back to article Motorola's latest Android 'andset demo'd

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  1. iamapizza

    Did you notice...

    ... how he didn't show you a view of the phone from behind, with the keyboard in view?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      From behind (oooh-er! missus)

      I suspect looking at the hinge working that the phone can be front flipped as well so that the screen and keyboard are on the inside when not in use.

      1. Alex-TheManfromUncle
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        Clip 1:09

        Alas no, check the clip at 1:09. that is definitely a single piece hinge clip that is angled at a right angle: screen up, keyboard down.

        I really like your idea though, and Motorola should take note!

  2. Bryan Anderson
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    We likessss......

    This one looks very nice. No mention of processor or screen resolution, but it looks very nice indeed.

  3. Neil Stansbury
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    Possibly the most innovative mobile device to come out of Motorola in like at least 25 years.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hark back to Apple's backtrack

    Isn't that one of Apple's few truly original patents - I remember liking the sound of it at the time?

    Forget it - just read the comments to that article. Seems everything's been done before.

  5. Doc Savage


    First thought wow urgh, it's fat and looks a bit weird.

    At the end of the video...

    - that keyboard is huge for a hardware keyboard

    - forward / back facing camera on keyboard... clever

    - touchpad on rear of screen... genius

    - keyboard for the rear of the case I'm not so sure on

    Most Android phones come with a glove (sock?) which would protect it, but still... it feels exposed.

    I'll wait for the review, the keyboard had better de-activate when back-flipped - that would be annoying.

  6. Greg J Preece

    That keyboard

    Would get smashed to pieces in my pocket if it's on the outside of the device all the time.

    Other than that, nifty kit.

  7. muttley

    Face up, keyboard down

    Wet table, warranty claim?


  8. Stan 2
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    Just in case fold out phone designs that leave the screen exposed to in pocket items such as keys and coins isn't stupid enough, motorola now gives us the chance to scratch the shit out of the keyboard too. Lucky us. Ye gods, thing have done nothing but go down hill since nokia communicator's.

  9. John Tserkezis
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    I don't get it.

    If it's sitting on the table, the keyboard would be face down.

    And the track pad is on the rear of the screen.

    How do you browse the web like this?

    I care not for how HE thinks it's great (he's biased anyway), but since you can't actully DO anything, what's the point?

    That only leaves it with the screen in landscape position, the keyboard just underneath it.

    Purely co-incedently, exactly like many, many other smart phones out there.

    So what does it bring to the table? In a different postion, the keyboard can be made inaccesable, and the trackpad even more of nusance to use than it is on bloody notebooks.

  10. Ben Schofield

    Are they serious?

    You will look most stupid with a keyboard stuck to the side of your head.

    And a touchpad on the back of the screen. What were they smoking that day?

  11. Individual #6/42
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    I quite like this, it's a bit of innovation but a worthwhile stab at something new.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Are you sure this is a phone?

    The demo guy makes it look more like a card trick.

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