw it. But when I watched the home version I noticed that the Kobayashi Maru was way better in Wrath of Khan, the inside of the Enterprise resembled a spacious chem plant rather than a submarine / intergalactic spaceship, and the camera was always being jiggled and having flashlights shined into it from the sides for some inexplicable reason.

    And what's the deal with the Galaxy Quest style transporter? Even in TNG they couldn't do all the BS they pulled off. I wonder if the writers ever even watched a real episode of Star Trek.

  48. Andraž 'ruskie' Levstik

    So first kill it...

    and now mutilate it... ffs give it a rest... You were killing it for a long time Paramount... just let it die already.

    The whole point of Roddenberrys vision of Star Trek was this bright future for everyone - and infact seems to be a reocurring theme(see Andromeda). Always striving to have something better than the crap we have today. Hell even Earth: Final Conflict is somewhat like that.

  49. Defiant
    Thumb Up


    Kirk could have been the one who created the Borg or have people forgot the Motion Picture?

  50. xpert_con

    Whats with all the films with old actors in?

    Shatner isn't the best actor we know this. He is also old. Why make films with old actors in? What is the fixation with flogging dead horses. They could just as easily make a film with the enterprise under a new captain with new foes (or even revamped old ones I.E. the dominion, or even species 8472 and take it to a new level. Why does every film creator feel the need to go back to go forwards? Why not make a film with the Pegasus style ship or just anything... Something new! Yes seeing Spock was great and seeing other actors play the trek characters was refreshing and in some cases fitting to the legacy. But that's what it is a legacy. Lets move forward not back. There is so much they can touch on. Leave time travel and the Borg for now and look on to new variants.

  51. Anonymous Coward


    I dislike the whole reboot rubbish, imo should've sticked to the original timeline.

    Loads of different factions with different political motives etc. surely would be a good source alone

    for stories without the timetravel rubbish and screwing up decades of ST...

    I'd prefer if next movie was to be done similar with Terminator 4, as in mostly ignoring the

    events of previous movie as if it never happened.

    Put Abrams infront of his namesake, and let the tank do the rest

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      the reason for the reboot

      was that the original timeline is pretty much written into a corner with the conclusion of voyager. No more borg, plus federation weapons and armour were left a smidge more advanced than the rest of the races.

      Unless you are constantly intoroducing a new, undefeatable, enemy. Insanely more powerful than the last one, a la stargate, then it's pretty much run it's course. The only alternatives are, either to start afresh with some new ideas, god forbid, or start milking prequels/reboots.

  52. Anonymous Coward

    I hate to say this...

    I never thought I would say this, but now I hope there is not another Star Trek movie made (at least, not one by JJ Abrams). It's dead to me now, thanks to him.

  53. Jim Marshall

    no need for effin' title

    How 'bout Federation vs. Ori (after said Ori get back religion?)

  54. Max_Normal

    I actually thought it was rather good.

    But then I don't own any prosthetic rubber forehead enhancements, speak Klingon, wear a starfleet uniform, play LARP (heee hee , sorry cant help laughing when I say the L acronym), or go to conventions.

    Even my girlfriend enjoyed it and sat all the way through it, (and she is usually only into non-trashy sci-fi like Brian Aldiss or Iain M Banks).

    Lets face it, Star Trek TOS was always trashy, always mainstream, always camp, and kitsch. All of this need for "lore" bullshit was made up by obsessional fans generally direly in need of some escapism from their sadly blighted-for-some-reason-or-another lives.

    I look forward to the sequel with anticipation (and yes I saw all of the other films and all of TNG which were good and some of Voyager and DS9 which were shit and rubbish).

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