back to article Beeb reporter breaks Sonim's 'unbreakable' phone with fishtank

A BBC reporter covering this year’s CES broke Sonim’s…ahem…“unbreakable” mobile phone during a video demonstration of its toughness. BBC_Sonim BBC Reporter Dan Simmons (left) tests and breaks a Sonim handset After dunking the handset into a fishtank, Reporter Dan Simmons repeatedly smashed the device onto the tank’s corner …


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  1. Individual #6/42
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    Now for sale

    The unbreakable fishtank!

  2. Piloti

    Oh really....

    Nothing is 'unbreakable'. And for the reporter to have to resort to """repeatedly smashed the device onto the tank’s corner. """ to break a mobile 'phone means that, in normal day to day work, this should be a pretty tough old beast.

    One nil to the 'phone in my humble view......


  3. DT


    If I was the Sonim presenter, the fish tank wouldn't have remained unbroken for long.

    'phone irradiates head

    Fish tank breaks 'phone

    Head smashes fish tank.

    It's like a painful, expensive version of rock, paper, scissors

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Nay, nay and thrice Nay!

    Feed one to a horse and make it shit it out. Then phone for a vet with it.

    Great publicity, great marketing trick (that looks more impressive than it really is but will fool people), and great television.

    What more could you want?

  5. Mark Dowling
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    and of course being British

    he immediately apologises having been given carte blanche...

  6. John Ridley

    did he get his free phone?

    just wondering.

    1. Matt 13
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      he did....

      and its got a broken screen!!!

  7. Jerome 0
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    Excellent stuff

    The best part of the video is the way the journalist is so abjectly apologetic (so much for hard-hitting journalism) while Plaschke remains completely calm and collected about the whole incident. Sheer class.

  8. Gomu
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    Amazing phone

    It is amazing that if you see the video, still the phone works. And anyway Sonim phones are covered by a three year unconditional warranty, which other phones don’t have.

    As piloti says, this is really a lot of stress for a phone. Other phones would not have held this long.

  9. Matt 13
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    it did break, but....

    he was hammering the hardest to protect, most delicate part of the phone bloody hard against a corner... the forces on the screen were pretty extreme! the fact that it took about 4 or 5 attempts to break is really very good going!!

    you dont know how tough something is till it breaks... for me, seeing that it does take that sort of abuse is a good selling point! and if the screen is proper daylight readable, ill have one for days on the yacht

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