back to article Pico projectors go large in 2010

Last year Nikon released the world's first projector camera, the S1000pj (reviewed here). Competitors have been thin or non-existent on the ground, but this will soon change, with mini, or "pico" projectors in cameras, mobile phones, as notebook accessories and as standalone units, set to go mainstream in 2010. LG_EXPO LG …


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  1. Stevie


    This is the stupidest idea yet in an industry plagued with stupid ideas. Yet another way for idiots with too much money to annoy the living shirt out of people in the cinema or cause a traffic accident.

    I wouldn't mind so much (alright, I *would*) if the quality of the bloody phone electro-acoustics was top-notch but they never are. A recent survey rated the very best phone as only "good" when it came to using the device as an actual phone.

    So to recap. The phone has GPS, will play mp3 movies and music videos and now can share them with the world (whether we want to be shared with or not) but the owners of them will still be yelling "can you hear me now?" down the bleeding things. Absolutely f*cking magic.

  2. Haku

    DLP? meh

    Why didn't you mention Microvision's (fricken) laser projector?

    That's the kind of pocket projector I want, no faffing about with focusing because it's always in focus no matter how far the image is projected.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A powerful concept

    Small, indiscreet projectors are the way of the future. Imagine the potential of the free Google-Jacket, with it's shoulder mounted technology. A targeted ad projected onto each cheek of the wearer depending upon who is talking to them.

  4. Simbooth

    Back of the Bus

    Seems the next logical stage- as well as having crappy tinny music played on public transport, it'll now be matched with unfocussed, low resolution vid too.

    having said that, I'd be very interested in something like the samsung, particularly if it could be used with a laptop.

  5. Steve Roper

    Not in Australia

    Our government banned laser pointers because some little shits were shining them at the cockpit windows of aircraft taking off at airports. I give these things a month before they go the same way - as soon as these same little shits start using them to project porn onto the end-walls of trains and other public places.

    Which is both a good and bad thing, I suppose. It's a pity that such a potentially useful technology will inevitably find its way into the hands of stupid little bastards who will wreck it for everybody. If only our government allowed mature members of the public to carry out summary executions instead... ;)

  6. The Indomitable Gall
    Thumb Down


    Looking at that Brightboxe, it's not even in the "micro" range. Who are they trying to kid?

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