back to article TalkTalk kills Tiscali

In the end, it went quietly. As of yesterday, Tiscali is no more in the UK. Carphone Warehouse and TalkTalk boss Charles Dunstone wielded the axe on his corporate blog. He said: "From today the Tiscali brand is no more and we're committed to giving all of our customers absolute clarity about who we are, the services we …


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  1. Michael Coulter

    What no webmail

    Tried to log into Tiscali webmail yesterday and my account information was not being accepted - tried again today and still no access.

    You can't even contact customer services unless you are a paying customer so it looks as if it's bye bye to tiscali free webmail

    1. Paul 4

      Same here...

      But oddly enough we still seem to be able to access them via pop3. Our broadband is with BT, so its not down to that.

      Its rather anoying because our ebay account is set up to sent to tiscali because of the amount of spam we get from that.

      1. Pandy06269

        Does this help?

        Browsing to takes you to a migration page on TalkTalk's website which says:

        "What about my email?

        Your email address will stay exactly the same and you can log on at or click on the My Mail icon at the top right hand corner of the homepage."

        Is this not what you're looking for?

      2. Neil_


        Still having webmail problems.

        Works fine from home, or on my phone via imap, but using a browser at work shows up someone else's email address prefilled. These other addresses work at the same place I do. We don't share NT profiles, so TalkTalk must be storing them by outgoing IP somehow.

        After I overtype the address, I can't login from Firefox. I can from IE, and I can from a new Firefox profile. So they're up to something rubbish with cookies/source IP addresses/sessions.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Warned before Christmas?

    How exactly? This is the first I have heard of it.

    I haven't had any communication from them in months, I remember something back when they were taken over with the normal spin, but certainly nothing about bill increase.

    I even just checked on the email address they gave me (which I never use, who wants an email address tied to an isp?), and there is nothing on there either.

    Oh well, I've noticed the service has been getting a bit iffy over the past few weeks anyway, so time to be off me thinks.

    1. Mark McC

      In the same boat

      Still paying my £14.99 a month for broadband only. I've received no communications from Tiscali/TalkTalk since the initial letter announcing the takeover and an assurance that there would be no bill increases. I certainly haven't received anything regarding this 25% price hike.

      Service since the takeover has been pretty much the same as always - fast and reliable. Apart from a noticeable increase in anti-PTP traffic shaping (ironic considering TalkTalk's bluster every time the media mentions piracy) I haven't noticed any change in the service since the takeover.

    2. Losheda

      BT Told us

      The first time i found out was the letter i got from BT telling me about the price hike and about their £9.99 a month, 18 month deal, its crap, 10GB a month for 18 months would drive me insane!!

      I wonder how many customers are going to find £19.99 on their bill and cancel asap, and i wonder how many won't even realize.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      me too

      It's not only me who has seen a degradation in service ( substantial ) since TT took over Tiscali.

      Despite being told i had also received an e-mail i have not. Hmmm.

      I was even a satisfied customer of Tiscali.

      1. Chika

        I suppose they had to exist

        A satisfied Tiscali user? Yeah, I suppose they must have existed. I know that I wasn't one, though, especially as I was press-ganged into Tiscali from Pipex. I had moved to Pipex from Orange (who were absolute crap when I was last with them) having been forced into this situation following two name changes (I was a Freeserve customer), the cutting of the NNTP service and a support service that had no idea (I could tell you about the idiots that set up a proxy for port 80 only so nobody could access email from that server... heh).

        And Pipex worked. For the few months I had them before Tiscali took them over and forced their quality service down the drain, at which point I switched again. I can only say that if Talk Talk caused Tiscali's service to go downward, then things must truly be grim there now!

  3. Anonymous Coward

    its dead

    and i for one wont cry any tears.....

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Oh no

    Tiscali were one of the greatest ISP's in the UK. They were pioneers in their day and innovative. They had probably the best Infrastructure and support network of all. They will be sadly missed.

    1. DJV Silver badge

      You forgot...

      you forgot the <sarcasm> </sarcasm> tags...

    2. alex_c

      "greatest ISP"?!?!?!?


      Their own product was a joke; their whitelabel was a joke; their tech support was a joke; their attitude to their own staff was a crime.

      They swept up loads of decent companies in their wake, destroyed them all and have died the death they deserve.

  5. TrixyB
    Thumb Up

    My I be the first to say...

    Nobody is mourning here!

  6. Anonymous Coward

    "He has made some deep cuts at Tiscali, causing uproar among staff."

    So long as it's the Tiscali billing department, they all deserve it!

    It shouldn't take over 12 months to finally cancel a contract with an ISP, they shouldn't be able to start billing you 2 months after you've canceled and had lord knows how many MAC codes, despite using the first one they gave.

    Promising refunds that never materialise and then sending threats of court proceedings unless you pay for x months of service you never had aren't very nice either.

    1. Paul 4

      I doubt it...

      Sounds like they will fit right in with TalkTalk...

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I don't think so...

      ...that's exactly the kind of rapacious people they usually want at telecomms companies.

      Every pound is sacred to them...

  7. Alex Walsh


    My first personal email address was an account. They were taken over by Tiscali and the service went down the pan. Good riddance imho.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

  8. John P

    I don't want to add a title!

    Turned on my Tiscali box yesterday to find the colors changed and the Tiscali logo gone.

    Hope this isn't a sign of things to come, but my service has been dropping off once or twice a week in the last month or two!

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Does "Former Tiscali subscribers"

    ... include current Nildram subscribers?

    If so, either Nildram tariffs aren't changing, or someone has been lax in contacting subscribers before Christmas.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    something to remember...

    ....When im asked who's the best ISP, I always tell them the ones to avoid, now I will have to remember to no longer say Tiscali.

    At least Talk Talk will always be at the top of the list now

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    bye bye Tiscali

    Tiscali were a brazen scam outfit. Their very existence and the fact they lasted as long as they did is a scathing indictment of Ofcom's inneffective/corrupt nature. Goodbye and good riddance!

  12. TeeCee Gold badge

    Talk Talk kills Tiscali?

    Look out Professor Van Helsing, you have competition.

  13. Norris

    Wither Pipex?

    According to ...

    © Pipex Internet Limited, a Tiscali UK company, 20 Broadwick Street, London W1F 8HT

    Registered in England, registered number 5306519

  14. Ian Osborne
    Thumb Up

    What about Pipex?

    Does anyone know how this will affect Pipex home users? I left Tiscali for Pipex due to appalling service from the former, and was gutted when my new ISP was taken over. It's great to see the Tiscali brand finally laid to rest.

  15. liamuk
    Thumb Up

    Thank god

    After being on Pipex for a good few years my service suddenly disconnected overnight a couple of years ago. Pipex staff kept quiet on the reasoning but one let slip it was actually the failed migration to the Tiscali "Network". Two months of no service and no answers and they refused the provide a MAC code.

    I'm sure that's just one horror story of many, and that I'm certainly not the only one sad to see them go - they got what they deserved!

  16. Tony Gosling

    Tiscali gone - good

    Tiscali were pioneers but became terrible. I won't lament their passing. I left them a few years ago after they started throttling my bandiwidth down to nothing for exceeding "fair use". They wouldn't tell me where the limit was or how much I was using, so left. Leaving was a difficult process that took months, appaling customer service and billing. Am now with Be Unlimited where unlimited actually means what it says.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Honest CEO indeed.

    A 33.36% price hike is "small" now, is it?

  18. Annihilator
    Paris Hilton

    The name

    What's quite brilliant is that I managed to go through their whole existance without knowing exactly how it was pronounced. Was it tisk-ill-ay or tisk-ah-lay?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      The correct pronounciation "shite", to rhyme with "height". I trust that this clarifies matters, somewhat :)

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's funny

    The majority of the discussion that I heard about Tiscali was ways to get them to declare you in breach and cancel your contract, as that seemed about the only way to escape their dreadful grasp.

    All together now.. ding dong, the witch is dead! Which old witch? The really shitty money stealing crappy network owning download crippling old witch!

    Ahem, so it doesn't scan, but it's probably fairly accurate.

  20. blackworx

    Good Riddance

    To bad rubbish.

    Shame about the whole Pipex farrago.

  21. damien 4

    Before Crimbo?

    First I've heard of it...

  22. James 100
    Thumb Up

    Good riddance

    Funny, I never knew that unhappy yellow smiley-face was the symbol for sarcastic posts... what's "innovative" about providing a really, really crappy service suspiciously cheaply to get lots of suckers who don't know or care about quality? They're just the Ryanair of ISPs!

    Now, suddenly jacking up the prices by £5/month unless you take their phone service as well might quality as "innovative", but certainly not good for anyone except them.

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    YES!!!.... :D

    finally that abomination of a ISP is gone :P

    next to go is the late abortion of the nu-Lab government and all the sycophant mandarins and quangos...

  24. Elmer Phud
    Thumb Up

    At last

    As a ex-bod on a broadband service desk for BT Tiscali were the pits at customer service and best at blaming everyone else for the shite service. The el-cheapo broadband modems were stolen from cornflake packets and rareley worked.

    The dog has been dead for ages, the maggots had eaten the carcass and finally the bones have been swept away.

    1. Rab Sssss

      @Elmer Phud

      And the BT voyager was so good as well, remind me why the openreach engs used to use old speedtouch modems to test lines again?

      Oh yeah now i remember the voyagers were a pile of shite...

      An no never used Tiscali but a exBT bod talking about crap DSL devices just can't be passed by...

  25. adam payne

    Bye bye don't come back

    It seems to me that Tiscali went much the same as Bulldog did. They had too many users, not enough trained people in customer service and not enough network capacity.

    It sounds like they were trying everything they could to keep people including refusing MAC code requests, trying to charge for MAC codes, taking money out of people's accounts even though they'd cancelled...sounds like some of the experiences I had with Bulldog.

    In my opinion it's so much better to go with a small ISP. They might not have much in the way of speeds over 8MB but the customer service and technical support is miles better.

  26. Pandy06269

    Glad I left Pipex

    I left Pipex about 3 years ago cause of their high prices - never knew they'd been taken over - I chose Pipex 'cause I didn't want to go with Tiscali!

    Glad I moved...!

  27. My Opinion

    What about Nildram? Have they been told?

    "In the end, it went quietly. As of yesterday, Tiscali is no more in the UK.

    "Carphone Warehouse and TalkTalk boss Charles Dunstone wielded the axe on his corporate blog.

    "He said: "From today the Tiscali brand is no more and we're committed to giving all of our customers absolute clarity about who we are, the services we provide and the prices we charge."

    And yet 2 minutes ago on the Nildram website:

    Nildram is a trading name of Pipex Internet Limited, a Tiscali UK Company

    20 Broadwick Street, London W1F 8HT

    Registered in England, registered number 5306519

    So, if "Tiscali ... is no more" perhaps Nildram need telling?

  28. Alex-TheManfromUncle
    Thumb Up

    Notice prior to Xmas

    I'm sure I read on El Reg that they were going to cull the much beleagued Tiscali. I decided not to move email addresses until they actually did. Now they have, I'm a-moving off of them and their spammy lists!


  29. Anonymous Coward

    Was always going to be the way

    One of their first acquisitions in the UK was Liverty Surf

    I signed up to their pay a tenner and get 4 hours free dial up a month in exchange for an ad bar at the top of the screen.

    Now I know that I had exceeded the 4 hours and was trying to get a bill from them to pay it as after three months it had reached about 50 quid and website didn't work properly.

    I read of their imminent demise on El Reg as it happens (turned up in a UK plus search) and 48 hours later I got a mail telling me tiscali were taking over in three months,

    Emded up back on Virgin Net dialup where I started (got noband those days) after another couple of months of free internet.

    Always had a bad feeling about Tiscali which is why I never dealt with them but have dealt with CPW and after that experience I wouldn't touch talk talk with a barge pole.

    Here's hoping its next to disappear and Dunstone ends up flat broke.

  30. Ian Osborne

    Pipex - a response

    Here's a response I got from Pipex customer services. I'm tied to Pipex for a while as I retained their services after a house move, but I've replied and asked whether I can leave without penalty as they're more than doubling the price of a broadband-only service.


    Dear Mr. Osborne,

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    We can confirm that Tiscali customers will be transferred to TalkTalk. The migration of from Tiscali to Talktalk will not affect Pipex cutomers.

    However, as we are aligning the products across TalkTalk and Pipex, a price change is necessary. In the longer term, we hope this will provide you with a better service and value products.

    Currently, we are offering our broadband customers to take advantage of our telephone and broadband package. The broadband and Hometime call package cost £14.99 a month. The call service in this package entitles you to free calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers during evening and weekends. If you will not avail this package and retain your current broadband service, you will be billed £19.99 starting 01 February 2009.

    Furthermore, there are other packages that may be more suitable for you. We can give you a free phone number to call where you can discuss this further as we really value you as a customer. Please contact our Prolog Upgrade Team on 0800 542 6538 where there are specialist agents who will to deal with your enquiry. Opening hours are 9am to 6pm (GMT), Monday to Friday.

    If you have any further queries, please reply to this e-mail or call our Customer Care Team on the number provided below.

    Kind regards,

    Jyv Regis

    Pipex Customer Relations

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Change of contract

      If they are increasing your price they are changing the terms of your contract. This gives you a chance to get out of their service. Just refuse the new contract. They either accept it and you continue until the term of your current contract is up, or they cancel the current contract.

      It is that simple. You can guarantee that if you take the new deal they are offering then they will use it to tie you in to a new contract for 12-18 months. Just use this against them. Price increase == changing the terms of current contract.

  31. johnsibly

    Tiscali TV

    So what happens to Tiscali TV customers (formally homechoice)?. I see there is no mention of TV packages on the TalkTalk website - is this service being discontinued?

  32. alex_c
    Thumb Up

    No tears here!

    Good to see 'em go.

    When will telcos learn that outsourcing wins you lower overheads but loses you custom, when the poorly trained, careless muppets screw it all up...

  33. The Jon


    Got a flyer from Talk Talk on Wednesday about their current deal. I was a Tiscali customer and well aware of the take over. The flyer offered the same benefits as my current Tiscali account but for £10 less a month (line rental included). No mention of existing customer exemption on the flyer. Phoned up expecting to be laughed at, got switched and they even waived the £30 connection fee. Now poised to save £10 a month for the same service from the same company... Anyone want a cheap wireless router?

  34. Andy Livingstone

    Good News Week

    As a former F2S customer..... whoopee

  35. Jamie Jones Silver badge


    "[talk talk] now has 4.1 million subscribers, second in the market behind BT on five million"

    Yet they STILL don't understand how reverse dns works!

    1. Jim Morrow

      Talk Talk and reverse DNS

      "Talk Talk ... STILL don't understand how reverse dns works!".

      what do you expect? they're a fucking phone shop with a telco operation tacked on. talk talk won't have anybody who can even spell dns. remember that the people who work for the likes of talk talk are the ones who can't get jobs at bt. or got downsized by bt.

    2. adam payne

      BT as well

      Funny you should mention that BT don't know either. A wonderfully advertisement for outsourcing don't you think?

  36. Anonymous Coward

    Should have fired them all

    Tiscali, Pipex and Bulldog all had appalling reputations for incompetence. He should have fired all the staff together at once and released the video on YouTube. As it is it would appear that some of those idiots will still be floating around the Carphone Warehouse/Talk Talk and I for one will not be going anywhere near them.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      bulldog were good before

      bulldog were good before C&W took them over. in fact, C&W seem to be very good at borging companies only to ruin the very things they bought them for.

      not that bulldog were perfect

  37. Richard Boyce

    Maybe I got lucky

    I ordered a Tiscali TV and broadband package in December via the Simplify Digital web site but get nothing more than an automatic acknowledgement. Maybe whoever ignored my order did me a favour.

  38. peter 45

    no tears here

    .....even for the employees loosing their jobs. The managers instigated policies to lie to their customers and the front line staff implemented them. I should know, I was one of their customers who was deliberately lied to and I have the proof.

    No sympathy here.

  39. David 45

    No notice

    I too have had no communication regarding any tariff or service changes apart from a lot of huffing and puffing as to just how jolly good things will be from now on because of the take-over. Not if I have to pay anything extra they won't! Nothing will change, except for the better, quoth the company. The first I knew of a possible surcharge for not having a TalkTalk phone service was by way of a mail forwarded to me by a friend's ISP (Plusnet) who was trying to use this as a lever to get existing Tiscali customers to migrate. Looks like all's fair in love and the ISP war. By the way, is this bit of blackmail legal and would Ofcom be interested?

  40. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sinking ships

    Over the years of jumping (most of the time I was pushed) from ISP to ISP, I've learnt that if the ISP you're with suddenly starts getting a lot of bad press about takeovers or bandwidth problems (as in they start complaining about heavy users and decide to terminate lots of accounts, as well as impliment traffic throttling) - JUMP SHIP! don't wait, JUST GO!

    I've been kicked off serveral ISPs over the years for over-use of 'unlimited' accounts (including dialups) and I've learnt that those ISPs have actually done me a big favour because often I read up 6 months to a year later that they got bought out and/or their service went to shit or they went tits-up, making me feel very pleased about what happened because the 'new' ISP has always been miles better than the one that kicked me off.

    Also, get yourself a domain/website of your own and use that email, then you're not tied to your ISP for email.

  41. Andy Enderby 1

    Lineone-Tiscali etc

    I went with Lineone back in about 2000 (if I remember correctly) only to see service become unacceptable when they were taken over and became Tiscali. Glad I went. Unfortunately, not having a great deal of money to spend, I went with Freeswerve (oh yes, I meant to spell it that way)..... oh deep joy.....

    Jamie Jones comments remind of why I baled out of Orange...... After being told for a month that the mail servers were suffering intermittent outages, I got a little suspicious and checked the relevant DNS records...... The MX entry was missing, so I reported this, only to find that the helpdesk was unqualified to accept the solution. They then dicked around with my MAC for a month or so, and attempted to screw around over the return of a router I neither ordered, needed or wanted (sent by a rogue cold sales caller attempting to bounce me into a different package, even after they had been told in no uncertain terms to sling there fscking hook) - threatening to take legal action against me, after it had been returned by registered mail and in fact signed for at the appropriate Orange HQ..... Established finally at Waitrose (Brightview), I was still receiving unpleasant, aggressive calls from Orange some months later, which only discontinued after I threatened to take legal action and bill them for my own and my legal advisors time.

    Bad service may seem like a constant in the UK ISP market, but I have to say it would take a major change for the worse to shift me from where I am now. I know there's cheaper ISP's out there, but the service I've had has thus far been worth it. I've had recourse to the (free) helpdesk on two occasions, both dealt with beautifully by the UK based engineers and suffered from about 2 outages for a total of about 8 or nine hours in the last 2 or 3 years. Zero grief. Take a bow Waitrose/Brightview.

    It's been done before here and elsewhere, but perhaps the moderatrix may like to put together an ISP/Telco satisfaction poll if it is within her power.......

  42. Mark.L.P

    Can they do better?

    Well I hope TalkTalk can "fix" Tiscali's dire customer service or it'll be a lost cause. I still remember the old days reading all the new complaints on each week, was always a fun time unless you were the customer of course lol.

  43. tommy 2

    really gone or is iot just a blag?

    if you go to tiscali uk web site (which is now named talk talk,at the bottom right of the page it says this © Tiscali UK Limited trading as TalkTalk mmm

  44. Anonymous Coward

    gone where? you wish

    gone eh sounds too good to be true don't it, if you browse to the tiscali web page on the bottom right of the page you can see this bit of text © Tiscali UK Limited trading as TalkTalk

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