back to article WD accused of encryption IP filch

Western Digital is being sued by Taiwan's Enova Technology for alleged unauthorised use of its encryption technology in My Book and My Passport external drive products. The lawsuit, filed in Delaware, also cites Initio Technology which makes an encryption/decryption controller device. It refers to two US patents; 7,136,995, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Multitouch and Android, + Clipper Chip

    I read that the European version of Android 2.1 is multitouch, while the US version not, and it was suggested it was some sort of patent problem.

    Although Apple is not the inventor of multitouch, it has a number of patents of the type [multitouch on a phone] and so on in the US, courtesy of the US Patent Office policy of letting anyone patent the wheel.

    I don't see how this companies work differs from any previous stream encryption chip, like this one from 2005, but even the Clipper Chip was from 1994.

    Looks like another case of the USPTO not doing its job and destroying US inventors in the process.

  2. Alan W. Rateliff, II
    Paris Hilton

    Chain responsibility?

    This whole concept of chain responsibility for IP infringement really kills me. Western Digital uses a chip in its hard drives, said chip violates a patent, and we then hold WD liable for the infringement? Really?!

    This whole thing started swirling around my head when companies were being chased by SCO for Linux's alleged violations. Can anyone shed some light on that for me?

    Paris, help me understand!

  3. Martin Usher

    Its obvious

    >Can anyone shed some light on that for me?

    Successful product ==> Cashflow ==> parasites

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Ha ha ha ha haaa haaaa

    Patents kinda remind me of kids in school. They'd think something up and someone across the room would think up the same thing without even knowing they existed. The other kid would hear about it come over and it would pretty much go like this:

    Kid 1: I thought of that before you, it's mine.

    Kid 2: But I didn't even know about that, I thought of it as well.

    Kid 1: Well I thought of it first so it's mineeeeee...... so ha ha ha ha haaa haaaa.

    That's what patents remind me of. Should I wait for the world to grow up some more?

  5. AntiHacker101
    Thumb Up

    im sure its not involved, but just in case

    i been f ighting this worm longer than anyone due to my system and beyond as its command and control center. one thing i learned about it through millions of experiements is that this worm encrypted each device with firmware and also interaction with the BUS that all data is transmitted througth. this also is linked to driver alterations.

    so far, being a limited backdoor, this is what it links to first.

    then for me, the hub and operating system and drives.

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