back to article Greenpeace: Apple ain't so brown anymore

Nature lovers at Greenpeace have made their - ahem - peace with the folks at Apple after some three odd years of lambasting the firm for using toxic chemicals in its products and not stitching Steve Jobs turtlenecks out of pure organic hemp1. Greenpeace has released its latest hit-list of environmentally friendly and fiend- …


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  1. cirby

    Something to note

    For years now, Greenpeace has been comparing Apple's real-world actions with the rest of the industry's "plan to do" press releases, they just finally got around to figuring out that most of the computer makers never got around to doing all of those things...

  2. Greg J Preece
    Thumb Down

    Greenpeace can kiss my arse

    As you would except from a group so dedicated to the advancement of science - indeed, the advancement of anything other than their own eco-egos - this "scale" has absolutely no value whatsoever in judging the environmental aspirations of any of the few companies on it.

    You wanna know about Greenpeace's scale? Check this out:

    Quite frankly, they're nothing but luddites, scaremongers, and vandals. Fuck Greenpeace. Fuck them in the ear.

  3. jake Silver badge

    Not Orca, no ...

    "Steve Jobs' turtleneck is made out of orca foreskin, right?"

    Of course not, silly! It's knitted out of sea turtle sinew, everyone knows that ...

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Post anonymously?

      ""Steve Jobs' turtleneck is made out of orca foreskin, right?"

      "Of course not, silly! It's knitted out of sea turtle sinew, everyone knows that ..."

      No that is the main part of the sweater (hence the turtle part of the name). The neck part is in fact a single foreskin - but from a Blue Whale. Steve has a closet full of them.

      1. Jim 64


        Not a closet full. An ARSE full of them. Ripped off via aggressive coitus. So that is why he has been ill. Perhaps it also explains how the Apple rip-off strategy may have been developed. Lol

  4. Steve 151

    I've had about enough

    Why don't these misanthropic eco-loons just f*** off?

    The planet is fine. Enough. End.

    1. Neil Stansbury


      YOUR part of the planet might be fine, but then I guess It's not YOUR ground source water being polluted by YOUR computer waste.

      Then again the people affected are generally poor, black and live somewhere else - so who gives a sh1t right?

      It sounds to me that misanthropic better defines your behavour and attitude rather than Greenpeace's.

      1. Steve 151

        no seriously...

        Greenpeace hate people, I like people (regardless of wealth, colour or location thanks)

        therefore Greenpeace = Misanthropic, I = Anthropic (which may not be a word, but hey...)

        If Greenpeace spent some of their income tackling the problems on the ground rather than hectoring and lobbying I might have some appreciation for them, but as it is they are death-cult stone-agers who can go f*** themselves

        1. Jim 64


          Yeah, people who want another industrial revolution switching to entirely green energy and thus avoiding humanity destroying its own planet whilst creating jobs and reducing the damage being done to v nice areas of the world (like Alberta Canada and the Oil Sands projects) and saving some wildlife for future gens. Clearly stupid stoneagers. You backwards, oil-age f-tard.

          1. Steve 151

            dear oh dear

            ok, lots to fisk in that post!

            1) entirely green energy has several drawbacks, the main one being that it doesn't work

            2) job creation is a cost, not a benefit

            3) The most damaging thing to the environment is a zero tech subsistence existence - if we all switched to hunter-gatherer we'd strip the entire planet of life and available resources in a few months. Modern technology (esp agriculture) allows us to live at arm's length to nature, with the ability to feed untold billions. Greenpeace et al would sterilise, euthanase and starve the third world back to 'sustainable' population limits. No thanks.

            4) Greenpeace classify all human development as damaging and will not stop until they achieve a complete halt, and then a return to subsistence farming - i.e. Stone Age.

            5) Oil age? I'd go with nukes personally, but then I believe in the advancement of the species, rather than a return to serfdom and hairshirt lifestyles

            thanks for playing though

      2. Greg J Preece


        Wow Neil, that was a right bullspout, there. I love how you managed to twist "doesn't like Greenpeace" into "is racist". If you are indeed a Greenpeace supporter, you're really not helping their image...

        But yeah, Greenpeace and any other organisation that attempts to persuade third world countries not to accept GM crops that would save lives can kiss the hairiest part of my arse.

        Take this hilarious arsewash, for example:

        Ignoring for a moment all the usual hippie shit about GM foods somehow being bad for you, and ignoring - as Greenpeace obviously does - that we've been genetically engineering crops and food animals since the dawn of agriculture, this bit is my favourite:

        "We are told that GM crops will help feed the world's poor but according to the United Nations, we already produce more than enough food to satisfy everyone."

        Oh dear...

  5. davebarnes

    Interesting that the 2nd greenest company

    will be the first to go out of business.


  6. David Webb
    Gates Halo


    Let's have a look at my Microsoft Windows 7 box... The outter layer appears to be made out of a substance that seems to be "cardboard", I'd assume that is 100% recyclable, if its made out of recycled material I don't know. Lets pull the container out... It's made of plastic! A closer inspection is required here..... Let's have a look, it would appear that the container is made out of Polypropylene, a recycled/recyclable material, which means Microsoft Windows 7 packaging is very green!

    It's all a load of bull really, political gesturing from a bunch of hippies.

    1. Annihilator

      Windows box

      You kept your Windows 7 box? Ripped the serial number sticker off, kept the CD's and dumped the box in day 2 :-)


      "Steve Jobs' turtleneck is made out of orca foreskin, right?"

      I just lived the cliché by almost spitting coffee out when I read that :-) Very good job.

    2. Jim 64
      Gates Horns

      You tard.

      YOU are recyclable! But you would not be happy if someone made you into packaging!...

      And if you think that the packaging your copy of windows came in is the be-all and end all of a comp that also makes Xboxes, Zunes etc etc etc environmental footprint, then you really are a hyper-tard. I can assure you that I am no hippy. But I still disagree with you entirely. ETHICS is not CONFINED to environmentalism, but it can certainly be found there. Saying we should not ensure that the planet is protected from any major ill effects of our collective actions, is to say that future millions have no right to life. If they do not, why do you! Maybe packaging is all you are good for.

    3. call me scruffy
      Thumb Up


      Lets have a look at the millions of tons of perfectly good computers that have been junked because they woudn't run the latest windows.

      Microsoft have earned that place fair and square,

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Just to follow all the sheeple and bash Greenpeace again!

    If it wasn't for the extreme actions of groups like Greenpeace, we all still be doing things like people would still be dumping crap in landfills, drinking tap water with shit in it, kids would be breathing in that healthy asbestos dust from roofing.

    You need extreme groups likes Greenpeace and PETA to get people to sit up and discuss. If everyone went around saying, "Oh like, ahem, could you like stop that, it's not helping.", people would simply ignore them. When someone starts shouting and ranting about something nasty, you at least pay some attention, if only to wait and tell them to f**k-off! The key point is, you listened and paid a attention, so you must have been interested at some level, to begin to start arguing.

    I don't agree with a lot of stupid things these groups do, but I do support their right to shout and scream to anyone listening, 'cos that makes us at least talk about their points!

    If you really hate them so much, then please don't comment on them, simply ignore them and without attention, they will disappear.

    Oh and to the poster using the word "luddite" in a negative sense, please go and look up the real truth about the original luddite movement, you will actually find out they were far more advanced and progressive than any other movement of their time.

  8. jai

    wii = global warming?

    so Nintendo are the lowest ranked company - yet the Wii is the biggest selling console and arguably most likely to be found in any home. given the current weather conditions in the uk, it seems likely that we're all going to die in Day After Tomorrow style cataclysm and it's all Nintendo's fault!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      re Nintendo

      IIRC, they simply refuse to give Greenpeace the information they ask for, and are therefore ranked at the very bottom. Intellectually dishonest, but useful for PR purposes.

  9. John Smith 19 Gold badge
    Thumb Up

    Nokia no surprise

    They were ISO 14000 rated (environmental friendliness throught he product life cycle) about 5 years ago.

    Not sure if some the others have even heard of it.

    I also some of the laggards have most of their mfg off shore, quite far off shore in many cases.

  10. steveharris

    No sound - missing PCI device

    Can someone help me please? I have a Philips freevents X67, which is really a twinhead f11y.

    I have installed all the drivers from their website but still no sound. In device manager my computer says no mixer devices - no PCI device.

    Can someone please help me? Thanks - Happy New Year.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    this 'green scale' of companies is of course completely meaningless, constructed as it was from feel-good press releases rather than any real facts pertaining to how much a company pollutes, what chemicals they use, and where those chemicals end up.

    If they put down their bongs long enough to do that kind of research they'd probably forget why they were members of Greenpeace to begin with.

  12. Matthew 4
    Thumb Down

    What total crap

    I can't see how a company like Microsoft can be doing more damage to the environment than say.. HP or Acer who produce so much hardware.

    Not that I really care but still.. these numbers appear to be pulled form thin air

  13. WinHatter

    Most importantly

    forgot to put in the infra ultra dark red Sun/Java for wasting so many CPU cycles.

    James Gosling the young goose that got turkeys buying into Java should be fined $4 bn in carbon tax.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    Well, one less customer for Lenovo.

    My old Lenovo lappy just died. Was going to get another, but in light of this, I will do my bit and buy an Acer. These comps (and more importantly, their shareholders) need to understand that the days of raking in cash whilst destroying the planet are fading fast. Thanks to the web and orgs like Greenpeace, we consumers have the information and therefore the power to make the world a better place. Great to see that ethical investment is now on the rise thanks to efforts like this. Thanks for reporting it El Reg.

    I already run Linux on a desktop and v soon Ubuntu will be at a level where I can cut out M$ altogether. About time. As soon as stuff like photoshop runs easily and problem free, M$ are finished. Competition commission should pay v close attention to any dealings between those M$ and Adobe etc.

    If it were not for M$ efforts to surpress competition over the years, perhaps more kids in the developing world would also be on the web already. You might have thought that the Gates charity would be actively backing OLPC!!!!.......

    Many charities are just masonic influence peddlers. Lots of them were set up by masons inc the Red Cross and league of same. Read history of charities. Same guy that founded the Red Cross founded the Fed. Secret society founds opaque uber-bank and the biggest charity... Great opportunity!.. Who says your cash for saving kids doesnt go to black projects - as in clandestine spook warfare, not projects in non-white communities! Lol. I may or may not mind if the cash is diverted to something else. But it is the idea that it could happen without me being told that upsets me. And or that the cash I pay to help impoverished people get an education can be taken for the use of whatever the desciples of the Great Architect wishes, including potentially the opposite of what I gave the money for. Taking cash tendered in good faith for one thing, doing something else with it. Fraud.

  15. Shane Orahilly

    If they hate PVC so much...

    ...shouldn't they concentrate their campaigning on fetish clubs, double glazing companies and guttering installers? By volume I'm fairly certain 2 of those use more of the offending product, and the other one would make for some good pictures.

  16. Charles Manning

    Al God on board

    Having Al Gore on the Apple board has got to be worth a few Green Points.

    After 15-odd years of being a Greenpeace supporter (financial and otherwise) I've stopped. I think they used to do better work than they're doing now. They used to promote all sorts of causes but now seem to have put most of their efforts into promoting global warming which makes them pretty pointless.

    Greenpeace's most dopey project has been the Black Pixel project which will supposedly save the world by using less power on CRT screens. The savings are so paltry that almost ny other act of cutting back will be more beneficial. One cup of coffee less per year results in more saving than running the back pixel saver. Having one shower less in your lifetime has a better saving.

    Of course they could argue that Black Pixel is a symbolic act to raise awareness. But having a no-coffee or no-shower day once a year would be more symbolic as well as more practical. It would also mean that more people could participate (ie. not just the people with CRTs).

  17. Winkypop Silver badge


    ..God didn't make little green apples....

    O.C. Smith

  18. TeeCee Gold badge


    "Microsoft.........failing to show support for the revised EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electronics directive."

    Remind me again. Which bit of the EU is Redmond in?

    I wonder how many European companies go out of their way to big up draft eco-cobblers from other governments?

    1. Hugh_Pym

      All of it.

      They have employees and customers in all parts of the world. Don't be so bloody provincial. How much product does Microsoft shift in Redmond FFS?

  19. georgeclooneylookalike
    Paris Hilton

    Greenpeace can kiss my arse too!

    I wan't cheap and nasty, could give a toss about the environment. China doesn't. What about that boat they've sunk off the coast of Japan - think of the dolphins...

    Paris, because... see the first sentance.

    PS I'm green because I have a 10 year old PC running Debian

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Greenpeace are full of shit sometimes. The upshot of their pathetic screaming and stamping of feet is people "going green" by scrapping their perfectly good car and buying a brand new Prius or something (ignoring all the pollution generated and toxins used in production).

    In the IT world what Greenpeace should be doing in encouraging people to recycle, reuse and reduce. A 512mb P4 is still a perfectly capable machine, it just won't run Win7; but it will run a lightweight Linux distro (hell, a full-fat one is pretty swift). And what will Win7 actually give you? Anything?

    You can even run old boxes headless to act as NAS, firewalls, routers, whatever and save the planet that way (note: you will need to do some power consumption calculations). But no. Greenpeace validate increased consumption of scarce resources by rubber-stamping new products which are merely incremental at best, rather than game-changing.

    Greenpeace - killing the planet one misguided step at a time.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Greenpeace don't give a flying fuck about the environment.

      It's purely an ego exercise, on one occaision they forgot to finish a pamphlet and handed it out with the phrase "Insert alarmist armagedonist factoid here" in the middle of it.

      They've helped reduce the progress of nuclear research in the west to a crawl by aranging rentamob to turn up whenever anyone mutters the N word.

      Remember the "Ghost Fleet"? Full of PCBs it could have been dismantled safely on the tyne, but greenpeace got in on the act and shouted a lot about how these ships posed a massive environmental hazard and should just NOT EXIST and that it was too dangerous to even think about and and... Eventually said fleet was broken up in the far east with no personel safety measures, no environmental guards and a decades long backlog in the local court houses.

      Then there was Brent Spar, another storm in a teacup where GPs involvement actually led to a poorer environmental solution. But Hey GP can sit around in their little group hug smugly proclaiming that they're saving the world and it must be true because all of their friends in greenpeace think the same thing.

  21. Anonymous Coward

    where is HTC then?

    hmmm..Nokia doing very well - but with all this heated focus on the 'Superphone' aka Nexus One - I wonder where HTC rankings would be?

    If a company aimed to be as green as possible then their choice for employee smartphone may well be linked to this sort of information - and from this, it appears the choice is Nokia

  22. NBCanuck

    Better living through sterilization

    One of the biggest threats to the Earth is overpopulation, so for all those Greenpeacers out there who have kids: shame on you you bunch of hypocrites.

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