back to article AOL sets itself mountain to climb with 1,400 layoffs

AOL began a series of job cuts yesterday, after it failed to convince 2,500 of its employees to take voluntary redundancy at the firm, which was spun out of Time Warner late last year. The limping web outfit announced plans to axe jobs in November 2009. Since then, only 1,100 of its workers have taken voluntary redundancy, …


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  1. brimful

    Anyone being let go

    Sorry, I know how it feels.

    On a happier note, watch "up in the air" with George Clooney. Good movie.

  2. adam payne

    I'm surprised AOL are still around

    AOL should be a banned organisation and anyone using them should be thrown in jail.

  3. jon 44

    mountain you say?

    Then do it the easy way and start at the top :D Hell, by the time you get to Tier 2 you'll have already covered the costs you were trying to save and only sacked 1-10 people.

  4. MacRat

    AOL Needs Funds

    For a new round of CDs to mail out.

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