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Infrared remotes are easily taken for granted for controlling the TV from the couch, but with the Keene IRAnywhere system, you can take channel hopping to the next level. Ever wanted to change the channel from across international borders? For long-distance disciplinarian dads, the possibilities for family fun are endless. …


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  1. BarryMc

    So, just to be clear...

    There's no association, whatsoever, with this product and the 'IRA'? And that it contains none of their remote-controlling intellectual property?

    I'll get me coat, and me knee-caps.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      IRA remote shenanigans

      I'm glad it's not just me that thought that.

      A bit.

  2. Efros
    Thumb Up

    Sounds like

    a godsend to those who have FTP boxes in their home countries linked to a PVR enabled HTPC.

    1. Christian Berger

      Those people

      Those people typically have a PVR solution with web-interface and streaming, like for example VDR.

  3. Misha Gale


    Sounds ideal for controlling the projector in my living room which is plugged into the PC in my bedroom - only not for a hundred nicker. A few cunningly angled mirrors might be a more cost effective solution.

    1. Lionel Baden
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      or for £25

      you can get a wireless AV transmitter reciever with remote support


  4. A. Lewis


    IRAnywhere? Really? You guys didn't think about that at all did you...

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh yeah..

    Think I might install one of these next time I have to go to %incompetent-relative% house to plug their router back in or show them how to double click again, I can foresee much random remote remote fun.

  6. John Smith 19 Gold badge
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    Neat and apparently well executed

    But a bit pricey.

    However I suspect quite a lot of peopel will discover all sorts of odd uses for it.

  7. Jamie Jones Silver badge


    It maybe neat, but is totally pointless

    1. Danny 14

      Not pointless.

      I can see the appeal. I store my HTPC in a box in the living room that is ventilated and sound proofed. I currently run the IR dongle via USB out of the box. Now I would love to put all my other AV equipment inside this soundproofed ventilated box but the remotes stop me from doing so. I have tried the wireless remote senders but these things generally only come with a few channels and disrupt my wireless kit (not many free channels near me - im naughtily using a japanese frequency)

      If this was only £30 then i'd bite

  8. Christopher Key.

    Concept's sound

    I've had good results with a similar product,

    Combined with a suitable WebApp on a iPod Touch, you can have a very neat remote control system.

  9. Cliff

    Great, but...

    It looks a bit like a solution waiting for a problem, y'know?

    I could easily make up scenarios which it could solve, but I'd probably also re-think the problem to negate needing one of these. For a tenner, nice, I'd get one to play with, but for a ton, I can't justify it :-(

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