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Samsung's original Omnia created a bit of a stir amid its accompanying hype when it first appeared a year or so ago. While the general consensus was that it was clever and different, it didn't quite have the X-factor to take on the very best of the touch screen smartphone brigade, which still has the iPhone as its enduring Joe …


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  1. Neur0mancer
    Paris Hilton

    Hur Hur


    Paris know

  2. Anon the mouse
    Thumb Up

    Connected Home

    Been using this for a few months now, and apart from the slowdown you mentioned it's pretty good.

    Connected home is easy to use....

    Connect via Wifi.

    Tap Select Contents, pick the machine with content on it (Windows Media Player only, sorry).

    Pick files etc, from the library.

    On Select Player tap your phone (it's the one in the middle)

    It should start no problems.

    You will need to find the Phone on Windows media player and allow it permission to read the WMP library.

  3. Dibbles

    Maybe I'm missing something

    ...but how's the text entry? One of the main benefits of this kind of phone over a non-WM one is the document editing/ email/ messaging platform - yet no mention of how the keypad works (I'm assuming it's on-screen not physical, for starters?)

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  4. Robert Grant Silver badge

    Killer feature:

    FM radio broadcasting built in, so you can use it in the car with any charger that fits.

  5. Jerome 0


    If the iPhone is Joe McElderry, does that make the Nexus One Rage Against the Machine?

    1. Gotno iShit Wantno iShit


      No, U2. They think they are Gods.

  6. NRT

    Dual LCD Flash


    I want one!


  7. Dr Richard
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    wasted screen space

    That pic of Opera in action just made me think what a waste of screen space ... the top and bottom areas are just dead space and ought to be hidden or at least minimized in normal ... I want to see the web site content not navigation controls.

    1. Jeff S

      Opera can fill the entire display

      Eh, you can see the entire webpage on the screen, Opera has various display options including hiding all the navigation keys and running in full screen mode,.

    2. Will.

      no wasted space

      Actually as soon as you touch the website content the menu bars hide themselves automatically.

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  8. Big-nosed Pengie


    As the proud owner of a Samsung mobile phone running Windwoes Mobile, I can say without any hesitation that it's the buggiest, most counterintuitive piece of shite I've ever owned. If I'd paid for it myself rather than being given it by my employer I'd be bloody furious at being take for such a ride.

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