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Given its unparalleled success in the mobile phone market, it was only a matter of time before Nokia tried its hand at creating a laptop. The Finnish manufacturer isn’t keen on its Booklet 3G being called a netbook, though. Instead, ‘mini laptop’ is the preferred term. But with features such as 10.1in screen and Intel Atom …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    Hmm, I wonder.

    I wonder if this is Hackintoshable!

  2. fireman sam

    Only oddity...

    Why, oh, why do manufacturers insist on messing with the keyboard layout. Having the Fn key where Ctrl should be would be a deal breaker for me. I use Ctrl constantly for copy and paste and for numerous other VS shortcuts. I use Fn to change the brightness of the display and turn off wireless when I want to conserve battery power or when I plug in an external monitor - in other words, not in normal usage but for a very specific action.

    If I want to use one of these devices I have to break years of muscle memory - I think I'd decide it's not worth the hassle.

    1. Scott Mckenzie

      Keyboard Layout

      It's perfect for us Mac users....

      Seems a decent product, premium not bargain basement but the fact the specs are utterly identical is shameful.... however one thing, having a pop at the lack of Aero interface or Media Centre on a netbook (i know it was in reference in Win 7 Starter) is a bit harsh!!!

  3. IT specialist
    Thumb Down

    Windows 7 is unsuitable for small devices

    If you want a fully featured laptop or desktop, by all means get one.

    But if you want a lightweight portable device primarily for web access, then you're much better of getting one of the new Smartbooks that runs an ARM processor.

  4. Robert E A Harvey
    Thumb Down

    'ow much Ggggranville?

    It looks nice, big battery, lots to recomend it. But no ethernet jack and a silly price.

    I hope it is cheaper on contracts, that's all I say.

  5. Nerd King

    No lan port?

    Ok so it's expensive as hell, and yet they leave out the LAN port? Seriously, the LAN port is kinda important if your wifi isn't working, or if you're in an environment that just doesn't have wifi (they do exist you know). Jeez, designed by a moron.

    1. Gordon 10

      I presume that Nokia believes you would use 3G

      Not moronic - just a design detail that you dont agree with.

  6. Andy Nugent

    Nice looking, over priced & under spec'd

    What would the mark be it it had an Apple logo on it?

  7. spencer

    kinda expensive

    the price point really turns me off.

    Shame because it looks so nice and the specs are perfect for a netbook

  8. peteste1

    How much?

    £650 when I can get a similarly specced model for under £300?? And also a HDMI port on a netbook? Why?

    They way they're going, Nokia are going to be as long-lived as Saab...

  9. pixel


    I'll stick with my £180 Acer Aspire One, and a £20 3G dongle I think.

    1. Dr Richard

      me too

      I got the Aspire One version with 3G modem built in for £196 without contract (Three SIM works fine) .. so better antenna and no dongle 8-)

      The nokia does look very nice and rather Macbook Pro like ... have to agree that HDMI out and no LAN seem odd choices but not a deal breaker ... however the price is the deal breaker, even without a contract they would sell shed loads if they halved the price.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Nokia one step behind, as usual

    They can't even design a good mobile and yet they expect us to buy an overpriced netbook? Dream on Nokia!

  11. Anonymous Coward


    too expensive for a non apple product... again and again, i am glad i didnt bother with a netbook and went straight for a 13" macbook pro, ok it was 400 quid more than this, but i get a real computer and a 5 hour battery.

    for all those who say macs are too expensive for what they are... go and get one, you will change your mind a week.

    Although IMHO £400 to be free of that shite that M$ peddle makes it worth it alone.

    1. Dr Richard
      Thumb Up

      13" macbook pro

      Best ever laptop for me and well worth the £845 I paid for it. I expect to be still able to use it in 5 years time and if I ever wanted to sell it history shows it will go for a good price on ebay 8-)

  12. Teoh Han Hui

    Hard disk?

    With that "colossal price tag" I don't see any excuse for not having an SSD.

  13. Your alien overlord - fear me

    Fn key placement

    is correct for us Thinkpad users - but my 12" X61 runs 2.5Ghz, has 8GB RAM, SSD and 3G card and was only a few quid more than this.

  14. RobE


    I expect my current laptop which cost (circa) £649 when I originally got but it is far superior to this laptop and is now around 2 years older... and has a decent brand name to it - Sony.

    FORGET IT - Money grabbing rip off merchants.

  15. Paul 77

    No 3G at sea!

    Well, not in the middle of the Atlantic. I too would have like to see a LAN port.

    Why on Earth didn't the reviewers have a bash at loading Ubuntu on it? It would have been nice to know if it was more useable under that, and also if the built-in 3G worked out of the box on Linux, like some of the Huaweii devices do.

  16. armyknife
    Thumb Down

    Good grief, £650, the product class started off costing a third of that.

    Comment in the title.

  17. tempemeaty

    Graphics clues to graphics blues...

    This looked interesting...but then like others sub-par net books this sports the uber awesome super fabulous "OpenGL failure" known as a "Intel Graphics Processor". To may program's Need OpenGL these days for manufactures to continue supplying computing devices like net books with the _deficient_ Intel _Graphics_ processors.

    Perhaps the execs foisting these products are a bit clueless about the software market their devices are supporting these days

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