back to article Google leaks small biz stats to random people

Google has inadvertently leaked web traffic data for multiple small businesses to random third-parties across the web. On January 7, web marketing consultant David Dalka received an email from Google that included traffic stats from its Local Business Center. This is a portal where small businesses can add themselves to Google …


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  1. jake Silver badge

    "human error"

    Exactly. Human error.

    Just say no to the likes of !TubeGooMyFaceYouTwit.

    As long as there are humans in the loop (and there will be for the foreseeable future, when it comes to so-called "social networking" web sites), there is no personal security. People make mistakes.

    Some of us learn, some of us die. It's been that way for hundreds of thousands of years. The only difference here in 2010 is that in theory we should be teaching kids that the reality extends beyond wolves, bears and big cats ... We have technology beyond stone tools, and just like stone tools, that technology can be used for nefarious purposes ...

    Unfortunately, it seems that glitter is king. And some people are taking advantage of the "moths to the flame" aspect ... and the moths (suckers) are being taken advantage of.

    The suckers should have paid more attention in school. Not a single one of them have any concept of logic, human nature, or reality.

    Deal with it, suckers, it is reality. You are being had. And taken.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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