back to article Palm Prē lands in France

Palm is extending the market range of its smartphones to France through a partnership with mobile service provider SFR, which will begin offering the Palm Prē and Pixi to its existing 20 million mobile customers - and, hopefully, more - in the second quarter of this year. France will become Palm's fifth European market, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    le Palm Pre c'est tres con

    il faut dire que le palm n'a rien d'un iPhone même si il aime prétendre être un ipod pour utiliser iTune.

    c'est vraiment de la foutaise. l'equivalent du Psion anglais.

    vive la république qui n'invente rien mais qui adore critiquer

  2. John H Woods

    rimshot ...

    ... or percussive sting?

  3. Barry Mahon
    Thumb Down

    French Arrogance?

    What's all that guff about French arrogance?? I suppose it gets people (like me!!) to read the item... Less bias please, Reg does a fine job without it....

    OTOH I have a SFR 3G key, it is rubbish.... I cannot even recover my billing password....

This topic is closed for new posts.

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