back to article Tech vendors turn to Brussels as copyright levy talks fold

A group of consumer electronics giants have called time on efforts to bring some coordination to Europe's mosaic of national copyright levies and will target action from Brussels. The FT reports that Apple, HP, Sony and friends have been speaking to the organisations behind collection schemes in 22 European countries in an …


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  1. irish donkey
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    Wonder what that hidden agenda could be

    With no consistent approach to copyright they can just do what they like.. charge as much as they like.... leaving the consumer with a collection of laws so complex copyright infringement is inevitable turning everyone into criminals and potentially open to court action.


  2. P Saunders

    So piracy is alright then

    So if copyright infringement is inevitable and everything electronic is being levied and artists are being paid whether they actually earned the money or not then pirating songs and stuff must be legal since artists are being paid anyhow. Torrents, here I come.

  3. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge


    Yeah, there's no levies here in the US (there was one on DAT tape, but that's a dead format), but if there were I'd pirate to my hearts content, and point out I'd already paid for it. They can't collect levies AND try to collect directly, that is double dipping.

  4. Mos Eisley Spaceport

    Levies ??

    If I was paying mandatory levies on media then I would be pirating as much stuff as I could.

    Just saying...

  5. P. Lee

    re: levies

    I have to agree with Henry - there is no greater threat to users purchasing content than having access to it over the internet and feeling that they have already paid for it via a tax.

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