back to article Pioneer puts Pandora Radio in your car

Pioneer hammered another nail in the coffin of traditional music radio when it announced that its new top-end car-audio and satnav system would - among many other features - include support for Pandora Radio. There's one major hitch with the Pandora support in the new AVIC-X920BT in-dash AV receiver, however: you need an …


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  1. fifi
    Dead Vulture


    That's fine, but when will Pandora be available in the UK?

    it's a rather important issue for the UK readership.

  2. Is it Friday yet?
    Thumb Down

    Pandora in the UK...Erm Nope!

    As Pandora is only available in the US this will be about as much use as a catflap on a submarine..

  3. Dick Emery
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    Does anyone else feel that in car entertainment has become FAR too complicated and 'feature rich' these days? It's just another distraction and potential for accidents IMHO.

    A radio and CD/MP3 player is fine. Everything else is overkill (Or roadkill).

    1. peyton?

      I would disagree

      *But* only if it didn't require an Ipod hooked up via cable?! If I'm going to shell out for a nice radio, the point would be to declutter - I fail to see what this offers (wrt music) that just plugging your mp3 player straight in via aux or FM tuner wouldn't solve...

      Once upon a time people cited CDs becoming too cumbersome as a reason to move to mp3 - but as a Pandora fan, I can say it has made me feel that managing mp3 collections is also too cumbersome. Just gimme my thumbs up and down! =D

    2. Martin 19

      Apart from the possibility

      of the entertainment preventing accidents, by helping to prevent driver boredom on long journeys, of course.

    3. Anonymous Coward


      Take your 'clever' quips elsewhere.

  4. John White

    In Car Entertainment

    I'm sure last time I got in a car, the idea was to go from A to B (in some safety/comfort) and the radio/CD/MP3 was there to while away the bring bits on the car park called the Thelwall Viaduct/J21A of M6...

    Seems now we almost at the stage of having a personal seat that's wirelessly plugged in to your phone/mp3/video screen attached to thereto. Next we'll sit in the seat in the house; seat+occupant is transported into the car complete and out at the other end whilst virtually navigating our way /simultaneously watching a video and IM chatting to friends

    Hang on, think my 17yrd old does that now ....

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A cable?

    You need a cable to connect your iPhone to your car radio? How old fashioned.

    1. fifi


      no. I don't "need" a cable to connect it to the stereo.

      But unless a wireless connection can:

      Charge the phone

      Hold the phone securely

      Allow me to control the iPod with my steering wheel controls,

      I might as well take advantage of the cable connection.

  6. Quxy

    Android users need not apply

    Indeed. Of course, Android phones already provide this capability quite nicely through a $5 cable to any car audio system with a 3.5mm audio input jack. Better yet, you're not limited to Pandora, but can choose your favourite streaming audio source.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      sorry if I missed it.

      If it was a troll, or an attempt at humour, but you can do that with an iphone too.

      I tend to use Spotify on my iphone, with a Dension in-car kit.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    who cares if its an American only thing - we are in UK

    1. Orclev


      Via the magic of the intertubes El Reg also has a significant American readership. There's also the possibility that Pandora might become available in the UK sometime soon in which case you have this handy review.

  8. Graham Lockley


    <Android-phone owners and others need not apply>

    In other words the majority of the western world......

    Doesnt seem a great selling point to me.

  9. Random Coolzip

    Phase II

    So how much longer until some safety-freak connects the dots and realizes that the hardware for the "eco-graph" could be re-purposed to analyze the current driving style and switch the current artist from AC/DC to Enya if too many 0.5G-magnitude events are recorded in a minute?

  10. Anonymous Coward

    How is this a big deal?

    I get Pandora on my Blackberry for free. I have a fairly cheap Bluetooth-enabled aftermarket car stereo in my dash. Turn on stereo, set to BT Audio, launch Pandora on the Blackberry. Voila, music! Perhaps the high-end gear goes at a higher bit rate and may sound a little better, but mine is free and sounds pretty good. I'm sure it's not as convenient as having it right there, but again---all my gear is bought and paid for. And I can use any audio service I can get to work with the Blackberry, not limited to one. Free is good.

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