back to article Nokia opens Ovi Store for N900s

Nokia N900 users who have updated their OS can now access the mobile Ovi Store from their smartphones. The opening of the store was announced Tuesday by the Finnish phonemaker, which recommends that you check out the live video broadcast app Qik and lyrics-searcher TuneWiki. To access the store, you'll need to perform the over …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    same as before then

    >As you'll notice, Ovi provides you with shopping opportunities in the categories of Apps, Games, Audio & Video, and Personalisation

    yep - just like OVI does on the N95, N96 and all other smart phones. looks pretty much the same as before ....but for the N900.

  2. Gary Riches


    The guy that did the music for that vid has done loads of great stuff. He did the music in my iPhone game: Double Maze. Go check out the lite version to hear it.

    Mines the one with the shameless plug in the pocket.

  3. Bad Beaver

    So what?

    I still cannot find a single hint out there on how this device can properly synchronize with OS X – as any Symbian device can via its own, Nokia-provided iSync plug-in. Nokia surely doesn't expect me to lay down money if they show no interest in providing a complete product? Which is a pity, as the N900 itself is very tempting. It needs to be functional though...

    1. Cameron Colley

      I didn't get Linux drivers for my E71 either...

      Let's face it, most people out there use Windows and, so, most manufacturers provide Windows drivers. Yes, you get Mac drivers for some products -- but as a Mac buyer aren't you supposed to have an iPhone anyhow?

      1. Bad Beaver
        Thumb Down


        I do not want the iPhony and I don't want to use Exchange. I want the N900 to sync with my desktops the way any other Nokia phone does. It's not too much to ask.

    2. Tom Chiverton 1 Silver badge

      Easy enough

      Sync you Mac up to an Exchange compatible cloud provider, then connect the N900 to that.

      At the mo. it only supports Exchange '07, and not '03, so Google isn't an option, but that is being fixed (hopefully in the '51' update due soon).

  4. Greg J Preece

    Want want want want want

    But it seems the only way I can get it on contract is to switch to Vodafone for 24 months @ £35/m. I'm used to T-Mobile's more flexible pricing, where I could chuck them £100-£150 for the phone and pay £25/m instead.

    Vodafone, on the other hand, are being arseholes about it - if you drop below £35 a month, you don't get net access. WHAT?? And that's on top of reduced call/text allowance! Plus, there's a 500MB/month cap on the net connection, as opposed to 3GB on T-Mobile.

    Still, I really like that phone...

    - About to become a Vodafone customer. :-(

    1. Stefan 2


      Going Vodafone is not a pleasant experience. I early-adopted the N97 with them (as a new carrier) and I get: No 3G at home, no 3G at work, no 3G at my parents house, no 3G at my girlfriend's house. This despite them all being listed in 'excellent' coverage areas.

      Their network is terrible, their upgrade policy is draconian and the only saving grace is they are giving me better value (for calls and texts) than H3G ever did.

      You can buy a sim-free N900 for around £440. Save up your money and buy the handset outright. I will.

    2. Tom Chiverton 1 Silver badge

      Eh ?

      I'm on £25 month, Vodafone, 300 mins, loads of txt and internet access. Look for the fiver/month 'unlimited' add on.

    3. Ossi

      Re: Want, want, want.....

      You can do it sim-free for a little bit cheaper (over 24 months), and with a bit more flexibility. It's a little bit involved, but worth it. First of all sign up with Quidco (yes, they really work). Then buy the phone from Nokia, and get 20% cash back. That's £400. Then get a 12-month contract from Vodafone and get £100 cash back (for new customers). That works out at £380 over 24 months. Make sure you do all your purchases through Quidco. Cost per month with a free phone = £32.50. The internet limit is 500mb per month, but they don't meter browsing, so if you're only browsing, it's unlimited.

      Actually, it'll probably work out cheaper. After 12-months you can probably get a better deal somewhere else on the contract.

  5. Greg J Preece

    Scratch that

    Just noticed after writing that, Nokia's own store has more flexible pricing options than Vodafone will offer you. They still abuse you in the anus, though. Go anywhere below £35 a month and try to keep your "unlimited" net access - you either have to pay £200 for the phone (even on £30 a month) or you lose everything else, or both.

    1. Alex 0.1

      Voda not needed, hopefully

      Apparently the word is that by late january / early february both t-mobile and o2 should have this phone (the vodafone exclusive ends late january and t-mobile at least had intended to stock the phone right from release) so hopefully, we can see it on more than just the one network within a month.

    2. James Cook


      Is it available sim free?

      I ditched long term contracts while back, I think it was a BBC 1 documentary about how the actual cost of device with contract worked out the same if you bought the phone out right and went on a sim-only plan that influenced me

      So I have ended up on O2's sim-only for £20 a month, 600 mins, 1000 texts, unlimited internet.

      My 2p's worth...

      1. John Hughes

        Is it available sim free? - yes.

        Paid about $650 at the Nokia flagship store in NY.

        Costs £499,99 from Expansys UK. ($810, what a rip off).

        Only £499.00 from Nokia UK.

      2. Alex 0.1


        It is available sim-free, £430-£500 depending on where you choose to buy it.

        >>So I have ended up on O2's sim-only for £20 a month, 600 mins, 1000 texts, unlimited internet.

        With that in mind then, it's likely not going to be cheaper going sim-free. £30/month will get you that same contract with the phone for £100 (as a new customer, and going by their HD2 contract prices which will likely be similar / the same for the N900 as the phones cost about the same) or free as a longstanding existing-customer upgrade. The only caveat is the 24 month contract, but you're paying £10 extra for the phone every month, getting you the phone for an effective cost of £340 spread over 2 years as a new customer, or £240 as an upgrade, vs £430 minimum sim-free.

        Essentially it's generally only cheaper to go for a sim-free phone and a sim-only contract if you can then get away with only needing the allocations provided by a £10/month or so contract, if you need the extra minutes/free internet and end up paying £20+ anyway, get a cheaper phone to go with it.

  6. James 47

    SIM Free

    Try Nokia's online store. It always more expensive than high-street but at least you know the phone comes straight from Nokia.

  7. Ian Entwistle


    tune-wiki was in the repos anyway, Angry Birds is where its at!

    I got mine on a 30 quid a month including t'interweb access via Mobilephonesdirect just before Xmas, cost 17 quid but was a 24 month contract.

  8. truant


    So how many applications are there in the store for the N900? It doesn't look very well populated.

  9. Andy Hards

    The missus wouldn't let me spend more than £20 a month

    As a valued 3 customer I got the N86 for a score on an 18 month. Not jealous at all.Honest!!!

  10. Ian Entwistle

    OVI store != All available Apps

    there are more places to get stuff than just OVI store, as mentioned a lot of stuff is in the standard repository so you don't need to faff about over HTTP.

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