back to article Western Digital goes cartoon crazy

Meet Brent, Gus and Blake - WD's cartoon personifications of its blue, green and black disk drives. We're told by WD's media partner, MediaFreaks, a Singapore-based animation agency, that Brent represents the Blue hard drive which is built for reliability and steadiness for everyday computing. Gus represents the Green hard …


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  1. STurtle

    Green guy is wrong

    The green guy should have some crutches or a wheelchair!

    WD support told me by eMail that the green drives cannot be used in a RAID1 configuration, since they are for "home users" only. WTF?

    I bought two green drives for a home-user NAS, which does not have to be fast, but silent and 24/7 eco friendly. I did not know that there are RAID-incompatible HDDs for sale! Lucky for me the NAS manufacturer implemented a work-around.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Spin speeds...

      IIRC it's to do with the variable nature of spin speeds in WD Green drives, however I use 2 in a Synology NAS without any problems at all, the NAS is the bottleneck so the drives are never stretched to the point at which their variable performance would show up.

    2. Troy Peterson

      'green' - quite, silent, and utterly useless

      I put a pair of Green 1Tb drives in my home Linux fileserver based the "silent" selling point. That was a mistake. The drives are not configured in Raid, but instead I have a crontab job that makes incremental backups from one drive up to the other at hourly intervals.. The backup system works GREAT... the drives don't. If I try to do anything that run the drives steady at full spin for more than 30 seconds or so without stopping the entire system crashes... I cannot copy files over 500mb... Every time it happens I have to unplug the sata cable, turn the system on so the bios detects no drives... turn it off... plug the drives in again... boot from a Linux CD... fsck... and finally re-install grub...

      I have gotten pretty good at the process though!

  2. Hollerith 1

    I remain un-outraged

    As a ladee, I have no problem not being associated with a kind of disc.

  3. banana-naan


    i want to vomit

  4. Lewis Page.

    Sounds like a load of pantaloons to me

    So Blake is classed as uber fast but Brent is classed as reliable? So what we are saying here is if you want speed you shoud expect it to break?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    Totally bizzare. And why are all the "fast" and "powerful" things black? It's been kind of overdone. Maybe if you're aiming for the 14-year-old demographic.

    Speaking of demographics, do you think the reason all these hard drives are so unlucky in love is because the marketing department wants the consumer to relate to his purchase? Let's be honest here if you're making an informed descision on what hard drive to purchase chances are you're single. (Yes I realise there are exceptions so no need for ten replies from people explaining how they are married)

  6. Martin 19

    You're never alone with a Strand

    Lonely nerd characters advertising hard drives?

    Advertising FAIL

    Perhaps they should have gone with the BeautifulPeople eagerly-snapped-up press release approach*, announcing "we've had to claw back drives from some people when they lost IQ points due to christmas drinking.. we can't have IDIOTS using our drives"

    *Pioneered by Eric Cartman in theme park advertising

  7. Alan Esworthy

    Seek in vain?

    Wouldn't that depend on latency?

  8. LaeMing

    So HDDs are male...

    ...and graphic cards are female.

    Must be a heck of a good time had in my case at night. Especially since I have 2 HDDs and one Graphics Card. Lucky girl (assuming they don't fight over her, which wouldn't be good for my data!).

    1. Evil Genius
      Paris Hilton

      Mucky pup

      I have 4 HD's and one card. Sounds like a dodgy European 'art' film.

      Paris: Do you really have to ask?!?!?!

  9. Joe User

    Wait till Disney's/Pixar's lawyers see this

    I didn't know that Buzz Lightyear had kids....

  10. Paul RND*1000

    W. T. F??

    Really, just WTF?

    But while I'm here, a stab at Gus' character profile:

    "Gus is always going on about saving energy and how global warming is killing dolphins and stuff. He drives a Prius, very slowly, followed everywhere by an enormous cloud of smug (but conveniently ignores the stupendous amounts of energy and weird chemicals required to build the bloody thing).

    "Nobody invites him to parties because he's a boring bastard who talks incessantly about the environment, making you wish an asteroid would destroy all life on earth out of spite. Blake urinates in his chai tea when his back is turned, in revenge for the constant lecturing about being a big old energy hog.

    "Gus likes puppy dogs and cute kittens and dolphins, and as a result is lucky in love, having a series of flings with assorted PETA-supporting supermodels. Which just makes him even more annoyingly smug."

  11. Sellotaped to Insanity
    Paris Hilton

    Does anyone else think ...

    that this :

    "Blake is an in-your-face, life-in-the-fast-lane, loud, brash, uber-confident (some say over-confident) braggart. He's the best and he knows it! An undisputed, undefeated winner on the race track Blake however, just does not seem to be winning at one thing – love."

    Sounds like it came out of an episode of the Simpsons: specifically the one where they invent Poochie ... ?

    Paris, 'cos I'm sure she'd help Blake win at love ...

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