back to article BT names 63 more exchanges for fibre upgrades

BT has revealed its next wave of exchange upgrades, as it accelerates the rollout of faster broadband. As with the two previous lists, there's a strong emphasis on densely populated areas, where return on the investment is likely to be highest. This time, 31 out of the 63 exchanges are classified by BT as located in the south …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    I swear we're still on Pig Iron...Oh well at least I can use my my 3G connection...ahhhh.

    Oh well price you pay for moving to the sticks from the urban shithole...I'm sure I'll manage.

    Now as snowed in, of for stroll down canal to the local pub...

  2. Evil_Trev

    I notice that

    The North West is missing, We'll get better broadband by ,ugghh, 2100 I guess..

  3. Anon the mouse

    Upper class first

    I notice that the only Leicester upgrade is in an exclusive and affluent area.

    Wonder if it's the same in other areas.

    1. Peter Bradley

      Re: Upper calss first

      I can only comment on the Sheffield and Cardiff exchanges:


      Ranmoor: Solid middle class. Some traditional working class and student occupation.

      Beauchief: Solid middle class


      Llanisien: Mainly solid middle class. One large ex-public housing estate

      Llanedeyrn: Some very exclusive bits, but mainly a massive, and quite poor estate

      Of course, I'm only guessing at the actually boundaries of the BT areas and assuming they coincide with what local people people refer to when using the area names.



    2. copsewood

      toffs first

      All the exchanges listed in the West Midlands are for effluent areas too.

      1. Ball boy Silver badge

        Umm.. are you *sure* you meant effluent areas?

        ...affluent is what you were looking for, methinks: 'effluent' means something rather different (albeit a very appropriate description for those who don't know how to manage their wealth)

        / okay, okay: I'll get me coat.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Thumb Up


          'tiz a pun on the posh pronunciation of affluent.

          Like a "crèche" is something that happens between two Range Rovers.

        2. Anonymous Coward

          Your booking is confirmed

          Congratulations, your place on the "understanding jokes 101 - an intensive primer course" is confirmed for early Febuary!

      2. N2


        Thats the stuff that runs into the drian

        or do you mean affluent?

    3. Random Noise

      Glasgow - Newton Mearns

      The Glasgow exchange being upgraded is in a more well to do area as well.

      Newton Mearns is where the Spears-singing, previously-ponytailed talent-twat Darius comes from.

    4. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

      Re: Upper Class first

      I thought so to with the inclusion of Henley but further down is Wanstead. Hardly upper class that one unless it is needed for the Olympics?

      Still nowt in my area though.

      Perhaps in phase 99?

      Time for a pint of homebrew.

      1. Dr Paul Taylor


        Wanstead is on the inner edge of Suburbia, definitely more expensive than adjoining Leytonstone and Forest Gate, and quite a long way away from the Olympic site.

    5. twelvebore


      That exchange serves more than just the posh bits of Stoneygate - it's my local exchange and my area solidly blue-collar.

      1. Hugh_Pym

        Virgin cable?

        Leicester was extensively cabled way back. After several bankruptcies and buyouts it is now run by Virgin Broadband. I can't believe they missed out Stoneygate. Does this mean BT and concentrating on areas that already have cable?

        1. This post has been deleted by its author

        2. itsonlyme

          Just because the exchange is enabled....

          ... does not mean that they'll run the service to you. I live in Basingstoke (which is upgraded and suffers a lot from poor broadband speeds) and although the exchange is upgraded the only places that are covered by the upgraded cabinets are those that are already covered by the Virgin Media cable network.

          Me, bitter and twisted with a <1Mb service? You may say that but I couldn't possibly comment.

    6. Martin 19
      Paris Hilton

      Putting fast broadband in places where more people will sign up??

      The bastards!

    7. Anonymous Coward

      Count yourselves lucky..

      thats 2 for your county as Hinckley was on the last list..

      still nothing in Nottingham on any list...

  4. Mike Bird 1

    on the list

    finally my exchange is on the list. excellent.

  5. Kevin Gurney


    "Although theoretically capable of 40Mbit/s downstream, such fibre-to-the-cabinet services are in reality expected to offer between 10 and 20Mbit/s"

    SO still slower than my current BE connection then that gives a solid 20Mbit connection on my old copper wire........

    1. I'm Brian and so's my wife

      Re: SLOW

      I'm not far from Merton Park and manage a steady 15Mb/.6Mb with Be. I've not had time to tweak it up &, for now, I'm happy with that.

    2. Anonymous Coward


      And your going to pay for it with your new land line TAX.

      Yay! guberments is gud.

  6. Chimpofdoom!


    Forget Fibre.. you can work on fibre once you give me my ADSL2+ connection damnit!!

  7. P.Nutt

    Call me Cynical.......

    But is any chance what so ever that all 63 areas have a connection to senior BT managers in some way.

    I am not holding my breath for BT to roll out fibre to the unwashed masses any time at all really as the total amount of speed increase I have had out of BT in 5 years is 0.25mb which is me connected to a town centre exchange.

  8. MarkOne

    Anyone compared the list

    against those that are already serviced by existing high-speed offerings like Virgin cable and ADSL2+

    It seems to me that BT seem to be spending money on the wrong exchanges, namely the ones that already have a raft of services to choose from, rather than those that NEED infrastructure.

    1. Andy ORourke


      It's called competition, thats what happens when you open up former state monopolies to other players. You really think BT is going to look at areas where Virgin (and the smaller cable co's befroe them) took a look and said, dig up the roads / pavements, run some fibre, install a load of equipment so we might possibly sell some services to the 4 houses down there? Fuck that.

      OF COURSE BT are going to upgrade areas where they dont currently compete well with Virgin, please bear in mind that this is a business, it is what they do, nothing personal!

  9. adam payne


    I guess my little town in the midlands will never get fibre or perhaps it will in 2050 when i'm way to old to be doing online gaming.

  10. Real Ale is Best


    Another set of home routing equipment to buy.

    Anyone know what routers will support this service, and how much are they likely to cost?

    No doubt the ISPs will also up their prices...

  11. Benny
    Thumb Up


    So, with Be I can sync between 19 and 21 currently, and get 1.7 - 2.0mb/s on a good night and good server, does this mean I can download the latest ISO's even faster?! Wooooo!

    (Sorry, its snowing and im WFH, anything can excite me right now)

    1. GrahamT
      Thumb Up

      Me too M'head

      I will be happy to see my 16-17 Mbps Be line max out at 24 - assuming the damp string to the cabinet is up to it.

      I'm about 1km from the MHD exchange - you must be nearer.

  12. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. MrT

      BT Vision team is out on a limb...

      I tried to buy BT Vision, and see a steady 3.6Mbits connection at the moment. Got a letter telling me my line was *too slow*, so went off to talk to BT why they thought 3.6Mbits was too slow for something that just needs 2Mbits. Eventually got through to someone on the Wholesale diagnostics team - BT Wholesale generally know what they are talking about, unlike BT Retail. Turns out the real reason was the LSI - my connection is too unstable. My exchange is ASDL Max and 21CN enabled. I talked to BT Vision and asked why they thought they needed to dumb down the response to "too slow", to which they replied "ah, well, not everyone understands what 'stability' means"... I then asked what could be done to improve the situation, since something that BT have installed is making it impossible for BT to sell me something else. Nothing. Not even the offer to upgrade the line from ADSL to ADSL+

      And BT wonders why the Vision product is not being taken up.

      I'm off to buy a Wii, even if it's just for the BBC iPlayer app.

  13. D@v3
    Thumb Down


    a few 'local' exchanges but not mine. Swines!

  14. Dapprman
    Thumb Up

    The Watford Work is Now Underway

    Blowing the affluence of the area aside, there were 6 BT vans in my street last Saturday (a predominantly ex-council estate in Watford) laying down the preparatory items for the fibre roll-out in my area. The engineer I spoke to couldn't confirm when it would be completed.

    Thus soon I will be able to truly take advantage of my Be supplied bandwidth muahahahah

  15. Admiral Grace Hopper


    Hednesford may be effluent, but it certainly isn't affluent.

  16. noroimusha


    "Although theoretically capable of 40Mbit/s downstream, such fibre-to-the-cabinet services are in reality expected to offer between 10 and 20Mbit/s"

    that is truly sounds crap, I have aluminium wires and still get effective 11-14Mbit download

    with BE in bermondsey, cheapest and best supplier !

    ( although I have periods when my connection keeps dropping )

  17. Llanfair

    Basically for those who have choice anyway

    Why not upgrade the ones without decent Internet connection? Why just concentrate on those who have a lot of choice already? This is dreadful news. I happen to be in a Market 1 area, and thus we have no choice an a slightly ok connection.

    1. Dale Richards


      Maybe because BT, like all other ISPs, is not a flipping charity. They care little about the quality of life in rural areas or the technological advancement of the country. They will install their upgrades wherever they think it is profitable, and that's all.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    May I be the 932,374th person to post, "At last ! My exchange is not on the list again".

    I'd be quite happy to sign up so long as it didn't cost me any more :-)

  19. ShaggyDoggy

    And the point is ?

    40Mbit/s very nice

    Try using it and see how long before the "bad boy downloader" letter arrives

    1. Anonymous Coward


      I have a nice solid 20ishMBit/sec over ADSL 2+ (which was a nice surprise upgrade), and I have never had one of those letters- some weeks I might pull down 30 gigs or so (cough cough steam Christmas sale), but generally, I can't even find enough content that's worth the effort of ripping off- especially if you consider films and stuff, which haven't whelmed me much lately.

      I suspect that ennui is the best defense.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Faster broadband and the affluent effluent

    If you ever been to Milton Keynes or are stuck living here like I am you'll know rhat 99% of the people are what should be termed as effluent.

    We also have the afflient effluent (self centred excuses for humans with shedloads of cash)

    Newport Pagnell is a hotspot for the afflient effluent, I'll be glad when they introduce broadband that sucks them all away.

    Seriously though, what would you use more than 20 Meg for?

  21. Anonymous Coward

    The title field is my greatest foe yet

    Blast, was hoping for my tiny town of 3000 to get an upgrade.

    Ah well, there's always next time...

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    Glad to see BT are at least doing something in my area. Might give me a boost from 1.5mbit...

  23. Macka

    Too late

    I'm on that list, but after years of putting up with 3Mb max on an 8Mb tariff I finally switched to Virgin cable broadband a month ago and will not be going back.

  24. Andy Mc


    Thanks, all you "I'm getting 20Mbps already" muppets. It's fine for you if you happen to live <1km from the exchange, but what about those of us 6km+? FTTC will give everyone good rates, not just the lucky few.

  25. ShaggyDoggy

    "Seriously though, what would you use more than 20 Meg for?"

    Same as I use more than 20 Meg for.

    (in case you don't get this, look up XT286)

  26. Richard Scratcher

    Only available in densely populated areas....

    Bah! My hopes were raised until I discovered that this has nothing to do with average IQ.

    I suppose I'll just have to wait.

  27. John Smith 19 Gold badge
    Thumb Up

    Cross subsidy?

    I presume that BT prioritises exchanges that it expects will have high(ish) takeup of its (or its LLU competitors) services.

    So why cannot it not be *required* to set aside some of that increased take to fund the "uneconomic" exchanges. That way *everyone* gets done eventually (although that may be a while).

    Nearly 30 years after the BT share sell off they are still *effectively* a monopoly. Virgin is the only *true* competitor in terms of laying a cable from door to door.

  28. Rog69

    Token shithole

    Tamworth, I guess that must be the token shit hole on the list as most people in that chav infested dung heap can't even read let alone use a computer. As most of it is made up of nests of horrible housing estates containing oxygen wasting benefit sponges I don't see much of a take up of high speed broadband, unless they give it away as prizes from scratch cards.

    My bitterness is nothing to do with being connected to one of the neighbouring exchanges that will be almost certainly the last on the list to be done, just like it was for ADSL in the first place.

  29. Dazed and Confused

    re: Bastards


    Every exchange in ring round mine but guess what?

  30. Dave Bell

    Good for some

    This is a rerun of the ADSL roll-out, and I've heard it all before.

    Yes, I could use more, but will the ISPs be able to provide the total capacity. Better contention ratios would be more help at the moment.

    About two-thirds of the line between me and the exchange would be replaced by fibre, which I'd certainly notice. It's the rest, between the kerbside box and my house, where the faults seem to happen.

    Right now, "op to 8 megabits" is a risible claim. Get this tech rolled out, and a faster service might be worth paying for. But how many people need the speed for anything other than file sharing?

  31. Captain TickTock

    Royston! Royston! Royston!

    Herts, not Vasey.

    When is the government going to bite the bullet, acknowledge the boost to the economy that upgrading the entire network will provide and pay for it?

    Compared to some things we pay for, it's cheap, and will pay for itself.

    Local fibre for local people!

  32. Captain TickTock
    Thumb Down


    we're on aluminium and wet string!

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    North West seems a bit neglected

    I thought Manchester was a pretty big city, but I guess not enough to be considered for this. But it doesn't surprise me that the main focus is the South.

    It's really a shame that we can't just invest in some major infrastructure for high speed broadband like they have in South Korea and Scandinavia. It's pretty much guaranteed to pay for itself and make a profit, and is very important in modern times. Rolling out a paltry 10-20MBit/s fibre service to a handful of upper middle class exchanges doesn't excite me.

    And I also think focusing on providing broadband to people living in rural areas should not be the main focus of the government or a good thing to tax everyone for. Living in rural areas has always been a trade-off between convenience and getting away from urban areas. You shouldn't expect fast Internet or a massive 24 hour Tesco 5 mins away.

  34. Njay
    Thumb Down


    With the greatest respect to Crowthorne why on earth have they elected to do their exchange rather than Bracknell's which has over 3times the connected lines. Cynical side of me thinks its down to the fact most of Bracknell is newtown estates so its going to be "not as cost effective" :(

    Frustrating when I live closer to the Crowthorne Exchange than the Bracknell exchange despite having a Bracknell postcode :(

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