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The next iPhone will appear as soon as April and will include a host of upgrades that include a dual-core processor, improved graphics, video chat, an OLED display, plus - and this one is hard to believe - a removable battery. Or so say two reports out of Korea on Tuesday, one from The Korea Times and the other from Telecoms …


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  1. OrsonX

    4G Rumours

    I don't want holographic displays, laserz and pico projectors, here's my wish list for the 4G:

    - customisable home screen

    - bigger clock

    - my own wallpaper as background

    - my own message alert tone

    - calendar event notification on the home screen

    It's the little things... but I miss my CTU ring tone!

    1. Paul Naylor
      Jobs Halo


      iPhone Ring Tone Maker. I use the Mac version but I think there is a Windows version available too. Import and crop any sound and it uploads it to Ringtones in iTunes, ready to sync to your iPhone!

      1. spider from mars

        @Paul Naylor re: ringtones

        your can't use uploaded ringtones for alert sounds such as text messages or email notification, only for the actual phone ring or for alarms etc.

        1. Jason Hall


          Unfortunately you have to jailbreak your phone, and it costs a few quid I think...

          But ToneFXs works really well for changing text message, voicemail, email, calendar, keyboard click, photo shutter, etc ect...

          It'll also let you shuffle your ringtones (no idea why you would want to... but there you go)

        2. Paul Naylor


          True, you can't do it for message alerts, which I thought was a bit of a bummer (on my previous SE my message alert was "Bad Robot", from the end of Lost. I know, I'm a geek...) but wasn't a deal breaker for me getting the iPhone. It would be cool to have it though as several of us in the office have iPhones and whenever an email arrives we all simulataneously reach for our phones to see if it's us.

    2. BeefStirFry

      Jailbreak it...

      ... and you get all that you wish for...

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up

      Sounds like you need

      ...a Nexus one. You can have all of that.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    DOH !

    Dual core. No multi-tasking apps allowed. Does not make sense. The reason cited by Apple was multi-tasking apps would consume too much power... dual core multi-tasking apps would use even more power. Perhaps the new display uses less power so everything is OK now ?

    Also, it'll be out in June, in short supply - SNAFU.

    1. Annihilator Silver badge

      Dual core failure

      You understand what dual-core means, right? And what multi-threaded means? And that the iPhone can be doing plenty of parallel things without multi-tasking apps?

      1. Anonymous Coward


        Feel free to explain why Apple don't want any 3rd party apps to be multi-threaded due to increased consumption of power, but now it seems 2 cores will run apps concurrently and this somehow does not use more power ?

    2. Adam T


      The iPhone multitasks OS level events even when 3rd party apps are running.

      And they never said never...

  3. Ammaross Danan


    "- customisable home screen

    - bigger clock

    - my own wallpaper as background

    - my own message alert tone

    - calendar event notification on the home screen"

    All of which exist even in my workphone crackberry 8900....

    And as for:

    "Dual core. No multi-tasking apps allowed. Does not make sense."

    Perhaps Apple is simply reserving a full CPU core for their GUI/OS and allowing the App(s) to have a single, full CPU to play with? It would certainly SEEM like improved performance (as long as they stay at relatively the same [or faster!] MHz speed).

    Mine's with the pinch of salt in the pocket.

    1. Dan 10
      Thumb Up

      OA/app segregation

      Actually, that wouldn't surprise me - I've bought a few apps which turn out to be resource hogs, and most users might perceive this simply as 'my iphone is running dog-slow'. If Apple intended to run the OS, phone, alerts etc off one core, and apps off the other, it would seem blatantly obvious what was performing well and what wasn't. Either that, or it's all about allowing multi-tasking instead.

      Sure, they could continue with the same operating model, but then dual-core would only be any use when an app had been coded to be multi-threaded, and that requires properly thought-out app design. A sizeable number of the apps are thrown together, and I see no reason why that will change.

    2. jubtastic1
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      Reserving a core for the OS and core apps (phone messaging, GPS), is not only a farking brilliant idea for a dual core phone, but would also be totally awesome on a desktop OS, I have 8 cores here, I'd happily lock one out if it meant I'd never see a GUI freeze, under any circumstances.

      1. Anonymous Coward


        That can be done very easily with a simple daemon to alter process cpu affinities ;)

      2. SimonC


        Sadly it doesn't work like that. If your GUI runs on one thread, and you have two explorer windows open, they are both sharing the one thread. If one waits until the CD-drive spins up so it can access it, the other one is frozen and cannot do anything.

        It's the reason that Chrome pioneered having each tab in the browser run as a separate process, so one tab loading something like a flash movie would not lock up the others.

  4. Grumpytom
    Jobs Halo


    A comment from Nokia, and all the other wannabes and has beens

    1. Adam 10

      Or not

      What does this offer that Nokia, LG, Samsung etc. etc. etc. haven't been offereing for ooh, 7 or 8 years?

      1. Anonymous Coward

        What the iPhone offers...

        It offers what the others have done, sure and the some, with the iPhone it's been done *well*...

  5. Neal 5


    let it be April the 1st, please,please, please.

    Oh God, please let it be April the 1st.

  6. Steve Evans

    Oh dear...

    No mention of a flash on the damn camera then?

    I wonder if Facebook could implement an automatic block of "Uploaded via facebook mobile for iphone" notifications instead, I'm fed up with my "friends" continually uploading silhouettes of people!

    Please, please add a flash, even a little LED flash would do. The fact it has gone on without one for some long is just a joke.

    1. h 6


      Appleinsider has an article saying apple is buying up oodles of LCD flash components.

      That is all.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    What I want is ...

    an IPhone Nano for under £100 on Tesco Mobile PAYG.

    And for Das Reg to give a monthly rumour-to-hitrate report telling us which of these Apple rumouroids ever come to fruition.

    If I wanted dual-core, opengl 2.0, doodads etc. I'd buy a laptop.

  8. Mark Aggleton
    Thumb Down


    Nuff said

  9. Magnus Ramage

    ... and what I want ...

    Like @MobiFan said. I don't see what's so hard about fitting the iPhone goodness into a candybar format. My mobile sits in the 'coin pocket' of my jeans at all times. I don't wear a jacket or want to stuff it in a bag. Apple's phones (and all their imitators from Nokia to LG) are too big for me.

    1. Britt Johnston

      screen size speculation

      Stamp-sized screens are not futureproof; they have to leave room for googlespam.

      The 4G iphone will probably come in 3 screen sizes, pebble (today's), slate (10") and tombstone (27").

      The coat comes with a fashionable matching 27" rockwool case...

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    An increase in screen resolution fits in with other rumours

    specifically the one floating around which claims some developers are being primed to make their apps less resolution dependent, with this being baked into the next release of the SDK. And this without even having to invoke the tablet.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    So it's a bit faster again, and now included video calling (which nobody uses anyway).

    Wow, groundbreaking. They'll be sold out for months though.

  12. Shonko Kid
    Jobs Horns

    4G moniker

    Presumably, if they do go with 4G, and people bemoan the confusing caused, Steve will ask the various network consortia working on the 4G spec to "just change it's name" ;-)

    1. transientcylon


      Not that big a deal really!

  13. BeefStirFry

    Rumour mill started to turn early...

    ...Last year we had about 4 months of hype up to the release of the 3GS, with claims of 5 Megapixel camera, even slimmer design than 3G, the apple logo on the back being a flash, 4 models of it being released including an iPhone Nano, OLED screen, FM transmission and receiver, a rubber backed body, as well as a 4GB version...

    Seems that the rumour mill has started already, with everyone trying to get in on the "Guess the features" bandwagon.

    If I was Apple, and I suspected certain companies of leaking information, I'd feed one with false information, such as a removal battery, and another with information about releasing it earlier than usual, then sit back and see which companies you can and can't trust...

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    iPhone ringtones

  15. jai

    offer the new phone to large corporate clients as a "litmus test"

    this doesn't make much sense, because they already know they'll sell the things faster than they can get them to the shops

    that said - didn't they only release the original SDK to corporations, and then to a limited number of individuals, and then finally to everyone?

  16. Valerion

    Never understood

    Why the iPhone can't use an MP3 as a ringtone (without complicated conversions to ringtones and uploading them to the phone). It's been a feature on every other phone I've owned for years. Select a song and set it as your ringtone. Simples.

  17. Joebetwa

    Removable Battery

    Under Battery regulations from Europe you have to be able to remove batteries from any device containing one, except under specific circumstances to do with basic function, safety and security of the product. Since none of these factors apply to the iPhone in particular, then Apple face fines and bans if they do not comply. Watch for the spinning of the replaceable battery as a 'green' change. It kinda is, as that is why the regulations were written in the first place to enable easy recycling of the batteries. They could turn round and ignore the regulations again but that would really be taking the p*&^s.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "except under specific circumstances"

      That'd be the volatility of the cells then...

  18. Anonymous Coward

    Its all cock and nonsense...

    This is all a load of Bullshite...

    The iPhoneHD widescreen is due in June. and goes by the name iPhone 3GOSH (3G, Oled, S, HD)

    its screen will be 1 pixel bigger < (Yes 21943 x 7 = very wide screen)

    its camera will be 1 pixel more (see above)

    its processor is 1 Hz faster

    it has 1 bit more ram

    it has a smaller battery

    theres one more letter in its alphabet.

    and it has an extra button.

    rumor has it that it has an extra dimension, but leaked photo's have failed to show it.

  19. Steven Knox


    I'd have gon with simply "4G or not 4G?" That, after all, is the question.

  20. Adam 10
    Jobs Horns

    New features?

    I don't have an iPhone, but I have met several owners who wave it in my face and tell me about all the "awesome new stuff!" you can do, which in reality amounts to erm... being able to zoom in and out of photos by pinching your fingers on the screen.

    I hadn't actually noticed the lack of that most basic of 3G features, a secondary camera for video calling. No doubt Apple will sell this as a world first despite this being commonplace on 3G phones for at least 5 years.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Look, if your not interested...

      That's fine, but can you fuck off back under your bridge please. It's not as if anyone really uses front mounted cameras and the lack thereof hasn't seemed to hamper Blackberrys or Android devices. Oh, that's right facts don't help with trolling, do they?

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