back to article Toshiba unwraps Cell TV

Toshiba today heralded its Cell TV - the first telly to be powered by a processor cut from the same cloth as the chip in the PlayStation 3 - as "the future of TV". Alas, that future's too far off for the company to provide practical details like pricing. The company did indicate, however, that when Cell TV does arrive, it'll be …


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  1. Bill Neal

    well its about time

    Now if only they would just slap a projector on that box with a similar cell kit included. bah, that would only save cinemas money. I'm sure that money is better well spent on suppressing file sharing, right?

  2. DrXym Silver badge

    Toshiba and their fairy tale technology

    What is it with Toshiba and making claims which are so obviously far fetched?

    It would probably take multiple passes of a movie and human intervention to produce acceptable 3D. I suppose if the camera panned the TV might be able to infer some depth but not in static scenes.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    65 channels...and still nothing on...

    Would have to be for the Merkin market where they can whoop and holler at cheerleaders on the sidelines and steroid-enhanced freakery on the diamond.

    Content is king and watching sh!t on and huge scfreen in HD is still watching shi!t....

  4. Jerome 0
    Thumb Up

    Now that's magic

    "render standard definition content in HD with some very smart pixel generation that yields an image virtually indistinguishable from genuine 1080p material, Toshiba claimed"

    Remarkable. Hardly worth broadcasting HD at all then I guess. May as well just send a single pixel and let the Cell upscale it to digital cinema quality - that'll save on the old bandwidth.

    1. DrXym Silver badge

      @Jerome 0

      Toshiba really has gone off the deep end with some of their claims. I'm sure they have a pretty nice upscaling solution (always a welcome development) but claiming it makes something indistinguishable from an HD image is just a flat out lie.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    This TV will be the God of the TV World. It will also feature a DVD player(!?!). Whoa - they're pushing the boundary there! No Blu Ray? The most powerful and technological TV ever dreamt up by man, and it will include a DVD player, in 2010?

  6. Lance 3

    What, no BLU-RAY?

    I wonder why it only has a DVD player and not a BLU-RAY.

    1. Jerome 0


      Because there's no point playing HD content into it, when SD content is upscaled to look just as good!

    2. TeeCee Gold badge

      No BD?

      Hmm, I wonder who it was that was most miffed when HD-DVD bit the dust?

      Building an upscaling telly with a built in DVD player that can produce a picture as good as one sourced from BD* seems like an excessive way to go about sticking two fingers up at Sony though.....

      *If true.

  7. Dale 3


    Yes yes, I'll get excited when this is posted under "Review", not "CES 2010".

  8. pctechxp


    So I wont have to purcahse overpriced blu ray disks crammed with crap you'd only watch once just for the sake of getting the film (which is what I actually wanted to purchase and watch more than once) in HD.

    Hopefully the price for the 46 will be realistic and so I'll buy one when it lands in the UK (if it does)

  9. SpikeDouglas


    Not only HD, but 3D as well from a normal flat picture. Jeez all the research and sweat that could have been saved had this come along earlier. Now if it could only take a low-res scan of my granny and turn it into a 2 hour movie that would be grand

  10. Neil_
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    is a software 'cell' upscaler better than all other hardware upscalers that are in Sky boxes and HDTVs everywhere now?

    If not, it better be cheaper than buying a separate 'proper' upscaler box.

    And the price upgrade wants to be less than a PS3. It can use a cell for upscaling DVD, freeview, youtube...

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    At least they try

    Well done Toshiba .Dont listen to all the ninnys . If they had their way we would all be watching those old Decca fishbowl screen TV's from the 70s and getting the repair man in every 6mths.

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