back to article US feds kick in funny money for green data centers

The US Department of Energy, which probably has the highest electric bill on the planet thanks to its many supercomputing laboratories, has ponied up $47m to help make data centers and telecommunications facilities more energy efficient. Rather than doing research directly, Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy in the Obama …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    LEARN TO SPELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    'Centers' indeed

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Gulf Monetary Union

    A subsidy by any other name. Print money, hand it to US businesses, hope they can make productive use of it, e.g. buy foreign businesses. If the energy saving was worth the investment, then businesses would probably fund it themselves, but I reckon this is as good an area to spend money as any. The easiest win. US can save a lot there, there *is* potential.

    Think of everything the US has done, add up all that value, the space shots, plastics, internet, the oil they sold when they had it, etc. Add up everything up to 2000. Now add up everything in the Bush years 2000-2008. What % contribution to the money supply did Bush make? 5% 10%? -20% -50%.....

    He more than doubled the amount of dollars in the world by his incompetence while the real uninflated economy actually *shrank* as it was exported to China. i.e. more than half of the US dollars is supported by nothing but wishful thinking. He took half of your savings and wasted it.

    Obama doesn't have a hope in hells chance, the neocons block him in the Senate, Fox talks down everything he does, there's no way he can magically DOUBLE the value in the US economy to fix Bush's mistakes.

    Oh and gulf states are creating their own currency, so oil inflation won't turn into dollar inflation.

    But hey, the fat white old neocons have their mansions so what do they care!

  3. John Smith 19 Gold badge
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    Intersting comparison

    " Chu said, and added that when Uncle Sam and the refrigeration industry started changing laws and making products more efficient in the 1970s, this ended up saving as much energy as the United States currently generators with wind, geothermal, and photovoltaics today."

    So does that mean the US saved so much, or alternatives contribute so little?

    However getting better energy efficiency is a good idea. These schemes show it is a truly system wide problem. Yahoos observation that you can save money just by siting the centre is a cold county to IBMs effectively making it a CHP operation down to rack, server and chip level power management improvements.

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